Wednesday, December 13, 2017

                                           Dealing With Others
The misanthropic one explains why he so dreads any time he has to go out in public:

"...too many folks out there who want to punish me for something their mean uncle did to them when they were 10 or 11 ..."

...yes, as if we ourselves don't already have personal issues of our own that chronically plague us ....
                                                   Musing For Today
When going out in public you'll usually find the outside world to be "everyone else's living room and patio"
      'Tis the season to "help out the homeless"
"The homeless".  Sounds like some kind of cult organization.

If someone is one of "the homeless" does that mean they belong to a club whose members relish wandering around destitute like a band of gypsies, sleeping outside in the open every night regardless of weather conditions, being eternally hygiene-impaired, donning ill-fitting sloppy and dingy garments, surviving on inadequate diet and nutrition, always lacking adequate funds?

It's not like homelessness is some kind of lifestyle.  It could, you know, possibly be a circumstance one finds themselves in when they run out of finances, resources, support from family/friends/acquaintances, and can no longer afford to remain in a long-term dwelling place.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

                                       Cultural Gentrification
The most dynamic, creative, and passionate people are often also among the most troubled, rebellious, defiant, inquisitive and heretical.

Which means they're also among those most apt to resort to unorthodox methods of accomplishing their ends, to eschew certain social protocols, and have idiomatic belief systems.

Lately the system has been quite zealous in its pursuit of some kind of "social gentrifying" agenda.
It seems the desirable individual is one who is eternally compliant with whatever the current collective narratives are on behaviors, beliefs, viewpoints, speech, and social mores.  They have to be unconditionally "considerate of others' feelings", completely free of any kind of scandal, concerned with staying inside prescribed boundaries wherever they may be set.
Harboring a mindset more befitting Artificial Intelligence than a living emotional human.

However, "dutifully" culling the social heretics would also mean discrediting some of the most creative and dynamic personalities who, in spite of their frailties and occasional underhanded endeavors, would still have it in them to offer the world elements which enhance and enrich the overall social climate and collective whole.

To turn everything over to only those who can demonstrate "proper upbringing", "moral purity" and a "society-approved" persona can only result in a social and intellectual climate that's sterile at best, and devoid of any semblance of sentiment, passion or inspiration at worst.

It's not bad enough the world is hell-bent on "purifying" the social climate (gentrification via brand new or remodeled residential and commercial structures) and the internet (with the elimination of Net Neutrality).
They seem to be working the same sort of "secular sorcery" on living humans as well.

Song Analysis: Jumbo

Another one of those quirky songs the "Brothers Gibb" were known for in their early days.

This particular one seems to involve a fictitious children's character who seemingly echos the wishes of the parents.

To most children parents represent authority and worldly knowledge, but not friendship like what they have among their peers and siblings.
And kids also have fantasy heroes from storybooks, comics and cartoons.
So, invent a storybook character hero the kid can believe in and cunningly have his words and advice "coincidentally" align with the similar ones of the parents.

Anyway, that's how the lyrics come across to me.

The Wrong Rights (revisited)

                        Special  Library Etiquette  Edition
So ...
... it's okay to have loud conversations, yell on your cellphone, even use speakerphone when sitting at the computer terminals in the library.

...but, if you're using headphones and the sound bleeds out any, you're told you have to turn it down because it's disturbing others.

Personally, I think it should be the other way around.  However, library standards differ from my own
... especially considering that, when it comes to loud talking, the staff themselves are often among the worst offenders.  And when those in charge are among the offenders who can one turn to?

Perhaps the reason some people have the volume turned up on their headphones is to drown out all the loudmouths and cell phone shouters.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

CeleDeaths and CeleBirthdate

Della Reese died Sunday.  She was 86.

...also:  Malcolm Young, AC/DC guitarist, died last Saturday at age 64.

Meanwhile Gordon Lightfoot celebrated his 79th birthday this past Friday.
The guy's still around (yet).

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