Wednesday, January 18, 2017

   How Much Sleep Does The Average Person Need Each Night?
I'm 62 and, to this day, have yet to figure out how much sleep I need per night.
Never got the chance to ever find out.
Blame stress
Blame late-night television
Blame late-night oldies or talk radio shows
Blame urban noise
Blame loud fellow tenants
Blame overactive bladder
Blame the effects of various disturbing thoughts
Blame early morning work schedules and appointments
                                    Transition Periods Are So Painful...
I think the outgoing President, Obama, would have been a better President had he not experienced so much obstruction and interference from uncooperative elements within while trying to follow through on some of the ideas and policies he initially had in mind to implement---or finish once implemented.

His shortcomings were more those of his having compromised himself in a lot of critical areas (perhaps being coerced into doing so by the "secret societies" of the world?)

No-one is going to forget his grandiose promises, or of the unspoken disappointments we silently felt each time he either fell short of, or downright failed to follow through on, said promises.
On how he only went half-way on some of them.

Now we have the incoming President, Trump, who---like Obama---also made his fair share of grandiose promises (also aimed toward select favored factions).
Among his promises are that of undoing some of the accomplishments of Obama which were the results of the few occasions Obama actually followed through (half-way anyway) on some of HIS promises.

It'll be interesting to see how much cooperation or resistance President Trump experiences during the next four years.

Song Analysis: When Will The Rain Come?

This particular entity was issued on a Fontana 45-RPM as the B-side of the top-10 hit LOVE IS ALL AROUND by The Troggs.

The lyrics strongly hint at a catastrophic world-wide drought that virtually eliminates all life forms on earth, except for an apparent "last man on earth" who's making a first person account of the events transpiring all around him.

It's actually quite fitting for a group like The Troggs to handle a song like this as their gritty, direct, "no-nonsense" style best conveys an apocalyptic demeanor, essential for being convincing on the song's subject matter.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Once and for all ...

I'm tired of all the rhetoric and idealism surrounding the notion of "individual rights", "liberty" and entitlements.

It's all bullshit!
There ARE no "freedoms" or "rights" or "liberties".

All nations that ever existed---past and present---are all despotic republics.
"The rules rule!" (This makes for a good pun)

Whatever whoever's-in-charge wants to make mandatory is what will be what everyone who lives in their land is required to do, irrespective of logic, practical application, or whatever's in accordance with collective natural sensibilities.
                                                   W   e         a    r    e
                                   I   S   I   S
                                                               The Modern World's Official Scapegoat 
We started out a few years back as a premier terrorist organization, intent on a world-wide siege and seizure campaign.

Among our tactics were various mind-manipulating propaganda videos specifically programmed to hypnotize the most impressionable minds of those dispossessed and betrayed by their own society.

In time our world-wide influenced grew to astronomical proportions to where, these days, we practically no longer have to lift a finger of our own to wreak havoc on the adversarial western infidels and their nations.

We simply wait for any small group, or individual, who is or are disillusioned and disgruntled with the pretenses of "the great western lies" to take upon themselves the acts we used to perform ourselves:  random shootings; driving into crowds and gatherings; "forgetting to" take their bomb-laden backpack with them when leaving stores and restaurants;  randomly attacking passerbys with steak knives purchased at Wal-Mart or Target.

Even if these individuals commit such acts for their own personal reasons we STILL "take credit for" their acts as soon as we learn of them (usually the same way everyone else learns of these incidents way of the same news media everyone else watches).

We can now be even MORE "all-powerful" without the need for more efforts on our own part.
Thanks all you impressionable disillusioned-of-the-disenfranchised, for being so easily hypnotized, for having been born with no aptitude for humor or imagination, for giving up on both yourselves and humanity, for your shameless sense of self-pity.
You're the ones who make our jobs easier while also more effective at the same time.
                                   Much appreciated and obliged,
                                I  S I S

             You know that motherfucker who drove his dilapidated Honda Civic jalopy into a crowd of fair-goers at full speed, then jumped out and started stabbing everyone randomly with his War-Mart purchased steak knife?
             Yep!   That was us!  We were behind that attack as well.  

Oh, and before we forget:  Thanks to all the media of the world for giving us our catchphrase slogan:  "Inspired by ISIS" 

                                                                    The above has been a public service message
I've always wondered why people get so spooked anytime they see someone talking to themselves.

Talking to another person is no big deal.  But aren't you a person yourself?  So, if you can talk to another person why can't you talk to yourself as well since you're also a person?

If you commit an oversight or forget something important and it messes things up as a result, don't you have a thing or two to say to yourself?
If somebody else did the same thing wouldn't you have a thing or two to say to them?

                    The above is my Musing For Today

Thursday, January 5, 2017

                              Here's to you
                           ...or, maybe, from you
Amidst certain "conspiracy theory" hearsay concerning allegations of governments having technology which enables officials and authorities to probe the minds of "individuals-of-interest" for the purpose of continuous surveillance of said individuals by certain agencies, I myself have doubts as to the validity of such concerns.

First off, even if telepathy is possible it would prove itself to be quite a series of hat tricks to pull off successfully due, for the most part, to how erratic the mind normally tends to be.

The way the mind is governed, not only by mere thoughts, but by the emotions and feelings that infuse themselves into the whole mix.  Tag on random flashes of memories and fantasies and invasive elements from the subconscious that appear suddenly, and you have such a kaleidoscope of hodge-podge trying to keep track of and make logical sense of what they would be viewing would become an overwhelming challenge.

And then tag on all the phobias, obsessions, and weird hang-ups, along with secrets not even that person's close friends or relatives know about---and then eccentric fantasies, things that they dwell on that make sense to them but would never make even a modicum of sense to anybody else, and mind-reading becomes so nerve-wrackingly encumbering only the most patient and perspective would have the stamina to be able to stick out such a grandiose project.