Monday, August 3, 2015

      Should this be my "swan song"?

Should I finally just simply quit posting and let the rest of the blogging and online community "carry on" for me?

After all, I'm only one in---maybe 10 million +?---bloggers.
While I enjoyed expressing myself to the world and putting my quirky viewpoints out there for anyone else to see, I'm at the point now where I'd much rather sit back and let the "other guys" carry on, as they seem to have better resources, more self-confidence, and more backing and support from those around them.  And seem to often do a better job at self-expression than I ever could.

I've haven't made any concrete decisions on this just yet.  Still a "definite maybe" whether or not I post more in the future.
But I sort of am ready to, you know, "hang it up".

                                           ...I don't know                ...I still don't know yet.

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           Caitlyn Jenner's Theme Song

             Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?  by The Barbarians
The hitchhiking robot:

Made it all the way across Canada coast-to-coast
Made it all the way through Germany and The Netherlands

...but once in the United States it didn't even last 3 weeks before being kicked to pieces by vandals.

I just LOVE being an "American".  I'm so proud of my country.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

I have a hard time understanding this need so many people have to be involved in relationships.

You would think that, after spending an entire childhood with one's parents, obliged to "domestic loyalty", one would be eager to attain personal independence, go their own way, and make a life of their own for themselves.

But, apparently, most people still wish to be a "slave" to some select "other".  Or they're so afraid of committing some kind of "cultural heresy" they don't want to step outside any social norms.

Or, maybe, most people don't really know how to think for themselves or have enough imagination to figure out how to live a creative life on their own, so they need others around them all the time to tell them how to live life, how to have fun, or what they should be thinking or feeling.

Most people don't know how to stand alone.
              Pearls to Swine (Revisited)
These modern-day cars with built-in electrical systems are really annoying.  Especially the remote controls used to set the alarm systems which always sound the horn and flash the lights each time they're used.  And the owners always park right under your bedroom window.
People are too lazy to simply press the button on the lock, close the door, and go on in.  And everyone's so paranoid about getting their "precious" car stolen.  It's just a damn car already!

Car remotes, laptops, iPhones...
All these sophisticated devices in the hands of klutzy half-wits who habitually tend to trip over their own shoestrings.
People are constantly dropping their cell phones.  Probably because they trip over their own shadow while texting or yelling into their phones conversing with their hard-of-hearing friends.

"Let's post some more illiterate myopically provincial drivel on Twitter and Facebook!"
Why did the industry ever make sophisticated intricate gadgets available to the "average slob"?
                     Universal Twits
One thing I like about the internet is the level of transparency present online.
If one has any unusual problems or issues you can run across others dealing with the same.
If certain trends, personality types, unreasonable laws, unscrupulous behaviors, incompetence among professionals and authority drive you shit-fuckin' crazy, for example, you can always find certain anonymous parties who share similar attitudes and viewpoints to yours.

But, face-to-face in everyday life, one always finds themselves alone, with most people one runs into being more "part of the problem" rather than a refuge from the "collective stupidity, incompetence and conspiracies".

This is why I frequent such sites as This Crazy Train (, Writog (, Boomer Musings ( and others of their ilk.

They, too, have a thing or two to say about what can best be described as the "universal twits": 
the ill-bred
the overentitled
those with no sense of boundaries
those who take for granted this world belongs to just them and whoever else has "favor" with them
the officious
the militantly paranoid
the chronically "trend obsessed".