Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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        Although, lately, he seems to be getting a little serious.  I do hope he returns to his parody social commentary style.  That's what made his old blogspot site so great.  Hopefully he continues to do more of the same on this site of his.

One thing about living in an urban area.  The number of emergency vehicles that go constantly screaming by.  I mean, like, often every five to ten minutes, and just about half a dozen times an hour on some days.

Seriously!  Where are we living anyway?  Syria?  The Gaza Strip?  Why so frequent?
Do people just keep constantly getting themselves in so much trouble that they need to be continuously monitored and rescued by those-in-charge?  Are most people really such "babies" they can't take care of themselves?

Or are those in authority simply such control freaks they have to keep reminding everyone who's "really in charge"?

Either way living in modern U.S.A. is like living in one big police state.  It really mars one's social and domestic atmosphere to have to constantly hear one loud siren after another, one set followed shortly thereafter by yet another set.  No wonder so many people are chronically depressed.
Returning to the events of November 22 1963 and beyond...

What I best remember about the Kennedy assassination is how everything just shut down, completely, and for about a whole week.  Everything just closed down:  businesses, government offices, schools...society just stopped in its tracks altogether.

There was no school the following week.  And forget about watching television.  All networks cancelled their regular programming that following week as well.  It was all coverage of the tragedy and of Kennedy's funeral---both live and constantly repeated video tape reruns.

One has to understand that back then there was more loyalty to one's country and its system-of-things.  People were more idealistic and believed in the better things about life a lot more than they would in later years.  (We've been way too cynical and jaded for way too long.)  And, of course, collective patriotism was a given as well (as was a general collective belief in God, even if in a generalized sense).

The U.S. took itself very seriously in those days.  In fact even making jokes about either the assassination or about Kennedy himself was considered tantamount to treason.  (Prior to the assassination Kennedy was fair game for everyone from standup comedians to MAD magazine parodies, much like any other politician or celebrity.  So that changed in a heartbeat as well.)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Proof the long ongoing civilian cold war atmosphere of the U.S. is starting to become a full-frontal one.
Go to and type in "knockout popular trend" and see what comes up.

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Should there be sleet or freezing rain on Thanksgiving Day would that make the next day "Black Ice Friday"?  With the reckless "bargain-hunters" sliding around and into one another it could make for a good form of population control.
Today is the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination.

Why was Kennedy cherry-picked for being bumped off considering all the Presidents who followed weren't much better?

Is it just me or was Kennedy's wife, Jackie, actually quite homely in spite of being extraordinarily wealthy, well-groomed, and donned in some of the most expensive garments? (Even as a kid I thought she was somewhat...ugly.)
It's been going on for too long now.  For months on end my phone has been ringing 3 to 5 times a day for no reason.  When my answering machine takes a message there's about 20 seconds of silence.  No voices, no nothing.

I don't know who (or what) is behind this or why they continue doing this.

It cannot be a form of domestic terrorism because terrorists have agendas.  They usually attack those they find threatening or oppressive.

It cannot be extortionism.  Extortionists make demands on those they're extorting as a condition for discontinuing their behaviors.

I would say it's conspiracy though.  Maybe even persecution.

But who's doing this and why?  I'll never know since whomever is responsible seems too pussy-like to identify themselves or state whatever it is they're after.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I am not apologizing for that last post, PRIORITIES.  The things that matter are individuality and quality-of-life amenities like the freedom to choose what kind of social climate you want to live in, what best fits your personal standards and the right to freely speak your mind.

Crusader/Activist charades are little more than a way for the narcissistic to alleviate the guilty conscience they have for their hedonistic lifestyles.
Pink-ribbon bike-a-thons do not cure anyone's cancer.  Only earnest legitimate medical research yields needed results.

In a culture that is primarily interested in financing (and that values more) the likes of live concert arenas, sports stadiums, and gentrified neighborhoods with their upscale restaurants and bars don't expect those-in-charge to be much impressed with protest marches and hand-painted banners carried by hoi polloi idiots obstructing public walkways.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Preventing Crime
Preventing Domestic Abuse
Gay Rights
Eliminating Prejudice
Eradicating Hunger
Preventing Discrimination
Eliminating Homelessness
Eliminating Racism
Fixing the Economy
Establishing World Peace
Addressing Sexism
Fair Housing
Eliminating Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Curing Cancer
Curing AIDS
Curing Mental Illness
Addressing Environmental Issues and Pollution Problems
Preventing Terrorism

...all red herrings intended to divert our attention from the TRULY important things:
Freedom of Individuality
Freedom of Self-expression
Freedom of Movement
Freedom of Thought
Freedom of Choice

Without those five anything else is kind of useless and fruitless.
                                                    Adage     For    Today

Being older doesn't mean you're wiser or more knowledgeable.   All it indicates is that you've been allowed to "go on living" just a little bit longer.
One day a grasshopper approached a centipede strolling along casually and asked him "Tell me, how do you manage to coordinate all those legs of yours so well so as to be able to move along so smoothly?"
The centipede dwelled on that question for a while, but had to move on to take care of his daily business.  However, when he attempted to continue on he found himself paralyzed, unable to walk even another inch.

Self-consciousness can be debilitating.  Some things need to remain the domain of the instinctual if they are to function unimpeded and properly.
Being "too aware" of anything can be just as debilitating as well.

Am I too "aware" and self-conscious?  I'm sure of it.
My blogsite's general theme seems to be how resentful I am of having to always "walk on eggshells" while most others around me are free to "throw stones" as often as they want.

I'll notice things that are ironic.  Like the germaphobic health nut who has to clean and sanitize anything before they use it, only consumes organicaly grown (or produced) food and drink and only uses "natural" household products.  But yet they smoke, drink, use certain illegal drugs. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

To know you is to owe you

When you're an individual of low status you have to watch everything you do or say.
If you allow yourself to become too uninhibited you stand to be accused of being "offensive" or possibly even accused of some sex crime.
If you get upset and lose your composure, raise your voice any, or throw temper tantrums, you're "being threatening" or "dangerous".

You live as a social debtor and eternal servant.  You have no friends.  Everyone's either your "boss" or some kind of "creditor" reminding you of what you "owe" everyone.

Most people are Alpha personality types---the kind who are smug, overconfident, and always-in-command of things.
People who are "always right" and are know-all/can-do-all.

Just living in this world is what would be to someone else the equivalent of living with one's boss 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.
Sometimes I feel society's little more than just one big intern camp and that I'm merely one of its prisoners.

I, myself, could never be able to actually love anyone.  Although I may still be aroused by one I find physically attractive.  But all that is is lust---no more than a desire or wish to merely use someone temporarily to satisfy a primary hedonistic longing.  Not worth much in the long-term.  Even my own desires become useless to me.

Daylight Savings Time Ends

                                      ...Hopefully Permanently

This Sunday we set the clocks back one hour.
"That means everyone gets an extra hour of sleep".

Bullshit! What it means is that those who come by early Sunday mornings to pick up friends and relatives for church will simply come around an hour later to sit in the driveway and hammer on their horn repeatedly.

It means the weekend revelers spent an extra hour Saturday night "partying" to take advantage of their "bonus hour".

So who's getting this "extra hour of sleep"?
Not me!