Friday, October 13, 2017

           Babysitting the babysitters (revisited)
Let's say you need a plumber.   The pipes under your sink are leaking and there's a ton of water on bathroom floor.

So you call up a plumber you know to be a competent worker---very skilled and knowledgeable in his trade.

However, this guy has an issue with punctuality.  He can't be relied on to show up when he promised to.  And often he doesn't show up at all when scheduled.  Later he may apologize and tell you "a family issue came up suddenly" and that he had to take care of it right then and there.
And, unfortunately, this seems to be a regular pattern of his.

Hence, you're stuck with the formidable task of having to badger someone you're dependent upon, in a somewhat parental manner.   In short, having to assume authority over someone who's suppose to have an authority over you.

Much like a landlord who fails to make repairs or maintain the residential building.
Or your supervisor at work who fails to mention you've been given an extra assignment that particular day ...then, when you come in the next day, you find yourself being penalized for "negligence" and "insubordination".  
It's like you have to "boss the boss around" to get them into action.
These sort of situations are among the worst kind of precarious ones to be in.  Because you don't wish to risk offending someone who's "over you".  Yet, if you DON'T say or do anything certain problems stand to never get solved. 

Song Analysis: Somebody's Been Sleeping

What is there to say about this R&B/pop hit by 100 Proof Aged In Soul from the fall of 1970?
Essentially a "Goldilocks and the Beanstalk" meets "Jack and the Three Bears" take on an adult theme (infidelity), using an improvisation of  two children's fairy tales as metaphors.

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Paul Simon turns 76 today
...and David Lee Roth turned 63 on Tuesday (the 10th)

...and a few CeleDeaths of late to mention as well ...

Walter Becker of Steely Dan
...and Tom Petty as well, leaving a number of "Heartbroken" fans in the wake of his passing
...and Jimmy Beaumont of The Skyliners

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Oh, but to live in Singapore ....

A clean, orderly, well-mannered country.
No filthy phlegm-infested sidewalks to greet you every time you step outside.
No "gang rule" social climate.
Strict health and safety regulations (actually enforced)
Strict zoning laws that ensure an immaculate and aesthetically-appealing cultural environment.
Laws which apply equally to everyone.

Should I be singing the praises of a draconian-ruled country that strenuously resorts to some of the most artificial and contrived methods of social engineering to ensure an unconditional utopia of civility and safety?

Look at it this way:  Their leaders take one look at countries where people are allowed to be their natural selves, without constraints on their emotions or general behaviors---like, say, Haiti, India, or the Middle East.  Or they take a look at the western nations and their brand of uneven law enforcement, where certain offenses garner undue attention while other (sometimes more serious ) ones get ignored, alongside their obsessions with "civil liberties" and privilege.  And at what overall shitholes and "bastions of anarchy and incivility" these countries all are as a result of their political/legal/social climates.
And, afterwards, probably say to themselves "We do NOT wish to live like that!".

Yes, I do realize, as a quintessential western-bred ingrate, that I'm sure I stand a good chance at getting caned a few times or so before I finally "get with it" should I ever decide to move there to reside (highly unlikely anyway).

It's just that I get burned out at the inadequate and uneven excuse for "law enforcement" here in the U.S..
The only laws that seem to matter here are (for the most part) property laws, revenue laws, and those that cater to puritan-like obsessions with any kind of improprieties (abusive language, sexual misconduct, offensive behaviors and speech, and the like).

U.S. officials practically sit back and allow the gangs, drug dealers, identity thieves, scam artists, and various roughneck types to take over and control society.  While expending all kinds of efforts and resources to go after various outliers, misfits, and oddballs---most of whose worst offenses involve offending the sensibilities of upper echelon types.
                                             Musing For Today
I have an elevator in my apartment building that sounds like a microwave oven every time anyone presses the "call" button.
And it's located next to my unit and gets so much use it often sounds like a "microwave oven convention on steroids" convening in the hallway just outside my door.

And, of course, there are all those iPhones and Smartphones abounding in the hands of practically everyone around me every time I go out in public.
Just about every place I go sounds like an office environment or a busy airport or bus/train station, with all the beeps, blips, and electronic "musical serenades" emitting from all these gadgets constantly.

One would think that, by now, the industry would have finally figured out how to design and produce a high-tech gadget capable of functioning silently, without having to make such a racket and disturbing the peace.

Song Analysis: (If You Let Me Make Love To You Then) Why Can't I Touch You?

I remember the off comments radio disc jockeys would make when playing this 1970 hit by Ronnie Dyson:  "How can you make love to someone without touching them?".

It depends on what's meant by "make love".  Does it refer to actually getting laid or engaging in foreplay?  Or is it simply a term used to describe the relationship of "being boyfriend and girlfriend" itself?

And does "touch" mean physical contact?  Or are they having intimate physical contact, but at the same time not divulging anything personal?  And the request to "touch" actually means opening up more, to share more of each others' secrets?

