Monday, August 26, 2013

Life would be so much easier if everyone would just ride the train

I know that's a bit socialistic and collectivistic, but so many people don't know how to handle "having liberties" properly.
They end up "taking over" everything and hampering the rights of others.

But that's not what I'm "invading" the cyberspaces about this time around.
I'm here to spout off about the habit those-in-charge have lately of changing the MEDICARE drug prescription plan every two to three years.
What's the deal here already?  Have they never heard the adage THERE'S ONLY ONE WAY TO MAKE SILVER AND ONLY ONE WAY TO MAKE GOLD?
...or its modern-day counterpart:  GOD-DAMN-IT, JUST FIGURE OUT WHAT WORKS AND STICK WITH IT!!!

I think it's just another "power-and-control obsessive" game those-in-charge like to play with us "lesser" types.  They seem to think we're just serfs and pawns, created by God simply for their own amusement to be played with like some kind of Barbie wind-up toy.
I really believe that's all they think of most of us.

Change should only be implemented either out of necessity or for the purpose of enhancing and improving.

Quote of the day:
Real-life situations are usually the infusions of various arbitrary nuances occurring in impromptu manners.
And most conflicts involve incompatible divergencies more so than they are about right or wrong or about morals.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When your toes keep getting stepped on every time you turn around and no-one's doing you any favors, that's when you get "attitude".

I'm not a prolific blogger.  To me blogging is little more than a freelance hobby, done only for the purpose of putting some of my ideas, opinions, and perspectives out into the world.
I'm not ever in it for any kind of profit or to attract hordes of "followers".

I wish to do more viewing than producing---to be more disciple than preacher.
As much bourgeois doggerel as there is on the web, there are also a small percentage of sites which offer keen insights and perspectives on meritable subjects.
The trick is to shy away form sites containing too much jargon or too much trend-obsessiveness as well as sites strictly catering to ephemeral pleasures.

As for me---my perspectives are still pretty much the same as they've always been:  I still feel fettered and encroached upon by the world and it's inhabitants, and that authorities in general tend to suck up to the overprivileged and favored at the expense of the forsaken and unknowns, and that quality-of-life issues are unjustly ignored and disavowed.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Gambling Addictions

So---ever since gambling has become legal in Ohio, it's reported that there's been an increase in the number of those reporting being addicted to gambling.

I, myself, when I used to hitchhike here-and-there, have had occassions to pass through the state of Nevada and would enjoy putting a few quarters in one of the many "one-armed bandits" that were a regular part of not only casinoes, but also restaurants and cafes.

The trick is to designate, say, maybe $10 worth (of quarters) and let that be the limit.  If you get anything back, fine.  If not, you're only out $10.
Maybe you'll be lucky enoug to get back $5 or so---enough to buy a drink or a sandwich with.

Essentially gambling is nothing more than paying another for the right to "pick your pockets", to embezzle from you right to your face.  Hardly anything to be passionate about enough to become obsessed with or addicted to.

Just do it for sport and nothing else.
And, next time you visit the casinoes---just have fun.
Street Life

I was listening to one of my many "oldies" (or "solid gold") based audio discs recently and that 1979 hit by the Crusaders came on (among other songs of the 50s 60s 70s and 80s) and I started thinking:  You know, the "jazz crowd" are actually a pretty sleazy bunch---but they're also quite sophisticated with it at the same time.  They can be semishady, yes, but always with personality and style.  Not like the hiphoppers, punk rockers, bikers, metalheads, and cocky modern-day "rock-and-rollers" who only know how to be rude, crude, and lewd.

The "jazz crowd" are (or were) just average-to-well-educated types who have a "devious" streak or two, and who relish dabbling in the "dark corners" of life on-and-off, but with no intention of ever actually committing themselves to it.
Unlike the gangsters, punks or roughneck types who live those elements 24/7.

I myself don't enjoy frequenting "night life" places.  The false promise of living an "adult life" where one is finally free to choose how they want to live and take responsibility for deciding for themselves how they want to live, have fun, and whether or not to indulge in certain "sinful pleasures" has long worn off for me when I finally realized that "growing up" means simply trading in your parents for other "guardians" and "overseers":  the government, the police, and the business communities.
Plus I don't care for the disposition of the average surly/cocky bartenders or for the "mafia-bred" security staff, all of them silently anticipating (and seemingly almost hoping for) some kind of trouble.

Of course anything to do with sex or alcohol is automatically associated with the dark elements of life: unruliness, exploitations, violence...

When you hear or read about sexual matters it's never about someone making love to one near and dear to them.  It's always about stalking, rape, harassment, infidelity, promiscuity.

And when you hear or read about alcohol consumption it's never about, say, a retired college professor enjoying a quiet evening of Tchaikovsky, Grieg, or Bach while slowly savoring brief sips of rum-and-coke.
It's always about getting shit-faced drunk and acting wild, or rowdy redneck honkytonks, or gunfire erupting in club settings, or loud wealthy alcoholics, or rioting bikers or punk rockers or gangbangers, or about date-rape mickeys, or drunken jocks getting into brawls, or about addictions and rehab...

I don't know...I can have a beer or two myself while listening to my music alone in my apartment, and it hasn't "ruined" me yet.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


is not determined by government documents written over 200 years ago that make grandiose promises based on fictitious mind-tickling ideals.

If you want to know how much freedom you really have, then take note of your society's priorities.
Whatever it either holds in highest esteem or considers extremely important in any way, those are what are going to be the most regulated and restricted.

Whatever it's lax or unconcerned about, or considers "secondary", those are the areas where you're likely to have the most liberties.

It's like:  If you were living in 15th-and-16th-century Spain, during the Inquisition, you would know to never express any atheistic ideas out loud, or express any kind of dubiousness about or levity toward "the church" because of the dire consequences of severe and harsh punishment.

But it's the same principal when dealing with any culture past or present.  There are always "sacred cows" one does not dare "butcher" in full view of everyone else.

...or "When the surgeon makes a mistake it's the patient who dies".

It's like: You're the captain of a fishing boat and while you're in your quarters doing paperwork you're pondering what kind of catch this day will bring
...only to find out, when you return to deck, that your dimwitted crew members forgot to cast the net into the water, hence you've just wasted four hours at sea and it's now time to return to port.
Civilization is amazing!

Consider: A lot of people succeed in life by metaphorically "kissing ass", "sucking dick" and "licking cunt" of individuals who would instantly have them locked up for "attempted molestation" if they were to try to do the same thing in the literal sense.
Teach Your Children...

I think two of the worst things a parent can teach their offspring are arrogance and entitlement... believe one's "always right" about everything, and that one always "has the right to"...

...being peremptory and encroaching are not desirable traits to possess.
So, why are such traits (seemingly) always the norm?
Trickster of the Universe

...some cosmic force that's always messing in our affairs and we never really know why.
Or so some believe.

Frankly I think what's really "mesing in our affairs" are meddling laws, nosey troublemakers with no sense of boundaries, and local communities with their fraternal-obsessed xenophobia who'll persecute anyone they deem "suspicious" or offensive.
Inappropriate that a synonym for being too candid, blunt, straightforward, or for thinking and acting too freely?