Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I would wish for retailers to stop sending their flyers to my address, cluttering up my mailbox.

Also, I would wish for certain supermarket chains I frequently shop at to quit mailing me all those "loyalty card" coupons for items I purchase infrequently or just randomly (like only once or twice).  If I routinely only purchase one or two money orders a month (for example) I don't need a "three for the price of two" coupon, especially one that expires in four weeks.

Damn these companies and their "bottom-line" mentality.  They think consumers are soulless automatons whose future behaviors are easily predictable simply by programming certain (limited) acts they've performed in the past into some mindlessly perfunctory computer program with a one-dimensional criterion.

It's just the attitudes of those (in-charge) who think they're "above the rest of us" ...the way they assume "the right to" manipulate anyone they view as being mere "plebeians".

                                                                     Musing For Today
  There are only four basic categories each and everyone and everything falls into:  reasonable; unreasonable; logical; absurd.
Every situation and every person falls into one of them at any point in time.  This is the universal rule to abide by when making ANY kind of judgment call on anyone or anything.
                                   Quit complaining about the weather.
            After all it's beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas
                               ...even if Christmas in Barrow Alaska.

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One thing intriguing about these insurance company commercials:  in particular the ones for their car insurance coverage and especially "total car replacement" policies:  the portrayal of "customers" who talk about "their" accidents or about totaling "their" cars ...but, then, never mention getting injured, losing their license, being prosecuted or sued for the wrongful death of or injuries to another, or of having to compensate for property damage.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Recently the automaker GM has recalled hundreds of their vehicles due to a defect in the ignition systems in many of their makes and models
Electrical malfunctions in these systems are known to cause the ignition to suddenly shut itself off without warning

If you or a loved one have experienced serious injury or even death due to any of these malfunctions you may be entitled to substantial monetary compensation

Or "even death" you say.  "Entitled to substantial monetary compensation".  Even if you died.
Hmmmm ...do these ambulance-chasing commercial law firms ever get any business from those now in the afterlife?

                                                             Adage For Today
                                      Shut those god-damn cell phones off already and start learning how to communicate for a change

Happy Birthday

Neil Young
Turned 69 yesterday
Born in Toronto November 12 1945

Gordon Lightfoot
He turns 76 this Monday
Born in Orillia Ontario November 17 1938
He sees you when you're sleeping
                               He knows when you're awake
                                                             He knows if you've been bad or good,
                                                                                        So be good for goodness sake

                          Are we talking about Santa Claus here or the NSA?

Speaking of Santa, he would feel quite at home here in the U.S. right now with this "arctic invasion" currently barreling down on us.