Generally speaking, everybody tends to have their own brand of "legalese", hence interpersonal communication doesn't always run so smooth as a result.

Monday, September 18, 2017

"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time is the definition of 'insanity'"
Actually, that adage is far from accurate.
For example, when job hunting ...if, on the first two or three attempts at finding employment you don't get hired, or the business doesn't even call you up for an interview, do you just "hang it up" and figure "Obviously I wasn't meant to work and make a living, or have any money"?  Or do you persevere and keep trying other places?

If you're in a country that embraces freedom-of-speech, where you're free to criticize or comment on anybody or anything---even it's government
...and, afterwards, visit another country, but this other one is a harsh dictatorship, but you still freely criticize IT'S institutions and government, do you get the same results from repeating the same actions?

Don't you think it's a matter of environment, and the character and demeanor of the others around you, that actually determine what you may or may not do?

Actually, "insanity" is not recognizing nuances and idiosyncrasies, and---maybe---also being guilty of lack-of-discretion.

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Walking by a small business, one notices the sign in the parking lot:

                                 CUSTOMER PARKING ONLY
                         ALL OTHER VEHICKLES WILL BE TOLD AWAY

Do they have a security staff who, upon noticing a vehicle parked in their lot whose owner is not a store patron, start chanting "Away!  Away!  Away!" at it?

                             I can see that .....
Security:  Away!!!  Away!!! Away!!!  Go away!!!
Passerby: What are you guys doing?
Security:  The owner of this car is not doing business with our restaurant, yet they still parked in OUR lot.
So, we're "telling their car 'Away!'".
                                           Musing For Today
There's nothing actually morally wrong with being antisocial.

Society is corrupt and bigoted as a rule---full of all kinds of duplicity, illusory and sophism.

Who should ever seriously be so cordial towards such an institution so full-of-shit?

Monday, August 28, 2017

R.I.P. Jerry Lewis

I'm guessing the late Jerry Lewis was plenty pissed with that Jerry Sandusky fellow.
Namely because, for decades, the term "Jerry's kids" was synonymous with Lewis' annual televised Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy marathon.  But after the revelations of the Sandusky fiasco the sick jokes came out of the woodwork.

One question:  Why did it take so long for everyone to "figure out" what that Sandusky guy was up to?

Oh-h-h, yeah!! ...Of course!! ....
Jerry Sandusky was a "respectable" "upstanding" upper-middle-class professional type.  "Credible" and "respectable".  Not the type who is "supposed to" engage in such lasciviousness, especially habitually.
Naturally they had to "reclassify" him, "demote" him to the lowest social-status category possible.
Society's all about profiling and pigeonholing you know ......
Society is ...
people with peculiar quirks who make fun of you for being "weird"

Society is ...
contemptuous and condescending assholes who condemn you for your "lack of empathy" or for your "lack of consideration for others"

Society is ...
hysteria-ridden individuals who shun you on account of your "mental illness"
  Two things to know about the rules and the laws ...

A) You really have to "walk on eggs" at all times whatever you say or whatever you do, as you're always subject to arrest anytime---or at least eviction or banishment ...for you're constantly under penalty of law

B)  Others around you are allowed to pretty much do as they like and go anywhere they please, as somehow they're not under the same martial laws you are

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

                           Adage #3 For Today
Those who make the rules and write the laws are those who will, for example, make it an offense to "disturb the peace by making sudden unexpected loud noises"
...then proceed to start sticking someone repeatedly with a sharp object.
                                           Adage #2 For Today
What I hate most about the world is the way it's run by and for bigots, tyrants, tricksters, hypocrites, and the eternally clueless
                           Adage #1 For Today
                There's only one way anyone should ever have  a problem.
                                  And that way is "Solved!".

Thursday, August 10, 2017

 Let's hope the eclipse doesn't eclipse the world's better judgment
August 21st promises to be a(nother) "world event"---a "once-in-a-lifetime experience".  A total solar eclipse transpiring in a good 1/3 of the U.S..

It shows how cosmically provincial humanity is, even to this day.  Everything is so earthcentric.  That's why two to five minutes of darkness in either mid-morning or mid-day is such a cause for celebration.

Some are even attributing metaphysical elements to this event, like it's somehow "ushering in a new age for mankind".

Certainly the Gods are responsible for this act.  It stands to reason that the ones who/that created everything, likewise, are the ones who/that established all cosmic patterns of the universe, including the patterns of our own solar system.

But this pattern and all other patterns have been preset hundreds of millions of years ago.   It's part of an overall pattern of which our solar system's is but integral.

My only actual concern about this event is the "tourist attraction" aspect.   That could be a disaster in the making.
       Contempt for Construction Obstruction
As I've said before, one thing I detest about all this excessive construction all around me is the way they have to tear up every place all at once, the way I have to go a dozen blocks to the left, 4 more to the right, then a dozen to the right---just to walk somewhere a few blocks up.
Then, once one figures out a good detour these assholes start tearing up THOSE streets and sidewalks, practically fencing me in so I can't go anywhere.

