Friday, April 25, 2014

                    MALAYSIA AIRLINES

                                     The "Mystery" Airline

When you fly Malaysia Airlines you never know where you'll wind up.  And, once there, no-one else will know where you wound up at either.

Jesus stated:

                                 "In my Father's house are many mansions."
                                                               John 14:2

             So, there it is, in the Bible itself.  A reference to life on other planets in other galaxies.

God's house: Heaven
Heaven: Outer space; the universe
Mansion: Humongous dwelling place
Humongous Dwelling Place In Outer Space: A planet capable of supporting life, much the same way earth is.

My Own Theory of Urbanism

Idealistically a city or big town, with its immense number of people, implies more diversity of personalities and, thus, more potential for finding friendship and romance.

However, as the adage goes:  In any large crowd lurks a pickpocket or two.
In other words, where there are large congregations there'll always be opportunists.
And, recognizing one's vulnerability, one assumes a defensive posture.  Self-preservation trumps idealism.

As a result all these people become little more than obstacles and barriers as anyone is now suspect.


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Thursday, April 17, 2014

                                                       "I feel your pain!"

Not unless we both fall off the same cliff together and land on the same pile of jagged rocks below.

I don't believe for one minute you'd ever be capable of any kind of empathy for any other than your close friends, and maybe your wife or girlfriend or possibly even own family members.

And it's no trade secret that I'm not in your league.

Oh, by the way:  "Memes" ...simple-minded mantras indulged in by obsessively fraternal imbeciles.

If at first you don't succeed, ignore the instructions and try whatever.

I'm a simple-minded type.  When I press the START button I expect the gadget to start and I expect it to function and work properly.

When I flick a light switch I actually expect the light to come on---not for a residential building two doors down to explode or some other damn thing like that.

I hate it when I do what I'm supposed to do and I either get no results, or I get the wrong results.  I feel "backed into a corner", and when I feel trapped in any way I get desperate and start devising deviant alternatives inside my own mind.  The kind of solutions that invalidate warranties, get you arrested, sued, evicted, fired, or permanently banished.

The toilet's stopped up.  Even after 3 days of creating one artificial tsunami after another via my toilet plunger the bowl's still obstructed.
Desperate I think: DRANO.
And if the toilet bowl should spring a leak as a result?  Caulking material?  Superglue?

It's a shame one can't just simply LIVE in their own dwelling place.
I'm just an eternal guardian of a residential unit and of everything in it.

I guess the reason material items go haywire is because they have minds and souls of their own, just as do people and all other living creatures.  You get used to them and to pulling them off the shelf when you need them then putting them back when you're done with them.

And, apparently, they get tired of being taken for granted and unappreciated.  So, just like union workers going on strike, they have to remind you of how much you depend on them, and the only way for material items to do so is to suddenly malfunction and go on the fritz.

I think that's what those sort of events are all about.  Even animals go through those kind of charades of spitefulness.  For example, even dogs will protest if all you do is feed them and pet them sporadically but never play with them by badgering you consistently for attention.
It seems no-one (or nothing) can stand being taken-for-granted.

But, STILL I really have to tolerate smart-ass material objects behaving like spoiled 2-year-olds, doing whatever they want to do no matter who gets hurt or what gets damaged or destroyed? 

"'Hail! Hail!' Rock and Roll!" said Chuck Berry in 1957.

Rock and Roll---the only established musical format that doesn't exist in reality.  Or at least that was the case during its early stages.  Little more than a cluster of every other musical styles known to mankind.  90% of its sounds derivative of all other musical genres.

Kind of like the English language.
The irony of English being the "world standard" of all the world languages is the fact that 99% of the words in this language were stolen from every other European, Mediterranean, Nordic, and Slovakian tongue.

That's why the spelling of so many of its words don't match their phonetical pronunciation, why the rules of spelling and pronunciation differs from one word to the next.

English is an artificially concocted language by all definitions.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

                                                       Things you learn as you go through life

Like, for instance:  While shopping for clothes at second-hand stores I discovered that I'm the only human male who wears size 11 shoes.  All other men in American society are size 8 and size 9 footwear.

