Thursday, April 18, 2019

                        More on Invent-A-Laws

Just why do I detest so many of the written laws in existence?  
Namely because they seem to be little more than a bunch of useless Invent-A-Laws whose intent is either favoring special interests, "special" groups and/or individuals---or simply being in cahoots with the collective mob mentality, popular prejudices, and collective dogmas.

You see, there are the "basic" laws:  Laws forbidding murder, theft, violence, slander/defaming/blasphemy.

And then you have a plethora of unnecessary laws, laws concocted with either selfish motives in mind, or that cater to favored groups and individuals, or are strictly revenue-motivated, or that cater to collective ideals or dogmas, or that cater to the general "mob mentality".
The latter are the laws that put me at odds with authorities and other "in charge" elements---be they business owners, landlords, employers, government institutions, or what-have-you. 

Another perspective on the song "Morning Dew"

Lulu recorded it in the late 1960s, although her version of the song isn't the only one.

It's essentially an anti-Vietnam War song.  The protagonist can swear she "heard a young man crying", while a second party scolds her and implies she simply has an overactive imagination that's running away with her.

I think the implications of this song are that those who've experienced any kind of extreme adversarial events are so damaged by them they can no longer assimilate into normal society or among normal people, or live the way they lived prior to those events and experiences.

And that those who are still living comfortably not only cannot relate to the traumatized individual, but also that those who are still living normal comfortable existences tend to find anyone "on the fringe" uncomfortable and disturbing to be around, and avoid or ostracize such individuals, occasionally relenting to offer the "poor souls" in question patronizing platitudes, if only to alleviate their guilty consciences.

The "avoidance of anything unpleasant or horrific" also suppresses the sense of empathy in otherwise decent individuals when confronted by any kind of stark reality, especially unexpectedly.

The "young man crying" could be a wounded soldier, or one who just witnessed the brutal death of one of his buddies.

Eventually our protagonist, in order to move on with her life, agrees she "must be imagining" the young man's cries.
But, in doing so, she also notices "there is no more morning dew".  That is, denying one unpleasant reality makes it that much easier to deny any other unpleasant (or unwelcome) realities.
For most people the dreaded "s" word is "shit"
For me the dreaded "s" word is "surgery".  Anything but THAT!
The implications and ramifications alone are insufferably overwhelming.
It's often the aftermath that's more debilitating than the initial ailment itself.

An anonymous acquaintance of mine describes blogging by way of a tired old cliche:
"Those who can, DO.  Those who can't criticize".
Thanks, guy.  You make me feel so much better about what I'm doing right now.

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Monday, April 15, 2019

For those worried about the United States collapsing and falling as a civilization ....

Does it really matter, in the long run, what kind of a prominent position any one country has? 

In the annals of "universal cosmic memory" just how much is any individual terrestrial culture worth anyway?

Put another way:  How many surviving citizens of ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, or ancient Greece do you know (or have manged to write a book) who can fill modern civilization in on all the details and nuances of what life was actually like during that period?  Or can reveal any hidden secrets that have, up until now, eluded the historians?
                                                  Adage For Today
Asking anyone a personal question is akin to "inquiring about a Top Secret Pentagon document"

                                             Two Musings For Today
You realize just how poor you are when you can't take advantage of a "30% off" online offer from Target on account of not being able to afford any of the $400-to-$1200 Smartphones needed to access the app

Have you ever noticed that whenever you're walking around on an extremely windy day whatever debris is blowing around always manages to aim right straight for your eyes?
Why the eyes?  Why is such an essential body part so vulnerable?

And your eyelashes never protect you either.  Not only are eyelashes worthless when it comes to protecting your eyes from adverse elements, but then, whenever one of them breaks off, instead of succumbing to the law of gravity and falling straight down it gets sucked into your eyeball to wreak a little havoc of its own.

Eyelashes are a bit like government and the police---presumably "there to protect you", but actually wind up becoming part of the problem themselves.


Art Bell
The history we were taught is actually a "circus history"---deep within, things actually happened quite differently

Will Rogers
The best way to double your money is to fold each bill in half, then put them all back in your pocket

Thursday, March 28, 2019

The difference between the left-wing and the right-wing fringes:

The left-wing are consumed by concerns for "gay rights"

The right-wing are consumed by concerns for "gun rights"

And if your own concerns are for the more "human", spiritual, and pragmatic issues, good luck finding anyone interested in seeking out any REAL solutions to any REAL problems.