That's what I hate about American society.  Once one figures out a good compromise the system has to block that path as well.  It's like any portals you discover they have to destroy as soon as possible.  Society just doesn't want its citizens to have the right to just simply live.

The biggest mistake one can make is assuming everything their society builds and creates is for their use and benefit.   But, just as women dress up and doll themselves up NOT to "attract men" but for each other to "see who can look the most polished", likewise societies are trying to see which ones can have the most advanced technology, or have the most sophisticated highway system, or have the leading edge in medical research, or have the world's best public transportation system, or the most sophisticated and functional international airports, and the like.

Their civilian population are but incidental beneficiaries of such egotistic endeavors.

Song Analysis: Do What You Do Do Well

This 1965 country crossover hit by Ned Miller about an affectionate and philosophical father imparts some essential advice that can pertain to just about anyone:

That whatever it is you find you have a strong aptitude or penchant for you should make strong efforts to enhance and exemplify that aspect of yourself.

Even if you don't have what it takes to be a scientist, historian, or medical researcher, it doesn't matter.
If you have a penchant for making designs, or for drawing, or writing, focus on those attributes and try to be the best you can be at those.  That'll be your merit in life.

On a separate note ....
A CeleDeath:  Glen Campbell, one of the best vehicles for a few of songwriter Jimmy Webb's best songs, died Tuesday.
And HE leaves behind quite a legacy, as do many other recording acts who've passed away within the last few years.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

                                            Unbridled Synergism
Richard J. Daley, Chicago's illustrious 5 1/3-term mega-mayor, might have been among the most corrupt politicians, with his mob ties and the use of "dirty money" to fund a lot of his agendas, but he was also known for being quite resolute in his convictions and also quite meticulous in the way he often carried out those agendas of his.

Take, for example, his commitment to the city's park and recreation systems.
During the infamous 1968 Democratic National Convention protest riots at Lincoln Park and Grant Park he would put the orders out to his minions in the maintenance division of the Parks and Recreation Department to thoroughly clean up and restore the parks back to a level of cleanliness and manicured perfectionism each night after all the participants, protesters, media and police departed the premises.

And thorough the maintenance crews were.  Every piece of litter, down to each and every candy wrapper and cigarette butt, picked up.  And the grounds completely scrubbed down.   All within mere hours.
Anyone who visited either park the very next day would never guess the day before there were violent demonstrations and police confrontations if they hadn't already heard about it on the news or read about it in the papers.  That's how good a job Daley's administration performed.

No matter how anyone feels about Richard J Daley, no matter how much of a bastard one thinks he was, one has to admit this level of synergy is the stuff of the most idealistic of dreams in terms of organization and functionality.  Very rarely does one find this kind of cooperation, even within organizations, institutions, or workplaces (NASA's Apollo program being among the exceptions, naturally).
                     Ohio Suicide Fare State Fair
These days nothing seems to work or function properly ...
*Air bags in vehicles that shoot out sharp metal fragments when inflated
*Shoes that wear out completely after 6 months of use
*Constant recalls on vehicles and consumer products
*Improperly installed underground cable wire and gas pipes
*Shoddy repair jobs
*Incompetent public servants and a system that doesn't work
*Commercial and public transportation that's inadequate and falls short of serving the needs of passengers
*Poor craftsmanship, bad design, and second-rate materials used to build consumer products
*Public utility companies that overcharge and provide poor service

And it's only been getting worse and worse every time one turns around.
One can add amusement rides to the ever-expanding list now.
What happened at the Ohio State Fair a week ago is a prime example.  An exotic ride literally falls apart at the seams during mid-operation.  Like it was made of LEGOs, Lincoln Logs, or Tinker Toys.

It is called the Fire Ball.  It is one wild ride.  In fact a bit feral.
And, true to it's namesake, this ride is sparking some hot debate about safety procedures, regulations and standards.

To me it's a case of "style over substance" or, as Ralph Nader used to say about the automotive industry, "style over safety".

It's another violation of what one might refer to as "the trust element".
When one buys a food item they expect to not get poisoned.
When one plugs in an appliance one expects to not get electrocuted or set their residence on fire.
When one uses a shampoo or hand soap one expects to not suffer chemical burns.
When one uses a household cleaning product one expects to not find themselves overwhelmed by toxic fumes.

When one goes on an amusement ride one expects to not suddenly get their ass thrown out into the air 20 feet above ground to fall straight down onto hard pavement.

Having a trust element in such a corrupt society such as ours is a bit of a tall order though.

Song Analysis: The Entertainer

This 1965 hit by Tony Clarke concerns a stage actor who recently broke up with his girlfriend and is now so depressed and downcast he feels he "can't go on".

But he's reminded that once one makes a commitment to others, that when others are counting on him, he can't back down on that promise.

