Sunday, July 31, 2016

                 Please!  ...No More "Changes"
I've said it before and I'll say it again:   They shouldn't make any changes anywhere, any time, unless it's to improve or enhance, or to replace whatever's worn out.

It makes no sense to suddenly change policy or procedure when everything is functioning just fine, especially when the "new system" makes the processes more encumbering and complicated.

And, also, when the changes involve some sort of sacrifices.  When they involve losing certain amenities and essentials.
                More Apartment Dwelling Blues

One downside of living in a "subsidized housing" unit are these frequent inspections the management keeps imposing on their tenants.
It wouldn't be so bad if not for their insisting on the units being freshly cleaned and spotless ("all trash removed").
It's a hassle having to do all these "cosmetic makeovers" if I was putting my unit up for sale, or trying to make it somehow resemble the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria.

I lived in a "regular" apartment building some years back (you know: where you pay full rent plus utilities).
The landlord was an incompetent boob who never fixed anything unless it was an emergency situation, but at least he never "pulled rank" on his tenants.
One night I was pissed off at the noisy tenants above me and banged on the door leading to the basement so hard it practically brought the whole building down.  The tenants living in the unit aside from me (on the same level) complained about it and a couple days later I simply explained to the landlord what actually happened and that I overreacted, and he just shrugged, like "Oh. Okay."

He didn't play any "authority card" or anything like that.  It wasn't any "Well they said you were trying to break their door down, and they were frightened and felt threatened!"  Nothing like that.
Now, if it were the police, well then, that's how it might have gone down.  The police are always notorious for engaging in such retarded nonsense.
But, then again, the police are always looking for a reason to "add more criminals to" their respective society, because the truth is---there just aren't enough armed robbers and serial rapists roaming around to justify their unending omnipresence.   And domineering types are egocentrics who can't stand to be embarrassed or shown up.  So they have to create a "cosmetic dressing up" out of the social climate at hand to make their presence appear meritable.

                       Workplace Ritual   

                                                        You spent hours:
                                                Getting files in order
                                                Finishing other people's assignments
                                                Cleaning up the office
                                                Getting other things in order

After four straight hours of this you finally head to the break room to get a well-deserved coffee break.

It's when you're sitting there, all slouched down in your chair with coffee cup in hand, that the boss walks on by, stares right at you face-to-face, and exclaims facetiously "My, aren't WE really busy today!".

Friday, July 29, 2016

                                    Questions of the day

Have you ever noticed that any time you "have problems" it isn't necessarily because of the level of difficulty of said problem or because of the enormousness of it, but more on account of (for example) codependency or interdependency on individuals, businesses, or agencies who don't follow through on promises or procedures?

Or failure on the part of appliances and devices to function properly when needed?

Or anyone/anything else who or which fails to meet your expectations?

Or when you put forth an effort at accomplishing or attaining something and the results don't match your intentions?

Donald Trump

...who publicly stated "If Ivanka weren't my daughter perhaps I'd be dating her myself" while vying for the position of heading a country that has an officially established "sex offender" registry.

And his supporters are so daft the irony completely eludes them.

                            What we have here, people,
                   is a failure to communicate

One time, when I was talking to my mother and my sister, I happen to ask about a past acquaintance of theirs I haven't seen in a while, and both of them gasped and looked at me quite mortified.
Unbeknownst to me this acquaintance apparently died of cancer a couple of years earlier.
Of course they chided me for my "insensitivity" just for bringing it up, as if I intended to be tactless instead of just curious.

On another occasion a medical facility changed it's address on me and, in trying to determine how far away it was for me to get to now, I walked the whole distance to it.  Upon which I was informed at the reception desk about a courtesy shuffle service which would take me to and from the main hospital, which was much closer to where I lived.
The shuttle driver, when I explained my situation, went on about "You're not the first person to get confused about the location.  A lot of people don't know about the (transportation) services offered.  The thing is, they don't advertise (about the shuttle service or of other alternatives), so people don't know about these things".

In spite of iPhones and the internet, communication in American society continues to be really bad.
When they want to sell you furniture or a car, or anything else you either can't afford or would never be interested in buying anyway, they can't throw that stuff in your face enough.
But, when it comes to what you SHOULD know about or be aware of, they seem to want to keep such things some kind of "trade secret".

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

                                                     Adage For Today
                                 Difficulties and responsibilities are like infants
                              They can't take care of themselves on their own

Another CeleBirthdate

                                                     Mick Jagger

              Born Michael Phillip Jagger on July 26 1943 in Dartford England
                                                       He turns 73 today
                 Respect and Consideration For Others

...they teach it to you when you're growing up.

The mandates that dictate one is obligated to unconditionally treat all others around them like aristocrats and monarchs regardless of how crude, sloppy or mediocre they may be.
That doing or saying anything "offensive" to anyone is such a "crime against humanity" as to warrant total persecution.

And that most everyone else are not obliged to abide by the same ethos of social ethics one is being held to.  They're allowed to live and behave freely, even to the point of being obnoxious and abusive if they're so inclined.  While one is still expected to be self-restrained as one doesn't dare do or say anything others may find "outrageous" or "offensive" lest one "deserves" whatever retaliation one may incur as a result.

And society's always on the side of those "others" as they are among one's "superiors" 
...that in addition to being among society's "jewels".

