Tuesday, May 26, 2015

     T V or not T V?  That is the question.

Why is it everywhere you go there's always a television in every corner blazing away?
Restaurants, bars, laundromats, grocery stores, coffee shops ...

Whoever does any serious viewing in an Applebees, McDonalds, or Dennys?
"My show's coming on in 5 minutes.  Can't miss it.  Better order me up a Big Mac.  Sure hope the management doesn't decide to change the channel.  I'll have to go to Wendys then."

Before buying your brand new car you do extensive research on it.
You look over results of safety tests, you check for certain desirable and essential features, you make sure you get what you're after.
Then, after you've had your brand new car only one month you smash it into the side of a building rounding a sharp curve at 55 MPH in a 35 MPH zone coming home from the club late one night while texting a friend about "what a great time you had".
You then call your insurance company to make your claim.  But they refuse to reimburse you for the full amount of your brand new car.  They say it's "due to your having been cited for 'reckless driving', 'DUI', 'speeding'" ...and "because there's a lawsuit pending against you by the owners of the building".
Seems you should have also done some research on insurance companies.
...and on your relationships as well.  How dare friends and relatives tell you things like "Some shrink could afford to do some 'research' on your head".

The Ethos Of The Truly Egotistic

If one likes a person or approves of them it means that person is worthwhile.
If one does not like a person or is uncomfortable around them it means something must be wrong with that person.

If one enjoys a movie it means it's a great masterpiece.
If one does not like a movie it has to be because that movie obviously sucks.

If one likes a song it means it's a great song.
If one dislikes a song it means that song is crappy.

If one enjoys reading a book it means that particular book is a great piece of literature.
If one does not enjoy reading a book it means that particular book is insignificant or just plain junk.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

                     Musing For Today

In 1933 then-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued a permanent "state of emergency" in which he also officially declared the citizens of the United States to be among the "enemy combatants".

Interesting:  Even THAT long ago the reality of the "ugly American" was manifesting itself to those in government and authority.

Cocksure, overconfident
Exaggerated feeling of entitlement
Short-fused, loose cannon, too easily offended

You don't suppose the rift between the average person and those in authority might have something to do with this ongoing decree in any way do you?
Most people aren't aware of it---but those-in-charge ARE and act on it, and often.
                   Bareface In Baltimore

Remember the 1968 mod-pop/rock song by The Strawberry Alarm Clock BAREFOOT IN BALTIMORE?  Which projected an image of a carefree "free love" style social environment, similar to the one being attributed to San Francisco at the time?

Of course I'd never think to walk barefoot in ANY major city myself.

As for Baltimore:  I'd hold off on even VISITING this city for a while.
The current social climate is nothing like that portrayed in that song.

Nice song, though, in its own right.

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          Reasons Why The Law Is An Ass

All throughout the history of civilization the main priority of society has been to abide by a universal policy of anti-heresy, coupled with ultra-conformity.

That's always been the one actual "law" of any and all lands.  Not to act or speak too defiantly toward and of the social norms, popular opinions and the ubiquitous dogmas of one's own culture.

Although never actually written or officially enacted, it's the primary undercurrent of the majority of laws that DO end up on-the-books, the exception being the "red herring" laws: those that focus on "public health and safety" as well as those that cater to select "special interest" groups.  But those laws are mainly to give the impression that one's society actually "cares about" their individual concerns, when a society's main function is ALWAYS to keep their citizens under control and in bondage.

And, once written and enacted, even the best-intended law becomes "set in stone": inflexible, with only its own clinical definitions being its biggest and main priority ...unable to accommodate unusual and extreme circumstances, expecting unconditional compliance regardless of one's situation at any given point in time.

Remember:  Lawmakers are "gated community"-bred "trophy" bastards living in their own elitist microcosmic bubbles who haven't the slightest idea how the rest of us live or of what we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.