A true professional understands that once one assumes a position of either authority or servitude one can't allow their personal issues to interfere with carrying out their prior commitments.

Even in everyday life there are expectations placed on the individual, and one can't just "stop whatever it is they're doing" every time something "comes up" in their life.

Friday, July 28, 2017

                             Library Etiquette (revisited)
Boundaries---the concept of putting the right thing in the right place at the right time.

It's about a wildlife refugee park putting physical barriers between the giraffes, zebras, wildebeest and the lions, tigers, crocodiles.

But human society eschews this kind of wisdom.
It goes by the inane mantra of "We must learn to get along with one another".  Which is shorthand for "No matter how much the other guy annoys you, harasses you, gets in your way or messes with you, don't ever respond, react, or say anything harsh to them---not even defensively.  Just suffer in silence and endure it all.  Be a 'respectful' little trooper".

Should you do otherwise, and that other person "takes offense" at whatever you do or say, you're done for.  Finished!!!
In this society it's a criminal act to do or say anything to "offend" another.   Whenever another person finds anything you do or say "offensive" they automatically acquire the authority of a Federal Marshal and have full license to penalize or destroy you as they see fit.
And the proper authorities are obliged to unconditionally take sides with them.   Especially if there are two or more of them and only one of you.

I'm at the library reading an interesting blog post.  Or trying to anyway.
And two clueless domineering twits, both grown men in their 30s who are apparently "the new owners of this property and everything's going to be done their way from here on in", are having a loud conversation while standing right behind me.   And it goes on and on and on and on unceasingly.  And I wait, hoping they'll head on out real soon.   But, more than an hour later, they're still at it (not once do either one of them finally lose their breath and pass out).

And I don't dare turn around and ask them  "Uhhhh ....Hey, uhhhh....There's a STARBUCKS a few blocks down the street if you two MUST insist on having a long-winded dialogue.  This is the library and some of us are trying to read.  It's not really the appropriate place for your type of behavior".

God knows, they're liable to go ballistic on me, tell me "Go fuck yourself!", attracting the attention of one of those useless lame-headed library staff members.

The dumbass staff member, then, will ask "What's the problem here?" in the usual whiney yuppie fashion, to which those two are most likely to ramble off hysterically and histrionically all sorts of hyperbole defamatory character-assassinations and malicious allegations about me.

The staff member, himself/herself an authority figure, would probably render a harsh extortive reprimand for my "disruptive" and "harassive" behavior.
Or, even worse, ask me to leave or even have me permanently banished form the library itself.

But that's the problem with being out anywhere in public anyway.   That most people aren't exactly the most gracious and well-bred specimens to run across.

 The "online shopping" coup d'etat continues ...
Have you ...
*Eaten out at a nice restaurant lately?
*Enjoyed a day at a posh shopping center---watching a movie, then afterwards grabbing a bite at one of the eateries on the premises, or having ice cream before heading into one of the bookstores or clothing shops?

Hopefully you're savoring these sensuous experiences as they're soon to become an anachronism as the popularity of online shopping continues to take over and envelop the whole shopping experience.

Which, for most of you, is no problem as you already do just about everything on/with your smartphone outside of eating, drinking, pissing, shitting, bathing, grooming and sleeping.
And you're most likely already ordering crap online to boot.

So this transition will not hurt you in any way.
However, there are those of us who do not have a smartphone and, in fact, cannot afford one ...nor the services and extras required to activate the functions and operations of one.

And, even if we did own a smartphone, we still wouldn't be comfortable with putting our account numbers online with the chronic breach of security issues so prevalent and seemingly insoluble.

And for people like us it's imperative the traditional physical stores, businesses, offices and shopping areas remain intact and continue as coexisting with the newfangled methods of commerce and material acquisitions.

Another factor:  When ordering either online, by phone, or by mail, one's burdened with having to be present upon delivery of said item, whether due to living in a secure residential building where residents and management need a key to the building just to even enter, or (in the case of those who live in houses) to prevent delivered items from being stolen from the porch or front walk by devious passer-bys.
And major companies and providers---like UPS, FedEx, the cable/satellite providers, the phone company---are not exactly known for their transparency or punctuality, or even for being able to establish any kind of timeline for making their deliveries.

Yet another factor:  Once online (and cashless) become bonafide "in vogue" there'll probably be a "minimum purchase" clause, wherein one cannot simply purchase a couple choice wanted/needed items.  They'll be forced to have to make a minimum $50 purchase per order.  Every transaction will be that of a "volume" nature.
They've already been doing this sort of thing in the REAL stores.  Selling "packages of 10" when you only need one or two of said items, but individual ones are no longer available for sale like in decades past.  Smaller items come in boxes of 50, or bags of 100, and the like.

In other words---online shopping is but a further erosion of our freedom-of-choice.
                                         Service (?) Industries
When did the ATM machines at CHASE do away with the option of handing out receipts with each cash withdrawal?

