Tuesday, November 21, 2017

CeleDeaths and CeleBirthdate

Della Reese died Sunday.  She was 86.

...also:  Malcolm Young, AC/DC guitarist, died last Saturday at age 64.

Meanwhile Gordon Lightfoot celebrated his 79th birthday this past Friday.
The guy's still around (yet).

Song Analysis: The Snake

This 1968 R&B/pop hit by Al Wilson is, essentially, a commentary on and warning of the dangers of being too gullible and trusting.

In short, one should be cautious  in life and careful of just WHO it is they're trusting and giving the benefit of the doubt to.  That, no matter how much one might feel for someone in a seemingly dire predicament, one's own self preservation still takes primary precedence over even sentiment and compassion.

This song is loosely based on an old Aesop's Fable THE FARMER AND THE VIPER.
     Modern-day McCarthyism is in full swing
I'll tell you----that "Hurricane Harvey" affair sure started one hell of a "wildfire".
And it still continues to "burn out of control", now to the point where there's no chance in hell anyone will ever "put it out".
And the aroma of "Weiner Stench" has spread out and about over "miles" and "miles" of mediatory territory.

Not that I care shit about either these "trophy prick" hotshots in the television, news, or music industry, or about any of the whiney "trophy cunts" they "victimized" via taking advantage of their social status and "credibility" standing at the time.
When taking any kind of job or occupation one has to expect their bosses and managers to be a bit condescending and derisive towards them as a rule of thumb.
And that the only concerns the bosses and managers will have towards them will only be along the lines of how they can use said employee to enhance their own personal gain.

Western societies exist primarily as bastions of social rank fascism.  One has to expect plenty of double standards and duplicity par for the course, and forget about any kind of transparency.   Without any level of equitableness there can be no honesty, as any degree of honesty denotes possibly exposing attitudes of discontent with the mind games and oppressive mandates of a system of bosses and subordinates.

But plebeians in western societies have always been hypnotized into believing they should have the same rights as royalty and the elitists, refusing to face up to the fact that there will always have to be a majority with "secondary" status.
Hence, obviously taking cues from "The Joe McCarthy Handbook On Social/Political Persecution", the media and government authorities have taken it upon themselves to sacrifice some of their own "Marie Antoinettes" (or, rather, "Maurice Antoinettes") to pander to and appease the present-day rabble by catering to their obsessions with "sexual misconduct" and alleged "conspiracy against the women of the world", and the mandates to "respect women" (which, I'm sure for example, doesn't include minority elderly women in nursing homes who are routinely neglected and left to lay in their own feces by nursing home employees too lazy to even as much as change their diapers since these patients "don't matter" anyway.  And I don't think anyone would exactly bow down to Casey Anthony or Jodi Arias should they enter the room.   So much for "respecting women").

In short----the media and authorities have to "stay in good with" the normals by catering to their collective dogmas and prejudices so as to maintain that illusion of society as still being one of "moral dignity" and "justice".  This whole hysteria and persecution of previously exempt and deferred celebrity elitists is, essentially, a type of psyop being perpetrated upon the collective mass.
If those in the media and authority were seriously concerned with the moral ramifications of the social climate of the political, industrial, and media subcultures these incidents would be occasional anomalies.  But, instead, we suddenly have one after another after another after another in a long series of "surprise laundry lists" of celebrities and past incidents, most of them decades old, springing up "out of nowhere".
How "coincidental".   

Saturday, November 11, 2017

                                          Adage For Today
                             Blogging is a lot like getting tattoos
                                             ...permanent records of passing moods

                          Musing For Today
Even when things are going okay I still continue to be cynical.  It's sort of a warning to myself not to become too complacent.
Just because things are going well at present, it doesn't mean fate is "turning over a new leaf" and "feels guilty" about what it's put you through in the past.  It's simply just another phase in your life.  Things can still return to a "shit-sucking" mode once it passes.

Another CeleDeath to report:
Robert Knight, famous for recording the original version of EVERLASTING LOVE, died Sunday (the 5th) at age 72.

What do they check for?  To make sure your STD is still doing okay?  That it's not having any issues?

                 SHIT HAPPENS

                            ...and the censored versions:
                                    Fecal Matter Happens
                                    Excrement Happens
                                    Stools Happen
                                    Defecation Happens
                                    Poop Happens
                                    Universal Health Care
Yes, I am also a believer in the notion that health care for everyone should be an unconditional given.

Here in the U.S. they could simply put all its citizens on Medicare.  Actually entitle anyone and everyone to receive all needed medical and dental services at no personal cost to them.  Those covered would include the most destitute (sleeping outside in sub-zero weather) to the most affluent C.E.O. billionaire---and everyone else in-between wealth-wise.  Everyone would get "equal billing" on it.

And the medical and dental professionals would receive set wages for their services based on how the medical boards rate their level of services as well as on seniority.  Similar to how the military branches run their medical and dental services, with medics, corpsmen, and medical officers paid according to their rank, despite having the same level of general knowledge and following the same procedures.

The system in the U.S., as it currently stands, is not exactly a model of collective altruism.  Most individuals who decide to go into the medical and dental fields do so on account of the earning potential of such professions.  The reason such potential exists is because practitioners are allowed too much autonomy in deciding how much to charge for their services.
As such, it stands that the patient can easily wind up incurring considerable expenses in the events when their insurance policy doesn't cover all necessary procedures performed on him/her.

And it's not like anyone would ever deliberately come down with an ailment their insurance doesn't happen to cover solely for the purpose of "stiffing" their health-care providers.  Things just happen, that's all.
One should be able to get a serious or substantial health matter taken care of and dealt with as and when needed without being transformed into some kind of "sacrificial lamb".

Friday, November 3, 2017

When it comes to being prejudice ....
Have you ever noticed that the people you're most apt to mock or make disparaging comments and remarks about are the ones you find obnoxious or imposing or menacing?

Those are the ones you're most likely to make racist or sexist comments about.  Or make fun of their looks, or weight, or social status.

On the other hand, you'll notice that when you have a great degree of reverence for someone it doesn't matter what kind of "defect" or "imperfection" that person has.  You simply conveniently overlook it.  Such persons are too valuable and too much of a "saving grace" to be focusing on such pettiness.

You save all your underlying judgmentalisms for the ones you consider to be "obstacles" or "menaces".