Monday, September 18, 2017

"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time is the definition of 'insanity'"
Actually, that adage is far from accurate.
For example, when job hunting ...if, on the first two or three attempts at finding employment you don't get hired, or the business doesn't even call you up for an interview, do you just "hang it up" and figure "Obviously I wasn't meant to work and make a living, or have any money"?  Or do you persevere and keep trying other places?

If you're in a country that embraces freedom-of-speech, where you're free to criticize or comment on anybody or anything---even it's government
...and, afterwards, visit another country, but this other one is a harsh dictatorship, but you still freely criticize IT'S institutions and government, do you get the same results from repeating the same actions?

Don't you think it's a matter of environment, and the character and demeanor of the others around you, that actually determine what you may or may not do?

Actually, "insanity" is not recognizing nuances and idiosyncrasies, and---maybe---also being guilty of lack-of-discretion.

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Walking by a small business, one notices the sign in the parking lot:

                                 CUSTOMER PARKING ONLY
                         ALL OTHER VEHICKLES WILL BE TOLD AWAY

Do they have a security staff who, upon noticing a vehicle parked in their lot whose owner is not a store patron, start chanting "Away!  Away!  Away!" at it?

                             I can see that .....
Security:  Away!!!  Away!!! Away!!!  Go away!!!
Passerby: What are you guys doing?
Security:  The owner of this car is not doing business with our restaurant, yet they still parked in OUR lot.
So, we're "telling their car 'Away!'".
                                           Musing For Today
There's nothing actually morally wrong with being antisocial.

Society is corrupt and bigoted as a rule---full of all kinds of duplicity, illusory and sophism.

Who should ever seriously be so cordial towards such an institution so full-of-shit?

Monday, August 28, 2017

R.I.P. Jerry Lewis

I'm guessing the late Jerry Lewis was plenty pissed with that Jerry Sandusky fellow.
Namely because, for decades, the term "Jerry's kids" was synonymous with Lewis' annual televised Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy marathon.  But after the revelations of the Sandusky fiasco the sick jokes came out of the woodwork.

One question:  Why did it take so long for everyone to "figure out" what that Sandusky guy was up to?

Oh-h-h, yeah!! ...Of course!! ....
Jerry Sandusky was a "respectable" "upstanding" upper-middle-class professional type.  "Credible" and "respectable".  Not the type who is "supposed to" engage in such lasciviousness, especially habitually.
Naturally they had to "reclassify" him, "demote" him to the lowest social-status category possible.
Society's all about profiling and pigeonholing you know ......
Society is ...
people with peculiar quirks who make fun of you for being "weird"

Society is ...
contemptuous and condescending assholes who condemn you for your "lack of empathy" or for your "lack of consideration for others"

Society is ...
hysteria-ridden individuals who shun you on account of your "mental illness"
  Two things to know about the rules and the laws ...

A) You really have to "walk on eggs" at all times whatever you say or whatever you do, as you're always subject to arrest anytime---or at least eviction or banishment ...for you're constantly under penalty of law

B)  Others around you are allowed to pretty much do as they like and go anywhere they please, as somehow they're not under the same martial laws you are

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

                           Adage #3 For Today
Those who make the rules and write the laws are those who will, for example, make it an offense to "disturb the peace by making sudden unexpected loud noises"
...then proceed to start sticking someone repeatedly with a sharp object.