Not that I don't already calculate on paper how much I'll have in my account after each withdrawal beforehand.  I withdraw $100 each time, so it's a simple mater of basic grade-school arithmetic to keep track of my finances.
But having that receipt afterwards to confirm and coincide with my calculations would be reassuring just the same.

It also means the onus is completely on me to guess blindly where I stand with my checking account.  Anything conspiring or insidious going on behind my back can wind up being missed until it's too late.

I'll never understand modern-day services.  Why is it the customer, client, or patient has to do all the work themselves?  What qualifications do WE have?
Imagine taking a cab or catching a bus, and the driver has you, the passenger, take the wheel for them while they take a seat and relax and rest for the ride?
Doesn't make sense, does it?

               Update:  The ATMs are working normally once again.  Whatever the deal was I hope it's done and over with.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

You're in a hurry.
You gotta make it in time for that special date.
While checking for messages on your SmartPhone you strike a pedestrian in the crosswalk.
But you can't stop now!
So you keep on going, figuring there are enough folks around someone else'll tend  to that pedestrian.
...but some wise-ass "crusader" has to record your license plate and post it online.
So now you're sitting in a jail cell, looking at a 5-year license suspension.
OF COURSE your insurance company sees fit to raise your rates---AGAIN!!!!
Plus they're now even threatening to drop you altogether.
So much for "customer loyalty" and "standing behind you".

At Entitlement Mutual we have a special Hit-and-Run Forgiveness policy just for those occasions when "life just doesn't come together quite right".
                                               Adage For Today
               The problem with the world is too many Bosses and not enough Servants and Companions
"My residential unit is my home, my dwelling place
...NOT 'a refuge for wayward insects who made a wrong turn and lost their way'."

...Says I ...
     ...and a can of RAID flying insect spray.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Song Analysis: Sitting

You know, analyzing a song someone else came up with is tantamount to being a graffiti artist.
One approaches a finished structure and adds their own elements to it.

An architect designs an adobe-style building made of stone, and you come along, deciding that what this plain-looking structure needs to liven it up is a mural of a forest during sunset---or a kaleidoscope of psychedelic colors.
Then, when those who designed and built this structure express outrage at the way someone "desecrated" their creation, you "can't understand why they don't appreciate your attempts at enhancing their otherwise bland-looking building".  You just don't get that the way the building looks on its own is what those who created and brought it into being wanted, and nothing else.

Analyzing someone else's song is a bit like that.
Like ...Who am I to try to interpret the meaning behind another person's statements?

But I'll make that attempt at this top-20 hit by singer/songwriter Steven "Cat Stevens" Georgiou ....
The way I figure it, it's an anthem of a young man who still hasn't figured out what he wants in life and lacks a sense of direction.
He has this great fear he'll lapse into a permanent state of social and intellectual atrophy if he isn't able to find a niche and a sense of purpose he can ground himself with.
In the final verse he also holds the world-at-large partially responsible for his dilemma by condemning the way it often puts up obstructions and obstacles which often hamper one's attempts at self-improvement.
                         What is the one common element these two songs have?
                                      (Besides both being R&B/pop hits?)

Say Man
Bo Diddley (1959)

Otis (Redding) & Carla (Thomas) (1967)


Steven "Cat Stevens" Georgiou turns 70 on July 21st

Bill Cosby, born July 12 1938, had a top-10 hit in 1967 with Little Ole Man, a novelty song based on a 1966 Stevie Wonder hit.
For all his accomplishments he'll now be best remembered for taking indecent liberties with various women.

Micheal P. "Mick" Jagger turns 74 on July 26th

Vikki Carr turns 76 on July 19th

Kim Carnes turns 72 on July 20th

                              Another site to check out:

Friday, July 7, 2017

                                 Invent-A-Law (revisited)
What is an "Invent-A-Law"?
It's a law written around favoritism, popular prejudices and dogmas, with revenue motives in mind, or with an attitude of "power-and-control" obsessiveness.

Sensible laws focus on the practical:  being against stealing, aggressive assault, vandalism, murder, making threats, and the like.
"Invent-A-Laws" are those that make criminal offenses out of either petty offenses or incidents better left to being resolved by diplomacy or brief penalties.

The U.S. is a country more concerned with creating "criminals" than with solving problems or with just simply punishing those obviously guilty of wrongdoings.

It's a country not capable of taking care of itself or of solving its own issues.
And when one cannot take proper care of themselves, or are beset by problems that are eternally Sisyphean by nature, one gets extremely frustrated, looking to lash out at any convenient target.

By "criminalizing" certain individuals society can then transform said individuals into ready-made "punching bags" and "whipping boys" and simply put the blame for all other sins onto those individuals, make THEM "pay for" all the other hardships its "system" has to endure.

That, essentially, is what our legal system is all about.  The concept our lawmakers cater to.


