Friday, April 9, 2021

Why is it ....

....that restaurants that serve rice with their meals don't provide spoons for their customers----only forks and knives?

Should one always have to pick rice pellets off their shirt and the edge of the table every time they dine at certain establishments?

 Have you noticed ....

...that when the COVID-19 crisis was declared we suddenly weren't hearing any more about Greta Thunberg?

I'm guessing it's because of all the intense passion and fervor the illustrious teen "white knightess" put into her ubiquitous environmentalism crusades alongside her obsession with "the detrimental impact greenhouse gasses are having on planet earth".

Once the shutdowns were implemented all services were reduced to "take-out only" or "online shopping and delivery".

All business, medical, and occupational activities were converted to "virtual online".  And all aid and assistance, like food pantries and COVID testing sites, were "drive-thru only"

...not only excluding and discriminating against non-drivers, bus riders and subway commuters, as well as those without home internet service, but also clearly nurturing and profiting the automotive industry, the oil industry, and the high-tech industries as well.

They mandated that we all "wear face masks", don't get too close to strangers and casual acquaintances, "wash our hands frequently" and "wipe down all surfaces"

...while it was still okay to subject us all to a further increase in air and environmental pollution.

                                               Musing For Today

Focusing all of one's attention on

...COVID-19 while oblivious to all other health concerns

...racism while oblivious to all other forms of prejudice and discrimination

...gun control while ignoring other crucial social issues a lot like a country sending every one of its spies into just ONE hostile nation instead of spreading them all out evenly into all hostile ones.

Monday, March 29, 2021

 Authorities, government agencies, and professionals

....all vying for your time, attention, and space.

God help you any time you become dependent on any one of them, as each one considers the agendas of their profession or of the agency they work for to be of the utmost priority (and practically "all that exists in the world").  They'll start "owning you", force you onto THEIR schedule (always early morning, too.  Why so early? Are they "harvesting wheat"?), force you to halt whatever else you're doing in your life at the time in insisting on your "undivided attention".

What's even worse is if you're dealing with more than one of these factions at the same time

....while hoping none of the appointment times overlap.

I'm talking about ALL the "legitimate" and "official" factions.  Not just government and the police but also ANYONE ELSE with any kind of authority, including even those with a miniscule amount, from government agencies to even medical and dental clinics, even bosses and landlords, business owners, managers, and the like.

                                   Adages For Today

Nowadays Mozart would be warned to "tone down" the complexities of his compositions so as to "not injure the self-esteem of less talented composers"

My empathy and respect for another ends where that other person's ignorance, incompetence, and insolence begins

Two of the worst types of people:  Hustlers and Reformers


....shorthand for "I don't know anyone able or willing to help me"

Decades ago airline passengers got steak mid-flight.  Nowadays they only get shit mid-flight

Why is "working" a noun instead of a verb?  Just because one doesn't get a paycheck doesn't mean one isn't putting effort into SOMETHING they might be doing

                                          Musing For Today

Shopping online, filling out government forms online, banking online, having virtual exams online, doing any kind of business online quite infeasible for those of us without an internet connection of our own, who depend on either public libraries or public Wi-Fi to get online

...and who are not about to pay the exorbitant fees charged by charlatan Internet Service Provider hustlers (Spectrum; WOW; AT&T Uverse) just to have our own access to the internet, or hand out even more of our dough to corporate "protection money" racketeers (LifeLock) to guard us against hacking and identity theft.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


A Presidential election, no less.

Cue up ELECTED by Alice Cooper and ELECTION DAY by Arcadia