Monday, May 21, 2018

                                           Musing For Today
Childhood is the time for imagination and fantasizing

Adolescence is the time for worshiping ideals and idols

Adulthood is the time for joining those who work behind the scenes:
the novelists who write the books, concoct the stories and invent the characters
the actors who play the parts of fictional characters
the playwrights, the producers, the actors and actresses
the songwriters, the singers, the musicians
the politicians and leaders and authority figures
the teachers, the parents, the principals, the bosses, the business owners, the publishers
the directors, the producers, the managers

If you've grown up and find yourself still in the audience instead of on the stage 
or if you're still listening instead of announcing, singing, or playing
or if you're still watching instead of acting, negotiating, or performing
you obviously still have never matured or grown up.
                          A few observations of an apartment dweller
When did the tenants above me get a pet elephant?  And how does such a large creature even fit inside a small unit?  For that matter, how did they even manage to get it through the doorway in the first place?

What are the tenants above me doing?  Setting off grenade launchers or dynamite caps?  Remodeling their whole unit?

Why is it okay for the tenants above me to sit out on their balcony half the night talking and shouting at the top of their lungs and getting shit-faced drunk on a night when I have to get up early the next morning to make an appointment
...yet if I play my TV or stereo too loud I get a warning and lecture on "respecting the rights of others" from the management?
Sometimes I think blogging can become quite superfluous in nature after a while.
I mean, how may times can one go on and on about how "it's usually a waste of time to seek help from those in charge at times when you have a problem with the behavior and attitudes of another, like when that other person is either messing with you or being all-around inconsiderate
...when, often, those in charge will seldom take action, probably because those in charge usually have the same personality and character traits as the offending party, and will actually see the complainant as being the 'antagonist'"?

Or how, when talking or writing about "the origins of mankind", the only choices presented to us as available belief systems are either being a Biblical Absolutist or a secular Evolutionist?
...and both theories have so many obvious flaws in their logic and reasoning.  And no-one seems willing to seriously look into the matter any deeper in terms of in-depth analysis of available evidence, or of further imaginative speculations which could result in previously un-thought-of revelations.

Or why the experts keep insisting the phenomenon of "climate change" is all solely the result of man's altering the earth's landscape and polluting it with poisonous man-made chemicals, instead of also looking into other possibilities---like cosmic activity or naturally occurring planetary patterns interacting with human intervention as well?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Growing up in Toledo Ohio with my parents and brother and sister,
I remember when my mom invited a friend of hers to spend a couple of nights at our place, and the way we all had to stop doing whatever it was we normally do so as to not be too loud or interfering with the comfort of our house guest.

Suddenly our own home became this other person's domain, like she had full license to "take over" everything in our place of residence.

I'm guessing the house guest was quite unaware of the way me and my siblings were being forced to sacrifice our normal way of living for her, as it was our parents who were strongarming us into this display of "domestic hospitality".  She probably figured we were simply "courteous types" by nature.
...after being scolded, chided, and given a strongarm warning to "never ever again even THINK about giving her daughter the kind of lewd 'goo-goo eyes' I displayed in the fast-food restaurant" the MeToo lady and her group of white knight shills proceeded to head toward their late-model SUVs, pick-up trucks and sports cars, revved up their engines while staring at me in full contempt with their "evil eye" glares (in an attempt to further intimidate me), then hauled ass out of the parking lot (0 to 60 MPH in less than 2 seconds) right onto the main drag without even once braking, yielding, or slowing down.  Never mind it was during rush hour, or that the adjacent sidewalk is always busy with a heavy pedestrian, bicycle, jogger, and skateboard presence.

...all because they regard me as "a threat to community safety" on account of my alleged "lewd gestures" ...
Normal people
need a TelePrompTer to express themselves as they don't have the aptitude for original thought or ideas

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Song Analysis: Sugar Town

This top-10 hit from late 1966 by Frank's daughter portrays an "ultimate shangri-la", in which one is shielded from the hardships, evils, and responsibilities of the world.

The character in the song is quite self-satisfied and self-possessed.
She desires not the usual crutches and obstacles of the "normal world"---she "never had a dog that liked her some", and she "never had a friend---or wanted one".

She's free to be just who she is in her own right, without the perils of obligations and enduring judgment calls from strangers and meddling acquaintances and relatives.

She also mentions being sheltered from all the inclement weather other "normal" places routinely get (although I see these verses as being somewhat metaphorical in nature as well).

She further mentions that if she were independently wealthy she'd be all-too-willing to part with all her money by giving it away to the whole world in an attempt to bribe it into backing off and leaving her alone to just live out the rest of her life in this "la-la land" of hers.

....this is as ideal a fantasy song as one can get.