Happy 77th to Richard "Ringo Starr" Starkey

...and Hugh "Huey Lewis" Cregg III turned 67 on Wednesday (the 5th)
                                                 Adage For Today
The U.S. ...a country where one can get arrested for Trespassing because they cut across private property trying to flee a group of muggers

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

...and when the extraterrestrial being invited all those present to enter his spaceship and join him in his journey, the general stayed behind, asking "What's in it for me?"
The extraterrestrial answered "A brand new world, if you can handle it".
The general then asked "Are you friend or foe?"
The extraterrestrial answered "Neither".

And therein lies the problem with the militant-minded.  The paranoiac xenophobia of ultra-partisanship.
The narratives of "You're either for us or against us", "You're not one of us.  Therefore you're obviously an intruder", "If you're on the side of the righteous then you'll have to be in agreement with our way of thinking and doing".

The idea that anyone who's not like them automatically constitutes a threat of some kind.  And that the threat has to be met with a show of counter-force.

There's no concept of impartiality or disinterestedness---the notion of one independent-minded and living by their own perceptions and analysis of all things around them.
It's always "Our way is the only way" and anything that deviates from it is somehow defective or immoral, as is anyone who does the same.

The classic "Us verses Them", no in-between or middle ground.

Song Analysis: Baker Street

I'm sure this 1978 top ten hit by former Stealers Wheel Gerry Rafferty can be spun a number of ways when it comes to interpreting its lyrics.

My take on it is that it's, essentially, an anthem of the eternal disappointment one experiences when life lets them down, when it doesn't live up to its promises
And also how one disappoints themselves as well when they can't seem to live up to THEIR promises and potential either.

And how distraught one becomes when the obstacles and interferences in life overtake situations and circumstances, and wind up winning over everything else.
How some people finally end up having to resign themselves to a second-rate existence and settling for less.
  Paperback Writer and The Great Airplane Strike
What do these two songs have in common?  Besides being from the year 1966?

Basically, the way they're both performed in such a nonchalant straightforward manner while sporting some of the most absurd and hyperbole lyrics in the history of popular music.

Paul McCartney sings, with a straight face, "It's a thousand pages, give or take a few, I'll be writing more in a week or two".  He's referring to a paperback novel he's working on.

Mark Lindsay sings, with a straight face, about "reserving wing space" on a fly-by-night airline while trying to travel during a major airline strike.  And about taking up temporary residence in an airport restroom.

Friday, June 23, 2017

                                                    Adage For Today
The ideal society is one that's conservative enough to be orderly and disciplined while liberal enough to be flexible and open-minded.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

                                            Musing For Today
Why is it
...I can find so many intelligent and insightful writers on the internet?
...yet everyone I come into contact with face-to-face are all such closed-minded half-wits?

These folks are mostly the usual variety of current-day humanity:
*ill-mannered, undisciplined, uneducated "trailer-park" inbreds and inner-city "ratchet kings" and "ratchet queens"
*upper-status snobs and "trophy bitches" who behave condescendingly, routinely violate traffic laws driving pricey cars, and eschew anything resembling natural emotions and feelings
*gestapo style authority figures
*rowdy alpha "party animals"
*timid paranoid scaredy-cats
*officious "stasi"-minded citizens
*eternally rambling "motor-mouths" who can never figure out how and when to STFU
...and numerous other manners of clones, drones, gnomes and gremlins one routinely has to deal with when out in public.
When I was growing up I was ruled over by two people---one grown male and one grown female.
They called themselves my "parents".

They knew all things.  They were my whole world.
And they had a duty to "protect me from 'danger', exposure to 'bad influences' and all manners of 'indecency'" ...which, apparently, was shorthand for "whatever we approve of is okay to expose you to, but if we don't like something it's also off-limits to you as well".

Years later, when I was finally ready to tell those two "adios" and strike out on my own, I figured I could finally "live the way I want".

I couldn't have been more wrong.
Instead, I found society had already assigned others to take my parents' place and pick up where they left off:
*The government
*The police
*The bosses
*The professional class
*The business owners
*The aggressive Alpha personalities
*The upper echelon status individuals

Song Analysis: In The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence

An interesting and intriguing song by Procol Harum.  Apparently taking place during medieval times, as is indicated by the references to knights, swords, and armor.

On a deeper level, the ever-metaphorical lyrics seem to address the dilemmas of self-doubt and self-esteem issues as well as trying to keep one's head above water and continue on in light of experiencing extreme humiliation---those disenchanting occasions when one's forced to face the fact that one's "not as smart or clever as they think they are", that one's "not as strong and resilient as they thought", that one's "not as confident as they assumed themselves to be".

