Friday, February 24, 2017

Song Analysis: Rainbow Connection

Jim Henson's Muppets are already a synergy of themselves with the most imaginative of minds to begin with.

Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and others are, for all practical purposes of judgement, literally "dolls come to life".

But imagination, when allowed to travel anywhere it wants totally unfettered, will invariably eventually travel into the realm of the spiritual and even the metaphysical.

And this song does all these and more.  It focuses on the fact that there has to be more than just the meaningless routines of everyday life and normal interpersonal interactions.

That communication goes beyond verbal cliches and mere exchanges of essential information.
That it's the subconscious silent communications between the terrestrial mortal and the cosmic overseers (who understand the importance of the intimate and of the concepts of stewardship---unlike the mortal terrestrial overlord "leaders" who only desire obedience and worship).

The idea we all should be living primarily to be entitled to discovering the wonders and secrets of the world and of the universe we all exist in. 

Song Analysis: Mr. Businessman

This 1968 hit by singer/songwriter Ray Stevens marked a departure from the "novelty song" mode he (at the time) has been stuck in for the longest time.

Ray Stevens apparently figured that along with a switch to another record label (Monument) he should also do a "reinvention" of himself into that of a "poet laureate" type singer/songwriter.

And this song does have some classic lines:
Do you ever stop to smell the fragrance of the roses growing in your yard?
And did you stop to hear the laughter of your children as they play?
Do you find it great to be alive, or are the limits of your senses such as only "to survive"?
You can "wheel and deal" the best of them and steal it from the rest of them.
You know the score.
Their ethics are a bore.

Unfortunately songs like UNWIND and MR. BUSINESSMAN were not among his bestselling singles (even though they did make the top-40 as "minor" hits)
So, the following year, he made a return to the "AHAB THE ARAB mode" with GITARZAN, trading the desert for the jungle.
                                    On Freedom and Liberty
In my personal experience any time I ever have any freedom or liberties is when I'm in the company of those who are either accepting of me, comfortable with me, or have some kind of affinity towards me.

And that any time I'm being oppressed and restricted is when I'm in the company of those who are either hateful or contemptuous toward me, or paranoid and dubious of me.

The presence and existence of a Constitution or Bill of Rights has never had any bearing one way or another on the level of freedom I'm allowed to experience.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

                                     The truth be known ...
No practical-minded person really cares anything about the gender, race, of belief systems of whoever's in charge.

What one really cares about is that whatever policies are put forth are those that benefit them somehow.

Or, if not benefit them, at least not interfere with or destroy whatever's already in place that works for them ( "...if you can't lend a hand then get out of the way...".  Where have I heard that line before?  Or one like it?).

Who really cares about race, male or female, liberal or conservative, or any silly religions, so long as we're still allowed to have our own lives?
                                              Adages For Today

         Without entertainment and amusements all that's left in life are the sowing and reaping.

People are okay with you so long as you recognize they're in charge and whatever they say goes.
But the minute you let it be known you "want a few things yourself", or ask for them to compromise, they "have a problem with you".


                             William "Smokey" Robinson turned 77 on Sunday.
Among his many hit songs was MORE LOVE (with the Miracles), from The Summer Of Love (1967).

                          And, speaking of The Summer Of Love:
          It Was 50 Years Ago Today, Sir Paul Made The Band Change It's Name
We can chant that ditty this coming June, the 50th anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

                                               Musing For Today
Any time there's a disaster, catastrophe or a tragedy, the first thing the analysts do is try to find a causation.

The one single factor, event, individual or group who or that  singlehandedly brought about a negative set of events.

Problem is, there never really is just any one factor that leads up to an ultimate consequence.  Everything and everyone is integral, interwoven, and interactive.
What happens and whatever ends up being or becoming is always a result of ongoing chain-reaction events and factors mixing together to create the overall environment at any given moment in time.

This is why blaming any one single person, group, or isolated event as being "the cause of" is so foolhardy.
But societies do it all the time.
And, notice:  None of our issues ever get resolved.