Tuesday, February 17, 2015

                                 C  D

I can understand the "Obsessive" part.
It does involve fixations on certain items, objects, or points.
But the "Compulsive" part doesn't make sense to me.

The disorder involves repeating certain acts over and over.
Like, for instance, repeatedly checking to make sure you put something away in the right place, or double-checking and triple-checking the door to make sure you locked it before going out.
This comes off more as a kind of "self-paranoia" than anything.  Like someone who questions their own sense of reality.

But it's hardly "compulsive".  If anything it's a type of extreme over-discipline.  An eternal striving for "self-perfectionism".

Another CeleBirthdate

William "Smokey" Robinson
Born February 19 1940 in Detroit.
He turns 75 on Thursday.
I'm assuming he's still alive and well.
However, when he does finally pass on a great "tribute" song would be his 1962 hit (with the Miracles) WHAT'S SO GOOD ABOUT GOODBYE?

                                         Speaking of "passing on":
                               TRIBUTE TO THE LATE LESLEY GORE
The NYC native had over a dozen hit singles between 1963 and 1968:  including THAT'S THE WAY BOYS ARE and MY TOWN MY GUY AND ME (two favorites of mine by her).

                                Another site to check out:  www.twentiesfreedom.wordpress.com


"Everything was built for you.
All the streets you drive on, all the sidewalks you stroll on, all the facilities you use, all the stores you shop at.  They were all built for you."

But I DON'T feel any sense of "entitlement" when I go outside.  Every time I go anywhere I'm always made to feel like I'm "cutting through someone's back yard" and "crashing an outdoor barbecue with their family and friends".

And as for the stores I shop at, or the restaurants I eat at, or the streets and sidewalks I walk on:  My use of them is purely by default.  In a world of prepackaged offerings the only choices one has is that of whatever has been built or created by society, the merchants, the industries, the churches, and the charities.

So you're going to the same places and using the same facilities everyone else is, yet you still sometimes feel like a trespasser because you're always around strangers who are not of your ilk and, thus, made to feel like you "really have no business being here".

But where else is there to go? ...except other places just as incompatible with you, as society never gives you any real choices of your own.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

After being told I would "need an operation" to correct a certain medical problem, I had to see the person in charge of setting appointments.

During this brief session she gave me a date for the operation but couldn't yet set a specific time, stating "they would call me the day before (the operation) to let me know exactly what time to come in".
And that I "would need a ride to and from the appointment" as well.

To which I replied:  Is it really necessary that I have a ride?  I can't, like, take a cab to and from here?  I don't like the idea of "imposing" on others.  They might already have plans of their own or they might be out of town on that date.  (Not to mention) I can't even give them a specific time at which to arrive on that date.

I remember her looking really confused and perplexed as I was saying all this (really taken aback by my response), and then replying:  "You'll find (that) if you check around you can usually find somebody who's available to take you."

As luck would have it I WAS able to get a ride to and from with a close friend of a relative.
However:  What IF this person had prior commitments and couldn't help me out in this instance?

That's the thing about people like this lady.
They're so used to having close friends and associates who'll do favors for them as "friends" they just take for granted that it's an overall norm for everyone else as well.

That's the thing about any kind of privilege.  Nobody ever thinks of themselves as being "favored" or that society might be showing any kind of partiality towards them.  They must figure everyone gets the same opportunities to "go through college" and get a crack at earning 5-to-6-digit incomes.  Or that "everyone should travel abroad and visit Europe or Asia at least once in their lifetime".  Or try to "get laid" at least a couple times a week to relieve tension.

Most people are either so smug and self-assured or they go through life somewhat clueless, taking everything so much for granted.  Whatever experiences they have in life they figure to be somehow universal.

No-one ever seriously considers the possibility they may be among the "trophy pricks" and "trophy cunts" of the world, or that a lot of whatever amenities they enjoy without a second thought could simply be "gifts" bestowed upon them by a society that considers them to be "precious" or "valuable", and that not everybody receives those certain benefits from their society due to their society viewing them as being "second class" or somewhat "useless" and "worthless".
                                          What is "Black  Music"?

                                       A perfect JEOPARDY question.
The first answer would be R&B pop, blues, gospel, ethnic jazz or jazz-fusion, hip-hop or rap.

But if the definition also includes "anything written or composed by songwriters of African descent", then consideration must also be given to the following:

The compositions of late-19th-century/early-20th-century ragtime maestro Scott Joplin

The 1956 easy-listening style instrumental SOFT SUMMER BREEZE---written and recorded by Eddie Haywood

Chad & Jeremy's 1965 hit BEFORE AND AFTER, a beautiful romantic soft-pop ballad. Written by Van McCoy.

So, with this bit of quasi-ethnicity out of the way I'll just retire to my private abode and listen to Erroll Garner "play MISTY for me".
                         Musing For Today

The more "innocent" you are, the more crooked, corrupt and evil the rest of the world is.
And the more "on guard" you have to be and the more "in need of protection" you are as well.

The more crooked, corrupt and evil you are, the more "innocent" and vulnerable the rest of the world suddenly becomes.
And, also, the rest of the world suddenly "needs to be protected and saved from the likes of you".