Tuesday, August 14, 2018

More Notable Songs Whose Themes Are Obvious

A Brand New Me
Dusty Springfield
The benefits of having someone who's a good influence and who believes in you

Society's Child
Janis Ian
Does Your Mama Know About Me?
Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers
Brother Louie
Parents against interracial dating (and/or engagements)

Blessed Is The Rain
Brooklyn Bridge
Never make anyone (or anything) your "personal guru"

I'd Love To Change The World
Ten Years After
Specious platitudes rambled off as an excuse for rationalizing resigning oneself to lazy narcissistic apathy

(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay
Otis Redding
Clearly this song is a first-person account of experiencing clinical depression

It's Good News Week
Hedgehoppers Anonymous
"...they butchered up the sacred cow, they got enough to eat ..."
Terrific metaphorical double entendre, in that there are many kinds of "sacred cows".
It's true: If you can shed off the dogmas, the stigmas, and need to be "moral" or "correct", and just let loose and enjoy life for a change, you'll find the experience to be quite liberating and nurturing
...although also quite dangerous and risky if no-one else around you is keen on doing the same.
NOTE: The song itself is basically about slamming the news media for its habit of routinely indulging in hyperbolic sensationalism.

Paint It, Black
The Rolling Stones
Guy whose lover has obviously passed away suffering from depression over it so bad he just can't get on with life at the present time.
The Beatles' BABY'S IN BLACK has a similar theme, but with a role-reversal---about a guy whose girlfriend lost her previous lover and still can't get over him enough to assimilate herself into the new relationship

Long Long Time
Linda Ronstadt
Love Stinks
J. Geils Band
It always seems that those we're attracted to usually don't find us attractive---while those who DO find us attractive are often those we have no kind of interest in 

Roly Poly
Joey Dee & The Starliters
Fat Bottom Girls
Guys who are infatuated with heavy-set girls/women
 Attention Pedestrians!!!!!
A new menace has arisen to further impede our right to move around freely on foot.

...battery-operated mini-scooters!!!

If it wasn't already bad enough that we can't walk anywhere without having to look over our shoulders constantly, on guard for stormtrooper-minded joggers, bicyclists, and skateboarders who seem to come out of nowhere and force us onto the curb or onto the grass or the side of buildings....or tolerate reckless stormtrooper-minded motorists who fly into side streets, parking lots, and alleys without slowing down, signaling, or yielding---with a driveway, alleyway, or side street every 30 feet at that, necessitating a mindset befitting "one driving on a remote two-lane highway known for having unmarked railroad crossings with no lights or gates, and with a speed limit of 60 MPH, on a dark night during a new moon" on our part---along comes this new flood of rich "environmentally conscious" trust-fund twits who abstain from driving so as to "not be responsible for contributing more to global warming", while still being too lazy to walk themselves, with their make-shift version of "alternative transportation".

                Pedestrians, you've been warned!
                                                      Take care, and be safe.
Residing in an apartment unit is a lot like being responsible for the care of a newborn.
The way it's completely helpless, totally dependent on you to take care of all its needs, the way it constantly uses up all your time, money, and resources.

Residing in a government subsidized apartment unit, on the other hand, is more like caring for an aging parent
...the same helplessness, dependency, and exhausting your time, money and resources
...except that it still assumes authority over you, and tries to "be boss over you", even though you're still expected to take care of everything yourself.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

                                         Musing For Today
I've noticed ...
...that when I attach the AC cord to my phone and plug it into the wall the screen lights up and a pop-up panel states "Phone Charging"

...and that, when I pull the plug from the wall, the screen lights up again and a pop-up message states "Charger Disconnected".

It's imperative these devices remind me of what I'm already doing, lest I have a sudden mental lapse and I forget where I'm at and what I was doing ...
Being "Owned"
I hate anything that stagnates.  The only things that deserve to linger are those that entertain or amuse, or have some enhancing qualities to their existence.  Anything else (especially unpleasant) is only Sisyphean if they hang around indefinitely.

That's why I don't like it any time I need help from someone else.  That other party always seems to assume you "sold yourself to them willingly" anytime you ask them for their assistance or need their services.

And, sure enough, invariably, they assume license to "take over the rest of your life", and you find yourself constantly "on THEIR time", to the point where you find you don't have the time to tend to your other needs and pleasures.

Everyone does this: relatives, businesses, clinics, agencies, any charity you may have volunteered for, your employer---and so forth.

We're all "just one person".  We can't know everything, or have aptitude for all tasks, jobs and professions.  We're forced to co-depend at certain points in our life.
But to do so seems to envelop "giving ourselves away to another".
                              Just say "No" to Change
If I had to name one of the worst traits of society it would be its propensity for habitually making random changes, often without precedence or cause.

Even when everything is functioning smoothly, just right, the way it is, sooner or later whoever has just then acquired the company or organization gets the notion to rearrange this and that, or alter procedures without warning or prior announcement.

This is bad, as it throws one's ecosystem off, as one routinely interacts with a multitude of factions, so having everyone's arbitrary system memorized so that you always "automatically know what to do and when and how to do it" upon entering each establishment ensures smooth functionality on your part.

Unexpected changes cause confusion, as you wind up back to a "square one" mode of having to "learn the ropes" all over again.  This disrupts your ecosystem and makes you awkward.  And in a crowded society, where it's too easy to "get in the other person's way" if you hesitate or get clumsy, it's then too easy to fuck up if you haven't yet figured out "which end is 'east' and which end is 'west'".  Being a crowded society it's not possible to fuck up without also fucking up the guy behind you---which now makes you a "causation" and a "liability".

Being unfamiliar with anything can make one klutzy and awkward.  It's like the professional musician who also works part-time in a warehouse, but manual labor isn't exactly his forte, so he's constantly dropping things and running into inventory with his forklift.
To his coworkers he comes off as a total fucktard

...but, once back in the studio, in front of the keyboards or with a guitar in his hand, the notes and chords just pour out effortlessly, in perfect harmony and on tempo.
He is, once again, a true "secular sorcerer".

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The New Dark Ages

Walk into a STARBUCKS, order a coffee, then try to find a place to sit...
...and just about anywhere you look, the tables are dirty, coffee spills and crumbs galore.  The floor is littered with napkins, wrappers, muddy footprints.
STARBUCKS cares not about its reputation as a corporate cafe catering to civilian aristocrats, it seems.

This whole society's like this now:
Doing everything on the cheap.  Laying off workers at a time when tax revenue for social safety nets is dwindling.  Eschewing the ethos of health and safety procedures and knowledge.  Business, government and authority all obsessed with the "bottom lines":  profit and power tripping.
Even legitimate businesses and companies are behaving like "snake oil" scam artists.  And those in charge are "taking lessons from Stalin and Draco".

Racism is in vogue again.
Rules and laws seem to just be a joke:  libraries are noisy; reckless driving is ubiquitous; bicyclists race their overpriced 20-speed two-wheel contraptions at full speed on crowded sidewalks; "normal" people behaving like storm troopers everywhere they go---pouring into public and commercial spaces "out of nowhere", acting aggressive and loud, taking up tons of space and blocking aisles and doorways, as if they just "bought the property" and "they're the new owners now" and "everything's going to done THEIR WAY from here on in" ...

Professionals perform their tasks half-assed and are seldom punctual when it comes to scheduled appointments, keeping customers/patients/clients waiting for long periods of time---or not even showing up at all.