Tuesday, December 22, 2015

                                                      Merry Xmas

One question:
What does the song MY FAVORITE THINGS have to do with Christmas?
Aren't the lyrics the kind that can be sung any time of the year?

Plus ...the song's lyrics are so vulnerable to being subverted by any devious mind with a dementedly macabre sense of humor:
          "20-car pile-ups on the freeway"
          "Another mass shooting on a public square"
          "Sexual relations with underage lovers"
          "Domestic violence and beatings in households"
          "Being robbed and beaten on the streets now"
          "Explosions at an oil refinery"
          "Losing home and possessions in massive wildfire"
          "Tornadoes, hurricanes and powerful earthquakes"
          "Being homeless and out on the streets now"

 "...these are a few of My Favorite Things"

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The most humiliating aspect of getting in trouble with the law (or with the "system" in general) isn't so much the threat of incarceration or of lawsuits.
It's the way everyone suddenly has the right to defame you, to freely engage in committing collective mass character assassination against you.
The way you're made to feel like you're "the only one" who's human and "severely 'character-defective'-ridden" in a world of "perfect" "flawless" humanoid robots.

                 The above is my Musing For Today
          Babysitting the babysitters (Revisited)

The parents hire someone to babysit their two small children so they can go out for a night on the town.
But the babysitter sits around talking to her friends on the phone while getting drunk and high watching movies, eventually passing out.
The 4-year-old winds up being the one who has to take care of her 9-month-old brother.  Even figuring out what to fix to eat when they get hungry.

A government agency requires notification of change-of-address from those it serves when said client moves.
Client brings proper documentation down to one of their offices for a face-to-face meeting to inform said agency of their new address.  The employee behind the counter programs the new information into the agency's computer network.
... Three months later, client gets mail from agency---forwarded from his former address.

                          When I was young I was taught there were those who would "kill" my "snakes" for me
                                                   i.e.: the church, i.e.: the schools, i.e.: the government
                                                   But what did you learn, my lord?
                                                   I learned I had to "kill them" myself
                                                               Donald Philip ("Donovan") Leitch

Monday, December 14, 2015

The issue I have with a lot of those who call themselves Christians is that a lot of them are either politicians or upper-middle-class types living a comfortable existence, with "too much money", a lot of good social ties, material amenities galore---from sophisticated gadgets to brand new cars.  And they're usually those with strong ties to their communities, a good reputation, who are accepted by the society they live in.

Jesus Christ himself was the polar opposite: a social outcast who preached what he believed to be the truth, regardless of whether or not it adhered to popular viewpoint or common prejudices.
As a result, Jesus ultimately wound up "criminalized" by the system and was executed by the proper authorities (the ones who are supposed to be the "good guys") upon conviction for "high treason" against the system as well as for "blasphemy" for expressing views contrary to the popular religions and politics of the time.
The purpose of Jesus dying this way is so that He could relate to ALL of humanity as a whole regardless of disposition, iniquities, or frailties on the part of any given individual.  He was "the sacrifice for EVERYBODY".

But so many practicing "Christians" are nothing like the "social nigger" and pariah Jesus was.  They live comfortable lives, are accepted by those around them, and concern themselves with "respectability", "reputation", and the "creature comforts" the world has to offer.
They're, essentially, two-faced "trophy pricks" and "trophy cunts" who suck up to and sell themselves out to the world itself.

Perhaps a "War on Christianity" isn't such a bad thing after all, as most of these "Christians" are such fakes anyway.

                    The above is my Musing For Today

Stockholm Syndrome

One such is living in a "default" society where everything has been rigged: from the places available for you to go, to the choice of products you have to purchase, to the subjects that are taught to you in school, to your choice of various employments, to the places available for you to live--based on your finances, reputation, social standing, etc.

The way everyone is "held captive" by the social climate of wherever they're living and whose only choices in their life is whatever limited options are allowed them by whoever or whatever elements are in charge of their culture.

And the way we all not only adjust and get used to this myopic environment, but also how we grow attached to what is basically a rigged formulaic and despotic system.

"Individual choice" is one in which we decide whether or not we want what is either "behind door #1", "door #2", or "door #3".
"It doesn't look like a Buick."
"That's because it's a BMW, dumbshit.  No, wait a minute... it's a Toyota, actually.  My mistake."

"It doesn't look like a Buick."
"What is a Buick supposed to 'look like'?  These days ALL cars look the same.  You have to look at the insignia on the front if you want to know the make and model."

"Now THAT looks like a Buick!"
"Yeah, but it's a 1961 model.  Back then cars all had their own style and 'look'."

                                                                Adage For Today
      The squeaky wheel may get the oil, but the quiet wheels that perform and function the best eventually get the praises.

Friday, December 4, 2015

           Transportation(?) Service(?)

                                         What's with the bus service lately?
Oh, the buses run regularly enough.  If I miss one another comes by within a half hour, if not sooner.

My beef is:  Any time I ride from one end of town to another the driver frequently parks at a bus stop for a good five minutes before continuing on.
And not just once or twice, but a good half-dozen times within each trip.  Each trip I take, it seems lately.  Every time I take the bus.

I know this is a common practice for when a bus is "ahead of schedule", but I don't remember the buses being so regular with this practice in times past.  For some reason the system now seems to be having problems with their "staying on schedule".

Maybe they should just start the buses running a half-hour late from their terminuses.  That way they can simply "just keep running" steadily all the way.

I get so edgy just "sitting still".  Like I'm "not making progress" or I'm "in suspended animation".
Or maybe it's my personality.  I can be so "impatient with life" sometimes.  Well, quite often, actually...

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                Traveling abroad?  Like hell...

It's my understanding that, come lately, when one enters another country the Customs agents, when they run a check on a prospective visitor, are able to access arrest records, even dating back decades.
And that, often, if one has any past convictions, even for misdemeanor offenses, they stand to be denied entry into said country.

There are stories of people being "turned away" on account of a single conviction of (for example) "shoplifting" or "assault" dating back to the 70s or 80s or ten years ago.

While I understand that Customs officials are also authority figures, and that the purpose of authority is to control people and force the laws of the land down their throats no matter how irrational and illogical some of those laws may be, it still seems a bit too extreme to be this clinically persnickety, especially in such a contemptuous manner.

What's needed is some kind of international legal decree comprising specific clauses which would forbid the use of a person's past criminal offense for minor crimes as an "official reason" for refusing entry into any country, provided there's been at least ten years since the last offense, there have been no felony convictions, and the officials are reasonably convinced there are no signs of potential recidivism on the part of the individual-in-question.

A "conditional pardon", so to say, in which a criminal past is still known to authorities, but in which the consequences of such are suspended on condition the person-in-question does not engage in any illicit, questionable, or unethical behaviors while in the host country.

In my opinion that would make more sense and be more equitable
...but don't expect any changes in either laws or attitudes.
Bigotry and dogma have always been, and still are, the rule.  And the authorities are, essentially, the "protectors of the system" ...whatever it may be at the time.

One question:
When you're out and about and you see the police come cruising by, do you think to yourself  "Oh good!  Society's 'saviors'. So glad to see them. Now I feel so safe, knowing that if there's a problem of any kind I have someone I can trust who I can run to."?

Or do you cringe and get all uptight because you fear that, at any time, you stand to get tripped up if you make even the slightest misstep?

The problem with those who are "in charge": They never take care of things or solve any problems. All they seem to care about is pulling rank and forcing dumb rules down everyone's throat.

                    The above is my Musing For Today