Friday, February 2, 2018

                                          Public Restrooms
How come, when one steps into a public john to take a leak and someone's in the stall taking a dump, the "dump taker" is always just getting done and wiping up the minute one starts whizzing away?

And why are mounted urinals mounted so high up?  Practically "face level"?  You find yourself staring straight ahead at squiggly hairs inside yellow spots.
"Just let me unbutton my collar and whip out my dick and then just whiz away, as anyone familiar with human anatomy knows a man's genitalia is located just above the breast bone, hence it makes perfect sense to mount these urinals so high."

What's really profound is when a bathroom with a urinal mounted "face level" also has a low ceiling.
I was in such a restroom in a restaurant one time, and I was tempted to scrawl on the wall "Warning!  If you are tall enough to hit this urinal without getting any piss drops on the floor call 911, as you probably just smashed your head on the ceiling and are now succumbing to aneurysms caused by a skull fracture".

But of course I didn't dare.  Vandalism of commercial property IS a criminal offense, after all.
                 Headlines I'd like to see:
The Trump Administration to grant the federal government $500 billion for infrastructure upgrade and repair/restoration starting in the summer of 2018

Federal government taking charge of health care in the U.S. starting in 2019.  Every citizen and resident of the U.S. to be on Medicare from that point on, regardless of income status

Dream on!
The only headlines we see are that of President Trump condemning yet another senator, state governor, member of congress, or government agency via sophomoric disparaging Twitter diatribes

...or of that anachronistic Attorney General Jeff Sessions whose primary modus operandi seems to be reviving Nixon's archaic "War on Drugs", including the recriminalization of marijuana---hence continuing to hang THAT long-ongoing red herring over everyone's head to keep us distracted so we don't have time to focus on the truly serious issues everyone's too afraid to face up to and deal with.
("Congress is now in 'Sessions'"?)
                                Musing For Today
While walking around the other day I had a guy pass me by on a bicycle wearing a pair of BOSE headphones.

I, for one, would never THINK to ride around in public with a $150 pair of headphones on my head, considering how dangerous U.S. society can be and the kinds of situations one could find oneself in.

Obviously this guy must have money to burn to be so comfortable doing such a dumb-ass shit thing with total abandon and self-assured unawareness.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

                                            Asking Too Much
For those of you who may think I'm being "too demanding" whenever I ask the slightest favor or make the simplest request:

At least you never feel a knife at your throat or a gun to your head when I ask for anything

You won't see a group of roughneck types standing around me ready to "break your arms and legs" should you refuse my requests

And it's not like there are any laws backing me up in any way wherein you stand to be arrested, fined, or sued for refusing to comply with my wishes.

The ones who are threatening and dominating seem to be the "normal" and "respectable" types.  The ones who "need to be protected from" the "predators", yet are themselves quite bossy and controlling.  And quite smug and self-assured.  The ones "deputized" to be "in command", who always get to be "right all the time", all in spite of their propensity for being so easily "victimized" any time another manages to "get one up on them".

Not to mention it's these "normal" persons who are always backed up and supported by the laws, courts, and authorities.
Is Me Too Speculative For My Own Good?
What gets me about a lot of the "Me Too" crowd:
A lot of them seem to be the kind who would beat someone up for insulting their best friend
...or the kind who probably drive aggressively, disregarding essential traffic safety laws as it suits them
...or the "gossipy" type, given to all manner of slanders, defamation of others, and passing judgment on others based solely on various canards
...domineering, bossy, entitled and demanding of others, hostile and abusive

...while still expecting "moral perfection" from everyone else around them.

It's this hypocrisy that most bothers me about this movement, not any discounting on my part of a lot of the accounts being valid----although I'm sure there IS also plenty of hyperbole and misunderstandings (on the part of the victim) in some of the claims as well.
                                                     In Theory
You ever notice that the best things in the world are often short-lived?  The Beatles, WKNR "Keener 13" in Dearborn/Detroit, Mozart, the Renaissance?

I have my own anecdotal theory on why this is:
You see, anything of high quality requires whoever's producing it to go all the way to create and maintain it.
But that such perfectionism is so taxing it leads to eventual exhaustion.
They use only the best materials, which, being more expensive, can tax one's finances to the point of depletion.
A perfect production takes a lot of planning, rehearsing, and editing and reediting---costing a lot of time, money and effort.
Presentation takes a lot of creativity, stamina, and analysis---also quite taxing as well.

What ends up happening is an eventual state of chronic "burnout", when maintaining first-rate quality becomes a bigger chore than the project itself is actually worth, or what one is getting in return for one's own efforts (and investments).

One of two things happen:  either the project is suddenly discontinued
...or it does continue, but the quality gradually and incrementally diminishes.

Friday, January 12, 2018

The anatomy of a society

The ultimate pharisees.  They make "official" the beliefs, dogmas, and prejudices of the given culture as well as whatever current trendy prejudices and dogmas the "majority" has recently adapted

Civilian Soldiers
The hatchetmen who enforce and carry out the will of the majority, the favored, the privileged, all the "normals".
The ones who track down and punish and/or banish the heretics, outcasts, unwanted and undesirable groups and individuals on behalf of both the "normals" and social protocols of the established "system" of their society

Modern-day "Pilates".  They make the final decisions on what to do with or how to handle the dissidents, always catering to the pharisees, the majority and the civilian soldiers and proper authorities

The Majority
The rabble, the plebeians, the elitists, and the upper echelon who unofficially "rule" their societies even though they're supposed to be the "common" citizens.  And always at the expense of the outcasts and dissidents.