Friday, January 12, 2018

The anatomy of a society

The ultimate pharisees.  They make "official" the beliefs, dogmas, and prejudices of the given culture as well as whatever current trendy prejudices and dogmas the "majority" has recently adapted

Civilian Soldiers
The hatchetmen who enforce and carry out the will of the majority, the favored, the privileged, all the "normals".
The ones who track down and punish and/or banish the heretics, outcasts, unwanted and undesirable groups and individuals on behalf of both the "normals" and social protocols of the established "system" of their society

Modern-day "Pilates".  They make the final decisions on what to do with or how to handle the dissidents, always catering to the pharisees, the majority and the civilian soldiers and proper authorities

The Majority
The rabble, the plebeians, the elitists, and the upper echelon who unofficially "rule" their societies even though they're supposed to be the "common" citizens.  And always at the expense of the outcasts and dissidents.
                                        Musing For Today
I'm not so sure about the "Me Too" movement.
It's hard not to have feelings of ambivalence toward it.  The underlying gist of it seems rational enough.

Then again, how much credence should one give to what's essentially a cult movement started by a band of upper echelon "trophy" bitches who, in spite of any adverse situations they may have endured at the hands of despotic wealthy bosses who were able to extort and/or blackmail them into performing sexual favors for them, are still nonetheless themselves enjoying plenty of wealth and prosperity and enviably lavish existences and extraordinary high status?

Am I to believe (as in the case of a few of them) that anyone's life can actually be "permanently ruined" by a mere unwanted brush on the leg, of by a "suggestive" pat on the shoulder?

It'll forever intrigue me how most people are always so shocked any time it's shown it's possible to subvert the sexual realm.
What's so hard to accept about that?
People routinely subvert just about everything else:  politics; social interactions; arts and entertainment; the media; economics; business; industry; education; modes of transportation; literature; authority; the laws; the court systems; regulations; public and commercial services; charities; the medical field; science; religion ....

The problem with everyone's perception of the sexual realm is that they think it exists in a vacuum, in a separate world all its own.
But the reality is the sexual realm is simply just another element of existence.  Another integral part of everything else that exists in the world.   And, all things "being relative", anything that can be done in or to any other realm can also be done in or to the sexual realm as well.

In short, while the world is busy being distracted by this "sexual harassment" red herring, other (more critical and important, but unrelated) matters that deserve equal---if not more---attention will wind up not even being "on the radar".
                                          Adage For Today
                                    Everyday life is like a daily trip to Lowe's or Home Depot
                                             have to do-it-all-yourself

Friday, December 29, 2017

                                       Empathy Dilemma
When one is in a desperate situation or under extreme dire circumstances one tends to feel isolated, abandoned, all alone in their own despondency.

Often others act callous, indifferent, or even contemptuous towards one, subtly implying that somehow one is responsible for bringing about whatever hardship one is experiencing.

Having to suffer attitudes and behaviors like these will cause one to develop a steady animosity towards others, and in the event one witnesses someone else suffering greatly themselves, instead of feeling empathy for that other poor soul one may feel a sense of schadenfreude, figuring "Screw them!!  When I needed help everyone else just left me to deal with it all myself.  They acted like I 'deserved' what I was going through, like I 'brought it about' by my own stupidity or ignorance.  So, as far as I'm concerned, let this poor sap 'figure THEIR OWN WAY out of' their predicament".
                                  A Social Class Lecture
Paul McCartney---one of the world's wealthiest entertainers.

I remember, in 1964, when it was revealed each member of The Beatles were worth at least $7-million each.  And how folks would often comment "No person on earth is worth THAT much!"

However, though, back then the attitudes toward the common disparities surrounding the financial worth of different individuals were more passive, only occasionally wishing they "had that kind of money" and "what they'd do if" they had that amount of wealth.

For the most part, how much money another person earned or had to their name was pretty much really "the business of" that particular individual and not of any concern for most average persons (outside of a bit of vicarious envy).

Of course it should be mentioned that in the 1960s there was considerable prosperity, so even those making low to average wages as well as upstart business ventures were usually managing to make enough to get by adequately, and prices were low enough things were somewhat affordable.  
Not to mention there were more choices when it came to the basics, such as homes and residential units, food, furniture, and other essentials.  There were always different price ranges for just about everything one could buy and for just about every place one could live, whether house or apartment---or even rooming houses or weekly motel rooms.  A variety of choices and price ranges for entertainment items such as televisions, radios, stereos, records, books, small appliances, and the like.

And it's a fact that so long as one is getting by well enough they can afford to be content with just focusing on their own life and needs and desires they're not going to be as prone to giving much thought to how others are living or getting by.
It's only when the social and economic climate is so discordant and dysfunctional to the point when the disparities between their finances and assets and the cost of living are so great they're in jeopardy of financial ruin anytime, coupled with the possibility of losing their source of a steady income, that people start becoming despondent enough to start thinking about "their place in society", which in turn causes them to start comparing themselves with how a lot of others in the world live, which then leads to resentment and a need to lash out at anyone who appears to be better off than they are.  Even if those "better offs" are more upper-middle-class than wealthy.

It's in such a totally disastrous economic climate one starts hearing disparaging comments and statements about "the 1 percent" or "corporate elite" and others of comparable socio-economic status.
When one's life is a total disaster anyone who is or appears to be doing well is to be disdained and condemned for being "greedy" and "heartless".
It's that need for those who are suffering to find a viable "causation".

In short---how much the average person is or is not concerned with the financial state of (particularly) those in the upper echelon social class range is a good barometer of the overall prosperity of the given culture.
The less the average person really gives a damn about how the wealthy live or how much any one of them is worth, the better off and more prosperous the society.
The more the average person frets and goes on moral outrages about the "greedy rich" and such, the more indicative it is that said society is either experiencing a lot of intracultural conflicts or might even be degenerating and deteriorating.  


Marianne Faithful
She turned 71 today.
I hear she checked out the online dating site OurTime recently.  They found "an ideal match" for her---a certain Michael Phillip Jagger ...

...speaking of The Rolling Stones: Keith Richards turned 74 on December 18th (a week before Christmas)

And 2017 ends with Burton Cummings turning 70 (he was born December 31 1947)

Michael Nesmith turns 74 tomorrow

Is Edgar Winter still living?  If so, he turned 71 yesterday.

Jimmy Buffett turned 71 this past Monday (Christmas day itself).  Too bad it didn't hit me until just now.  Had I mentioned his (then-upcoming) birthday a week ago I would have been able to say "'Come Monday' Jimmy Buffett turns 71"

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

                                              Final Adages of 2017

Corporations, merchants, and advertisers are a bit like perverts---one molests another physically, the other psychologically

No-one ever seems interested in anything you might have to say.
     ...yet they'll always lend an ear to gossips intent on smearing you