Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The demise of radio

If you've been reading Kent Kotal's site FORGOTTEN HITS ( lately, it's been (in part) on the subject of how much in the past 15 years (or so) radio-in-general (AM and FM bands) has become more and more "unlistenable", redundant and homogenized.

In my view the only REAL "oldies" format would be to combine Joel Whitburn's Top-100 hits of 1954-1989 with as many local surveys of radio stations from the same time period as possible, and create an ultimate playlist comprising ALL the songs on those lists.  Which would be over 20,000 songs plus.
And play them in rotation.
Now THAT would be the ultimate nostalgia radio format of all times.
Afterwards do the same for R&B, country, and adult-contemporary pop as well.

Then it wouldn't matter who they played or which song they played (provided they rotate the playlist) since even the most now-overplayed songs would also come on once-in-a-blue-moon. 

Urban Life when you can't even leave your apartment and go outside without being in someone's way...
...even boarding a bus, going shopping, or eating out---or just plain walking around leisurely...

Is it right that one should have to live in a social environment like this?
Where it's so crowded you can't go anywhere and do anything without constantly being in-someone's-way?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Economists Optimistic

Economist #1:  I think this storm front is finally passing over.  I heard the weather this week should be nice and sunny.

Economist #2:  I think so as well.  I really think spring is just around the corner.

Me:  Yes, guys.  But what about the economy?

Economist #1:   Oh, THAT?  Forget the economy.  It's history! Done for.  Completely kaput!

Economist #2:   You can kiss prosperity goodbye.  For sure!

Those of you who follow this blog have probably pretty much surmised that I have a world view in which societies are pretty much run by and for hypocrites, despots and sandbaggers.
Quite true.
However, I never disavow that there are plenty of decent intelligent people in this world, and I would never deny having been "helped out by others from time to time".
But because it's the lesser people who fuck things up so badly, and because their actions have such profound effects on the social environment, I feel a "duty" (so to speak) to make statements about them, however disparaging or occasionally slanderous or impudent.

A good day for a walk (?)

I was thinking of, maybe, going for a little stroll later today, as the temperatures are going to be in the low 50s and such
...but, it's also quite windy out as well.  And I don't particularly relish the thought of having fast food wrappers and empty coffee cups blowing into my face, so...
maybe I still might take a walk just the same...

Apartment Living

The main problem with being an apartment dweller is that you never have the right to establish your own lifestyle.
The domestic climate is always determined by whoever lives above you, below you, or in the unit next to you.

You're always at the mercy of whoever the idiot landlord decides to rent out to.
It's always those people who decide how you're going to live.

Friday, February 1, 2013


                                    Nothing's Ever "Just Right"

Too hot or too cold
Too tight or too loose
Too hard or too soft
So large it comes right back off when you put it on...or so small you can't even get it on your foot or over your head
So much overabundance you have no room for the excess...or too inadequate to fulfill desire/need
The bus coming 5 minutes early causing you to miss it...or being 15 minutes late:  raining, snowing or during a heat wave or deep freeze
Something happening "too much too soon" wherein you have no time to prepare yourself for it...or it takes way too long to materialize or complete its task robbing you of valuable time needed to attend to other areas in your life