Tuesday, February 18, 2014

                                       The number one cause of death:
                                                         Being alive

Yes, the one factor which makes anyone vulnerable to any type of death, be it natural, accidental, homocide, or suicide is the state of being among the living in the first place.

BLAME YOUR PARENTS!!!  After all, they're the ones responsible for bringing you to life.  If they would have decided to remain childless you would not even exist and therefore not be subject to an eventual physical demise, one which may very well turn out to be quite painful or torturous.
Even if your demise is at the hands of a serial killer, had you not existed in the first place you would never have been in the kind of vulnerable position that enabled a maliciously sadistic subversive to "do a number on" you.
So it's still your parents' fault it happened.

And who's at fault for your parents' existence?  Your grandparents.  Maybe you should blame THEM instead.
But who's responsible for the existence of your grandparents?  Your great-grandparents.  So everything that happens to you in life is actually THEIR fault, yes.
But who's responsible for your great-grandparents' existence?  Well, it was.............
Setting things right may well be the ultimate impossible endeavor as it never seems possible to fix the front door without breaking either the middle door or the back door.  And one can't fix the floor above without damaging the ceiling below.

                                                  Yet ANOTHER site to check out:  www.shakesville.com
I just had cataract surgery last week (talk about "lifting the fog") and, of course, being a form of surgery there are the usual postoperative directives and regiments that come with such types of procedures:
No heavy lifting
No bending over (If what I need is on the floor or on a bottom shelf do I use telekinetic energy to get ahold of it?)
No sudden movements (If the apartment building catches fire I'm "haulin' ass" outta here, no matter what!)
Avoid excess activity (Just living in an apartment comprises constant cooking, cleaning, and shuffling stuff around)
Avoid stress (Yeah, right!!  Then stop the world and there won't be the potential "sudden surprise" factor)
Get plenty of rest  (Pass the word along to the drunks who hang out in the alley behind the apartment building and are always yelling and screaming half the night.  Let them know they'll need to find an alternative alley to hang out in for the next couple nights or so.  And inform the motorists: no loud muffler cars or horn honking.  And tell the city garbage collectors not to bang the dumpsters against their trucks so hard at 7 o'clock in the morning.  I gotta get my rest already!)
Wear eye patch at night
Apply drops to operative eye 2 to 4 times daily  (All 3 eyedrops, mind you.  You'd be surprised how debilitating that can be when you have to follow THAT ritual every day.)

...and other such realistically feasible instructionalisms.  All that's needed is to be able to stop the world in its tracks for a few days on my behalf.

Health care professionals are dedicated people and all that, but they all live in such a microcosmic universe of their own and seem to have no idea how most others have to live.  (My favorite directive is "No lifting or straining", then they prescribe medication that also causes constipation among its side effects.  What do you suppose happens on the toilet?  Str-r-r-r-a-a-a-innnn!)

And in another two weeks I'll have to have my other eye operated on.

Monday, February 10, 2014

So they're cutting back some more on the food stamp program.  And so you have those infuriated with President Obama for being such a flagrant liar, going off on how many promises he's gone back on.

Frankly, I personally think Obama was actually sincere back in November 2004 when he made all those grandiose promises of "Hope" and "Change".  I believe he was so full of hubris he figured he could use his official position to infuse his idealistic visons into the system and modify the course of events.  That he underestimated the stronghold all the "secret societies" have on all matters of collective decision-making ("If you don't want to end up like Kennedy you'll adhere to OUR plans no matter what!").

In due time we'll get an ultra-conservative in the White House who runs on a platform of "restoring the moral fibers this country was founded on" and other various fundamentalist ideals.  But just 2 or 3 years into his(/her) first term this president's administration not only will enhance or revive social programs and abortion rights, but also laws that state children as young as 9 years of age "don't need their parents' consent to purchase contraceptives" and also make it a misdemeanor for parents to interfere with any decisions their kids make along those lines.

I can just hear the outcries of "TREASON!" among the rightwing factions and how "Satan's truly taken over our world" and about "wolves in sheep's clothing" trying to trick the believers and such.
Should be quite a show.  Even better than the collective dissent we're witnessing now.
When someone is secretive about themselves and their activities the assumption is always either they're trying to conceal something hideous or maybe they have some kind of treasure they don't want others to know about.

However, it could very well be that person simply values their right to privacy.  And it's not because they're hiding dead bodies in their closet or a meth lab in their shower, nor are they trying to keep from the authorities any late-night rendezvouses with some underage secret lover.

Each person has their own idiosyncrasies, prejudices, viewpoints and temperaments.  And someone who might consider something you feel a strong passion for to be of a trivial nature, quite frankly, should not be present where you are while you're engaging in some creative venture or passionate hobby as they could become invasive or hampering, interfering with your efforts either by trying to infuse their own elements into YOUR project or just getting in your way:  messing with your stuff or making snide and snarky comments and behaving all-around petulant because they simply don't understand (because it's not what they're into themselves).

That's ANOTHER argument pro-privacy.  The need for your own area in which you can do and be your honest self without obstructions or impediments.  The right to decide when and where you deal with personalities who are only harmonious under limited conditions while discordant in other settings.
A place where you can act freely while doing things that are important to you.
The right to set your own boundaries and to keep domineering personality types at bay.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

One should never criticize the lack of accomplishments of a horse who always has to pull loaded wagons all by himself when most other wagons are routinely pulled by three or more horses.

I don't like being part of civilization.  Everyone's a scam artist.  All commercials and advertising are medicine shows.   All authority figures, officials, and professional types pretend to be serving the needs of their clients, patients, tenants, customers, and citizens when their true intentions are that of controlling other people's lives and taking advantage of those in precarious situations who are being forced into depending on their services.

The problem with the world today?  All the "cool kids" have moved away.  The only ones left are the slobs, the snobs, the bullies, and the nerds.