Friday, October 13, 2017

           Babysitting the babysitters (revisited)
Let's say you need a plumber.   The pipes under your sink are leaking and there's a ton of water on bathroom floor.

So you call up a plumber you know to be a competent worker---very skilled and knowledgeable in his trade.

However, this guy has an issue with punctuality.  He can't be relied on to show up when he promised to.  And often he doesn't show up at all when scheduled.  Later he may apologize and tell you "a family issue came up suddenly" and that he had to take care of it right then and there.
And, unfortunately, this seems to be a regular pattern of his.

Hence, you're stuck with the formidable task of having to badger someone you're dependent upon, in a somewhat parental manner.   In short, having to assume authority over someone who's suppose to have an authority over you.

Much like a landlord who fails to make repairs or maintain the residential building.
Or your supervisor at work who fails to mention you've been given an extra assignment that particular day ...then, when you come in the next day, you find yourself being penalized for "negligence" and "insubordination".  
It's like you have to "boss the boss around" to get them into action.
These sort of situations are among the worst kind of precarious ones to be in.  Because you don't wish to risk offending someone who's "over you".  Yet, if you DON'T say or do anything certain problems stand to never get solved. 

Song Analysis: Somebody's Been Sleeping

What is there to say about this R&B/pop hit by 100 Proof Aged In Soul from the fall of 1970?
Essentially a "Goldilocks and the Beanstalk" meets "Jack and the Three Bears" take on an adult theme (infidelity), using an improvisation of  two children's fairy tales as metaphors.

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Paul Simon turns 76 today
...and David Lee Roth turned 63 on Tuesday (the 10th)

...and a few CeleDeaths of late to mention as well ...

Walter Becker of Steely Dan
...and Tom Petty as well, leaving a number of "Heartbroken" fans in the wake of his passing
...and Jimmy Beaumont of The Skyliners

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Oh, but to live in Singapore ....

A clean, orderly, well-mannered country.
No filthy phlegm-infested sidewalks to greet you every time you step outside.
No "gang rule" social climate.
Strict health and safety regulations (actually enforced)
Strict zoning laws that ensure an immaculate and aesthetically-appealing cultural environment.
Laws which apply equally to everyone.

Should I be singing the praises of a draconian-ruled country that strenuously resorts to some of the most artificial and contrived methods of social engineering to ensure an unconditional utopia of civility and safety?

Look at it this way:  Their leaders take one look at countries where people are allowed to be their natural selves, without constraints on their emotions or general behaviors---like, say, Haiti, India, or the Middle East.  Or they take a look at the western nations and their brand of uneven law enforcement, where certain offenses garner undue attention while other (sometimes more serious ) ones get ignored, alongside their obsessions with "civil liberties" and privilege.  And at what overall shitholes and "bastions of anarchy and incivility" these countries all are as a result of their political/legal/social climates.
And, afterwards, probably say to themselves "We do NOT wish to live like that!".

Yes, I do realize, as a quintessential western-bred ingrate, that I'm sure I stand a good chance at getting caned a few times or so before I finally "get with it" should I ever decide to move there to reside (highly unlikely anyway).

It's just that I get burned out at the inadequate and uneven excuse for "law enforcement" here in the U.S..
The only laws that seem to matter here are (for the most part) property laws, revenue laws, and those that cater to puritan-like obsessions with any kind of improprieties (abusive language, sexual misconduct, offensive behaviors and speech, and the like).

U.S. officials practically sit back and allow the gangs, drug dealers, identity thieves, scam artists, and various roughneck types to take over and control society.  While expending all kinds of efforts and resources to go after various outliers, misfits, and oddballs---most of whose worst offenses involve offending the sensibilities of upper echelon types.
                                             Musing For Today
I have an elevator in my apartment building that sounds like a microwave oven every time anyone presses the "call" button.
And it's located next to my unit and gets so much use it often sounds like a "microwave oven convention on steroids" convening in the hallway just outside my door.

And, of course, there are all those iPhones and Smartphones abounding in the hands of practically everyone around me every time I go out in public.
Just about every place I go sounds like an office environment or a busy airport or bus/train station, with all the beeps, blips, and electronic "musical serenades" emitting from all these gadgets constantly.

One would think that, by now, the industry would have finally figured out how to design and produce a high-tech gadget capable of functioning silently, without having to make such a racket and disturbing the peace.

Song Analysis: (If You Let Me Make Love To You Then) Why Can't I Touch You?

I remember the off comments radio disc jockeys would make when playing this 1970 hit by Ronnie Dyson:  "How can you make love to someone without touching them?".

It depends on what's meant by "make love".  Does it refer to actually getting laid or engaging in foreplay?  Or is it simply a term used to describe the relationship of "being boyfriend and girlfriend" itself?

And does "touch" mean physical contact?  Or are they having intimate physical contact, but at the same time not divulging anything personal?  And the request to "touch" actually means opening up more, to share more of each others' secrets?

Generally speaking, everybody tends to have their own brand of "legalese", hence interpersonal communication doesn't always run so smooth as a result.

Monday, September 18, 2017

"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time is the definition of 'insanity'"
Actually, that adage is far from accurate.
For example, when job hunting ...if, on the first two or three attempts at finding employment you don't get hired, or the business doesn't even call you up for an interview, do you just "hang it up" and figure "Obviously I wasn't meant to work and make a living, or have any money"?  Or do you persevere and keep trying other places?

If you're in a country that embraces freedom-of-speech, where you're free to criticize or comment on anybody or anything---even it's government
...and, afterwards, visit another country, but this other one is a harsh dictatorship, but you still freely criticize IT'S institutions and government, do you get the same results from repeating the same actions?

Don't you think it's a matter of environment, and the character and demeanor of the others around you, that actually determine what you may or may not do?

Actually, "insanity" is not recognizing nuances and idiosyncrasies, and---maybe---also being guilty of lack-of-discretion.

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