Saturday, February 11, 2017

                                               Musing For Today
Any time there's a disaster, catastrophe or a tragedy, the first thing the analysts do is try to find a causation.

The one single factor, event, individual or group who or that  singlehandedly brought about a negative set of events.

Problem is, there never really is just any one factor that leads up to an ultimate consequence.  Everything and everyone is integral, interwoven, and interactive.
What happens and whatever ends up being or becoming is always a result of ongoing chain-reaction events and factors mixing together to create the overall environment at any given moment in time.

This is why blaming any one single person, group, or isolated event as being "the cause of" is so foolhardy.
But societies do it all the time.
And, notice:  None of our issues ever get resolved.

If you've had hernia surgery between 2009 and 2012, and suffered pain and personal injury as a result, you may be entitled to a large cash settlement.

Jackson & Jackson, makers of a wire mesh used in common surgical procedures to fix hernias, has recalled all their products manufactured between 2009 and 2012 due to a tendency of the fabric to split and fracture.  This could lead to fragments getting embedded in the surrounding tissue as well as sharp edges piercing the front lining of the intestines.

If you or a loved one experienced such an injury or episode as a result of hernia surgery performed between 2009 and 2012, contact the injury law firm of Amber, Lance & Chaser.
We've settled claims such as these for as much as 3 million dollars.

                                       The law offices of
                                            Amber, Lance & Chaser

Because logic dictates that the only way to ensure medical providers and clinics provide and perform the best services possible is to sue the bastards into bankruptcy.
That'll teach them a thing or two.

CeleBirthdate: Carole King

                                             Carole Klein turned 75 on Thursday

                                              Among her classic songs:

(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
One Fine Day
Pleasant Valley Sunday
Sometime In The Morning
He's In Town
Don't Bring Me Down
Just Once In My Life
Take Good Care Of My Baby
Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby
Keep Your Hands Off Of My Baby
The Locomotion
I'm Into Something Good
Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

...oh, and from the early '70s on she started writing songs for herself as well.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

                                                       First Lady duties
I understand one of the first issues Melania Trump plans to take on as "First Lady" is addressing the problem of CyberBullying.

Well, she could begin on the homefront itself, starting with her husband's erratic Twitter rants ...
                                                    Musing For Today
Life is like entering a movie theater with the featured film already in progress, then having to leave before it's over.
Hence, you don't really know how the feature began or how it's going to end.

Just Don't Call It "Immigration" (Revisited)

Who ARE all these refugees from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan and three other countries who, apparently subsidized by secret organizations unknown, keep flooding into the U.S. on a daily basis?

Who's paying their way?  Who's providing the passports and visas? 
They're supposed to be refugees, yet they seem somewhat "already well-off" enough to afford the air fare for trips abroad.

I'm not much on President Trump or on his administration and staff of blowhard aristocrats and ultra-partisan demagogues.  I don't see how such types could ever have the best interests of the "average Joe/Jane" in mind as they're of an entirely different breed of humanity altogether.

However, I'm all in agreement with the "travel ban" and can't understand all these "trophy bastard" protesters obstructing normal functions at some of this nation's busiest airports.   And in support of "the rights of" outsiders to randomly stroll right into our territory like it's a "second home" to them.

I also can't understand what these outsiders see in the U.S..  It's a country run by a perpetual police state, street gangs and the mafia.  The average person just gets fleeced by industries and corporations when overpaying for shoddy merchandise and products while getting bogged down by oppressive overkill laws.

The protesters will argue that "the United States has always been a nation of immigrants" (Not true!  It was a nation of Native Americans who were forced into "refugee camps" by the first European invaders from the 16th century to the 19th century), and that America is "a land of opportunity" (also not true.  Automation is taking over everything, plus the U.S. has always also been a land of ghettos---which are simply "refugee camps" for the unsuccessful).

I hope the Travel Ban gets reinstated.  I don't think it's right for random foreign outsiders to be "more important than" or to "matter more than" those of us who were actually born and raised in this country.

Friday, February 3, 2017

                                 My argument against partisanship
is, simply, that the problem one finds with any kind of partisanship is that each faction insists ALL practices and beliefs they embrace to be ultimate panaceas.

With ANY faction, be it liberal, conservative, religious, gender related, racial, lifestyle, crusaders, or what-have-you, you're liable to find that about half of their agenda and beliefs are quite sound and make sense enough.
But there'll also be other beliefs of theirs that are a bit over-the-top or too presumptive to ever be resolute about.

But each faction, no matter who they are, demands unconditional loyalty to all the practices and belief systems they embrace from those who would consider themselves to be members.

This is why I stay within the moderate/centrist mode with my thinking.
Whatever makes sense to me I'll gravitate toward.  Whatever I think is absurd or ludicrous I'll try to avoid.