"...But 'grief' can't be the reason.
We are men of sturdy stuff.
Though our swords be old and rusty
They're still blunt and sharp enough"

The song seems to address an inner distress connected with aging, or of situations in which one finds themselves in precarious positions.
Having to deal with the notion of no longer being fully in control of your own life, while still trying to convince yourself otherwise.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


John Fogerty
Turned 72 on May 28th
Paul McCartney
Turns 75 on June 18th 
Carly Simon
Turns 72 on June 25th
Brian Wilson
Turns 75 on June 20th

Song Analysis: A Little You

Not exactly one of the biggest hits for Freddie and the Dreamers---this one didn't even make the top-40 of the national U.S. charts.

It's from late 1965, and by this time leader (and lead singer) Fred Garrity had long since quit "doing the Freddie" and started taking his group in a more conventional direction.

                                      "There's a little 'true' in all the lies you tell.
                                       A little 'good' in all the bad you do ...
                                      Instead of running away, listen to what I say,
                                      All I want is just a little you ..."

People are always so worried about how the other person will judge them should that other person ever find out about some "dark side" or character flaw they may have.  So afraid of rejection, they put up false fronts.

The main character in the song is telling his lover it's okay to simply be her true self, that he's okay with whatever quirks she may have, no matter how profound.  That he's ready to accept her the way she really is.
This is a song about someone making a desperate attempt to reassure another it's safe to just go ahead and "loosen up", that they're open-minded enough to not be taken aback by any idiosyncratic character glitches.
                Who's REALLY "In Charge"? (revisited)
The police, the authorities, and the government can seem very intimidating to a lot of people.
However, let it be known that they're but underlings themselves.
More specifically, the hatchet men for and spokespersons of the favored and privileged of society.

They "protect and serve" the normal "well-adjusted" of their communities---the ones who actually live the "collective narrative" of the race, gender, and social class stereotypes. The ones who think the "right way", whose very existence is one of "commitment to community" and of all manners of obsessive socializing---where it's essential to "have friends and a lover".
The ones who wear the "right style" of clothes, drive the same cars, who buy into the collective consensus regarding beliefs, dogmas, social prejudices, paranoia, and lifestyles.

To the favored of society the police and authorities are their "heroes", their courageous "first responders", always ready and "at their disposal".

And the police and authorities are, themselves, just as sycophantic towards these favored as these favored are towards them.
In fact, the police in particular make it a high priority to always "stay in good with" the favored.  Which makes sense as the best way to ensure continued support and acceptance from one's society is to side with whoever the winners of society are.
Those-in-charge would hardly have anything to gain by gravitating toward the reclusive loners, or the oddballs and freaks, or the outcasts.   Those are the losers of society, its eternal rejects.  Society's "no counts".  The ones who "don't matter".  The ones who exist to incur society's wrath, the ones accused and mistrusted, "in the way", unwanted and offensive.

In fact, one of the main functions of the police and the courts is to keep such misfits "in their place"---to prevent them from attempting to assimilate themselves into the society or community, to never allow such types to be a part of anything.  To keep them eternally "removed".

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The "Climate Change"/"Global Warming" dilemma

As is usually the case with most subjects, there, likewise, seems to be only two antithetical viewpoints allowed when it comes to the controversy surrounding "climate change".  In this case, either one believes it is real and is caused by man-made pollution and the toxic byproducts of such---or one thinks it is a propaganda hoax, and that the concerns are blown out of proportion, and that the earth is simply "going through another one of its 'natural cycles'".

As with most subject matters there seems to be no room for a third view, or for any others beyond.
Frankly, my personal view is that, taking the concept of "cause and effect" into consideration, it's most likely a combination of those factors, and probably even more.

What if, let's say, the main cause of global warming might be something happening within the earth itself?  Maybe a massive build-up of magma within the deep core of the planet itself, eventually bubbling up to the point of producing a humongous global eruption?

However, assembling a group of nonpartisan open-minded scientists who would be willing to conduct a thorough investigation into this matter without being hampered by politics, special interests, and "obligation to" cater to popular dogmas first and foremost, seems quite improbable at present.
Not altogether impossible----just highly unlikely.
            Reasons why The Law Is An Ass (revisited)
I've said it before and I'll say it again ....
The reason "the law is an ass" is simply because, once written and enacted, the law becomes "set in stone".  It becomes a separate entity in its own right, with "a mind of its own".

And, with "a mind of its own", the law only exists to serve itself.  It's stipulations and clinical definitions are its only concerns, its only reason for existing.   That's why laws are so inflexible, unable to accommodate individual circumstances and unusual situations.
Laws only exist for their own sake once enacted and "set in stone".
                  The "Siberian Express" Strikes Again
It's that time of year again.  When the warm weather is once again upon us to stay for awhile.  Even getting hot here and there to boot.

Which also means it's "air conditioning" season as well.
And, as we all well know, the air conditioning units in most commercial and public establishments have only two settings:  OFF and BARROW ALASKA IN MID-JANUARY.

You would think that, being the 21st century, they would have developed better units by now, capable of having more versatile temperature settings, but apparently industries are more focused on advancing digital high-tech gadgets than they are further developing the more ordinary day-to-day basic amenities. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

   Dear Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA):
There's a state law forbidding passengers to play or use audio devices onboard city buses except with headphones or earphones.