Monday, July 18, 2016

One thing I don't get about this plethora of construction work that's been plaguing ...well ...uhhh ...permeating all of society lately (in the past ten years or so)---well, actually, there are several things I don't get about this recent influx of "repair/restoration obsessive"

...One:  Why is it necessary for work to start at some ridiculous early-morning hour---like, say, 6:00 A.M. or 7:00 A.M.?  Just because they're "early birds" they think everyone else should be active and awake at the same hours too.

...Two:  Don't they ever get the weekends off anymore?  Like, say, Saturdays---for those who are Jewish ...and Sundays---the traditional "sacred cow" day---for those of other more traditional Christian faiths.  And for those who are either atheists or "casual believers" not affiliated with any established denominations Friday and Saturday nights could be "watching a movie late at night and popping open a few beers then sleeping in the next day".

But no-o-o-o-ope!!!  They have to work the crews in shifts, coming in every fucking day of the god-damn week.   Starting promptly at 6 or 7 in the god-damn morning.  Right outside our god-damn residential windows.   No "sleeping in" for us, eh?

And it goes on for hours and hours.  Cacophonous racket, non-stop.   "Quality-of-life"?  Forget it!  Not for YOU!!!  
Obviously we're just not that important enough to "matter" to society.  Their fanatical/obsessive "reinvention" projects are the "end-all" as far as "the system" is concerned, as of lately.

...Three:  How come they never wait until they've finished one project before they start the next one ...and the next one ...and the next one?
The streets and structures just about everywhere are so "butchered up" you can't hardly go anywhere by way of the "usual" route.  You constantly have to figure out a roundabout way to get to your destinations.  It's getting so I dread "having to go somewhere" anymore.

                      The above is my Musing For Today

                                    Another site to check out:
                         ...and another one:    Type in "Jesus be a fence" in the "search" box for a hilarious article.

         Another "Red Herring" Alert

                                            Pokeman Go
                        ...Need I Say Mo'?

Another CeleBirthdate

                                      Cat Stevens

Born Steven Demetre Georgiou on July 21 1948 in Marylebone London England.
                                           He turns 68 on Thursday

Friday, July 8, 2016

Living is a lot like being an air traffic controller.

They cut back on personnel so you wind up either working alone or with just one other person.

They don't update or maintain equipment or facilities.

They expect you to keep track of a multitude of different details at any one time.

If ever there should be a mid-air collision on your watch you'll be the one everyone wants to sue and whom the officials want prosecuted.

                     The above is my Musing For Today


Ringo turned 76 yesterday
               Born Richard Starkey in Dingle Liverpool England on July 7 1940

          The Pedestrian's Guide To:

They try to run you over in the intersections, parking lots, and on the sidewalk portion of driveways and alleyway entrances

They try to run you over on the sidewalk, and also in intersections and parking lots

They try to run you over on just about any paved surface

Predatory, try to victimize you

The Police
Predatory, accuse you of trying to victimize others

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

One may feel eternally ostracized and intentionally left out of the scheme of things, always getting "crowded out" by everyone else around them.

However, it could also be that you're among the "displaced".

There's only so much of anything to go around:  time, space, money, resources.
The "favored" and prominent are always going to be offered "first choice", with whatever's left to be distributed among the lesser important.  

Those who "matter" are always accommodated and those who "don't count" either get pushed aside or get access to "whatever's available" afterwards.

                            The above is my Musing For Today

Song Analysis: Get Off Of My Cloud

This song is actually a commentary on "being violated".

It takes place in a high-rise apartment building, involving one unit of free-wheeling "feel-good" party animals who enjoy loud fun ...and the tenant below them who's more reclusive and just wants to go about his life without undue interference from noisy neighbors.

In verse two lead singer Mick Jagger role-plays the upstairs partyers who get annoyed at a phone call from the tenant below them in which he asks them in a flippant manner "Just because YOU 'feel so good' does it mean you 'have to' drive me out of my head?", feeling their right to have a good time is being "violated".

In verse three Jagger then role-plays the reclusive tenant below who just gives up and "takes a drive downtown" and parks on a deserted street where it's "so very nice and peaceful and quiet" and manages to grab a few winks before waking up to a windshield full of parking tickets.
Feeling universally "violated" by this whole affair he utters various retorts as he feels he was forced into taking this course of action due to the adverse circumstances he was under.
Of course the reason he got ticketed was on account of his violating parking ordinances.

This song, essentially, is about the fact that "violating" and "being violated" are both two-way streets.  That there are never any actual designated "culprits" or "victims".   Any and all things work both ways.

Song Analysis: It Came Out Of The Sky

I think when the lyrics to this song get examined there's too much emphasis on the object Jody retrieved that came from some unknown source when, in fact, the crux of the song involves the responses from all the various factions who respond to, and try to exploit, Jody's unusual dilemma.

The Vatican, the U.S. government, the media, the press, Hollywood, the scientists.  Each one has their own idea of what this "mystery object" is, what its purpose is and where it belongs.

And each one of these otherwise "respectable" factions try to cajole and browbeat poor Jody into surrendering ownership of this "mystery object" to them, convinced such action is for some "greater good".

Jody (most likely some "poor schmuck" who lives in a shack or some flop house) finally gets fed up with all the obvious attempted exploitation by all of these alleged "legitimate" factions who cannot even universally agree on what's "appropriate" for this unknown object, and finally blurts out a "final proposition" of his own:  "It's MINE, and you can have it for $16million!"

Summary: This song actually parodies the way each person, group, institution and organization exists inside their own vacuum, each with their own myopic worldviews and perspectives.  And how no matter what it is they're observing or judging their conclusions are always going to be based on and obscured by whatever myopic perspectives they themselves harbor.