With all the shootings and stabbings that seem to be increasingly prevalent in our illustrious public school systems parents are legally extorted into making their own kids a part of, I wonder why the insurance companies aren't cashing in on this phenomenon.

How about: Life insurance policies for those 4 years of age and older?  Make losing one's kid worth a little something.
I have the uncanny ability to bring about PMS in any young woman, regardless of whether or not it's "that time of the month".
All I have to do is simply find them attractive and be foolish enough to let them know or indicate in some way I have certain desires toward them and WHAM!: the way they respond you'd think I threatened their life or worse.

I've always had this ability.  Even as far back as grade school I could bring about PMS symptoms even in prepubescent 9-year-old classmates.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Did you hear or read about that wealthy Minnesota couple who were on food stamps and public assistance while living high-on-the-hog---fancy yachts and residential units and all? And residing in two states at the same time (Minnesota and Florida, to be exact)?

It's assholes like those who set the tone for government's rationalizing cutting back on funds for public assistance programs.
It's the idea that there's yet another "reason" for even more cuts to foodstamps, or medicaid, or unemployment benefits, or whatsoever.

These government agencies cry out "Fraud!" when the true culprits are themselves and their own incompetence and carelessness.  If they didn't run government agencies and concoct their stupid laws in the kind of perfunctory and half-assed manners that they usually do they wouldn't keep missing such obviously flagrant violators.

It's a travesty of public servitude that the worst fraudsters pull off massive heists of this magnitude undetected for so long while those most in need are under continuous scrutiny and even often penalized for committing unintentional minor oversights.

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                                                                                                        Musing For Today 
Don't you get tired of seeing those dumbass UPS and FedEx trucks parked at bus stops and/or in the middle of the right-hand lanes, blocking and disrupting traffic?
I swear,  I wouldn't be surprised to find out those dingshit UPS and FedEx drivers park their rigs in the fast lane of the freeway to deliver something to a customer parked in the median.
I have a theory about why my phone rings numerous times a day when there's no-one on the other end.  Maybe it's the NSA trying to access the phone numbers I've either dialed or have dialed me so as to assess what kind of people I associate with.

Now, I don't have anything in the way of a social life, and the calls I make are sporadic and usually to immediate relatives or those I do legitimate business with (i.e.: medical clinics, social service agencies, and the like).  Very benign stuff.

If anyone's hoping to intervene in some kind of drug deal or child prostitution ring they're wasting their time messing with me.  Which brings up one question:  Why do they continue to keep hacking into my phone service when, for the past 5+ years, they would continue to never find anything that could possibly be of any interest to them?  Am I on some kind of "hit list" or what?  Is it simply a habit of police or espionage agencies to have this propensity for "barking up the wrong tree"?

As for the NSA, if they were an extermination service they would probably enter a house (or structure) completely made of stone with marble floors and walls with the intent of ridding the place of termites.  ("Well, the kitchen cabinets are made of wood.  There could be termites in those.")

Small Apartment

Everything here is miniature.  The closet where I have to pile clothes on top of each other for lack of space; the bathroom sink basin the size of my face where I constantly splash water on the bathroom floor every time I brush my teeth, shave, or wash my face; the tiny water heater that holds 30 seconds of hot water; a kitchen sink that's so shallow it's not even possible to wash any pots and pans in the damn thing (one's forced to resort to doing them in the shower).

A nice little place, yes.  And the rent is low, so I shouldn't be complaining.

But, still, just because the unit is small does EVERYTHING ELSE in it have to be made-for-lilliputians sized?  The kitchen sink could afford to be a little deeper to accommodate more complex dishware besides just your basic plates bowls and cups.  I mean, if one purchases pots and pans at the department store they're selling the same sized items to you that they sell to anyone else.
And I'm 5-feet 11-inches tall.  I'm willing to wager that even if I could afford to live in a larger place I'd STILL be 5-feet 11-inches tall.  The dimensions of wherever I'm living doesn't affect my own physical dimensions, in other words.

That's the thing about urban architecture:  the perfunctorily generic manner in which society builds structures in which those who dwell within find themselves and their needs unaccommodated for and are forced to juryrig the premises in an attempt to force them to perform and function as needed.

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