Yet lately every time I ride your buses I find myself constantly bombarded by full-volume loudspeaker ads and public-service messages.
Everything from "radio commercials" advertising various online colleges, or online websites that specialize in "booking your next hotel room when on your next vacation", or for ordering specialty t-shirts online, or job offers from DHL shipping services the usual public-service fare ("see something, say something").

In short, I'm of the notion that, since you demand that us passengers use headphones when playing our audio devices, it's only fair that your public transit system does the same as well.
It's not fair when I'm riding one of your transit vehicles and it's one of those occasions where I'm lucky enough to not have any loud cell phone yakkers shouting away into their phones and am able to have my own thoughts in peace and quiet for a change, only to have your idiotic ads and messages blare out and interrupt my train of thought in progress.

                  Hey COTA:  Headphones required when using audio devices!
                                                    Adage For Today
                    A topical song is simply a poetic newspaper column set to melody, chords and rhythm

Song Analysis: The Thing

Most people may consider this 1950 novelty hit by Phil Harris as little more than simply "just another nonsense song", easily dismissed as only being "only for laughs".

And, while it may seem absurd to wax poetic a rather giddy "goofball" type number like this, there is a kind of underlying truth to the lyrics, even as cornball as they are.

Namely, the notion that we've all, at some point in time, made a bad decision or followed through on some act or spoken some words that ended up provoking such a strong reaction from others around us we found ourselves being held accountable for it to the point of never being allowed or able to live it down.

Or, maybe, just got a sudden impulse to do something, or made an on-the-spot decision that we realized, too late, would end up being detrimental to us---either financially, or would damage or destroy our reputation, or cause unrest and discord between family members, acquaintances, or close friends.

So, on a deeper level, even a giddy goofy song like this could wind up revealing subconscious truths hidden in the psych of the songwriters themselves.

                  Just for the record: This song was written by Charles Randolph Grean

Sunday, May 14, 2017

                     How many understand the concept of creativity?
In a recent special on the career of The Beatles, when they got to the stage in the group's career when they released their Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band album, the statement was made that "many suspect that a lot of the strange lyrics found on that album had a direct link to all the experimentation with drugs the group's members were engaging in at the time".

Of course it could also mean that The Beatles were finally feeling more and more comfortable with their status and the increase in poetic license that came with it.  And were simply taking advantage of an opportunity to exhibit original ideas and concepts they may have otherwise suppressed earlier or with still having an "ordinary" type status.

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                                 The Bets Are On
                    The betting pool is now open
...those of you who can come closest to determining which city in which state (province/territory) in which country the next "active shooter incident" or next "terrorist attack" will occur in wins the Grand Jackpot, which now stands at a total of .....
On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.
                                                     H  L  Mencken
"...the F.B.I. is in complete turmoil.  You know it, I know it, EVERYBODY knows it ..."

How telepathic of you, Mr. President!
As a matter of fact that's always the first thing on my mind when I get up---even ahead of my "morning piss" and first cup of coffee.

All day long I'm constantly contemplating on "how screwed up our F.B.I. is".
It's not like I could ever have anything else to dwell on ....., say ....personal interests ....hobbies ....tending to personal needs ....dealing with my own personal issues ....

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Song Analysis: Dang Me

This flippantly self-deprecating little ditty by singer/songwriter Roger Miller became an all-around top-40 single hit for him in the summer of 1964.

Literally an anthem of a chronic lack of personal responsibility and obsessive hedonism coupled with a guilty conscience that plagues the main character of the song afterwards---along with his unwillingness to change his ways in spite of his guilty conscience. 
                         Children EVERYWHERE!!!!
Why are there so many people running around with kids and babies?
They're ALL OVER THE PLACE!  Everywhere I go it seems.

Why are all these people so eagerly procreating?
Every place I go there are fuckin' kids all over the place!

Nothing against children personally.  It's just that any time there are children present one always has to be on their p's and q's---"watch your language", never discuss subject matters that are either too intense and involved or too intimate and personal.

And to find an "adult refuge" is such a herculean task anymore as just about any place one goes is "open space"---that is, not discriminating against persons based on race, gender, and AGE.
Even landlords stand to get sued for "discrimination" for offering "adults only" residential units for rent (of course we're talking about the same society where a gay couple can sue a bakery owner for refusing to bake a wedding cake for them because it violates that baker's "Christian beliefs".  Instead of, perhaps, that gay couple simply finding another baker of comparable aptitude with a more liberal attitude to do business with).

Another problem with a "Families rule!" type society is that, with no availability of an environment wherein one can engage in any kind of intelligent adult conversation, everyone winds up adopting a certain degree of "baby talk" into their everyday conversations.
Don't believe me?  Check out Twitter and Facebook.   See what I mean?