Friday, September 25, 2015

Requiem For A Long-Gone Site

What does one think of a very creative site full of clever and biting satirical wit and social commentary (often derisive and disparaging toward subjects well-deserving of such), very sophisticated, well-crafted, perfect script coupled with fitting photos to match?  A site in which obviously each post had to have taken a lot of time, effort and passion on the part of the blog's owner to put together?

And suddenly, unexpectedly and out-of-the-blue, the site's curator just takes the whole thing down? 
And when asked why he simply states:  I've been complaining about (this problem) for years now and nothing's ever been down about it.

Does this guy not understand the make-up of a society?  Or the theory behind what comprises the concept of "living in a society"?  It's like this ...There are: those who fuck things up; those who get outraged by how screwed-up things are and openly protest about them; those "in-charge" who promise to fix things, then don't do shit-for-fuck about anything; clueless types eternally indifferent to all things around them (focused only on their own personal affairs) who somehow don't seem to get snared the same way a lot of others do, and somehow have no problem getting on with their life.

As a social commentary columnist/blogger you're among the "protesters".  You go off about anything/everything that's off about the culture you live in.
But ...never EVER are you ever to expect anyone to ever actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT whatever's wrong with the collective social environment.
THAT'S the eternal concept behind what's commonly known as "living in a society".

"All these years I constantly exposed, on my site, what was going on in my city and, still, nobody ever tried to do anything to put a stop to it all..."
That alone is no reason to dismantle and dissolve (what was) an excellent and brilliant site sure to still be "sorely missed" to this day. 

                                        Another site to check out: 
                                            The name of the site is The Daily Irritant 

                                                   Musing For Today

                                            The ultimate remedy for relieving stress:

Tell the world to quit fuckin' with me.   Quit getting in my way all the time.    Get rid of all these stupid laws: there's way more on the books than anyone could ever possibly follow or even be aware of half the time.
Do away with favoritism: EVERYONE has to follow the same rules.    Equalize "responsibility": quit blaming only those with little or no clout or means of defending themselves for whatever's wrong with the current social climate.    People should quit pigeonholing each other, and then being so nemesis-like toward anyone who doesn't also custom-fit into whatever "country club" they've decidedly affixed themselves to.    Quit being such coup d etats: quit "taking over" public and commercial spaces as if you and your friends or family members "just laid official claim to" wherever you happen to be at the time ...I shouldn't be made to feel like I'm "crashing someone's party" every time I enter someplace or try to use the same facilities as everyone else.

I'm glad you appreciate what a "safe driver" I am.  Never mind the fact that I've never even had a driver's license (outside of a "temporary permit").

Still, you guys keep sending me offers for a "discount on my car insurance", stating that "careful drivers like you with a proven safety record deserve to pay less for their car insurance".

Even though I've never owned a car in my entire life.
(I know: Quite an anomaly for someone from the U.S.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

                               For Tenants Only

The owners of an apartment complex have rules and regulations aimed specifically at the tenants of the complex:

SPEED LIMIT:  15 MPH in driveway, parking lot, and alleyway.
Are outsiders who cut through the alleys or parking lot also obliged to abide by this requirement, or can they fly in and out at 30 MPH the same way they do anywhere else?

Residents are not permitted to loiter, gather, or play in stairwells, hallways, corridors, parking lots, or anywhere in or around the building where they may unnecessarily disturb other residents.
What about "wandering drunks" on the weekend or scavengers rummaging through the trash bins (looking for some kind of "lost treasure" or "hidden gold" or whatever)?  And roving gangs?  Can they be as loud and invasive as they want?

No smoking in the building, in any of the units, or even within 25 feet of building outside.
This means the tenants only.  Anyone walking down the alley or cutting through the parking lot just puffin' away ...what can you do about them?  They're not residents so they'd be exempt from "house rules".

No clunkers or junkers allowed.
Of course the tenants in a HUD-subsidized apartment complex ought to be wealthy enough to be able to afford a Lincoln Continental.

No loud or disturbing noises permitted between the hours of 10 PM and 10 AM
Again:  This is tenant's only.  Construction crews, loud no-muffler vehicles (belonging to non-tenants of course), and the neighbors who live a block or two away are exempt.

All burdens for compliance rest on the shoulders of the hapless tenants, who have no control over how anything goes down.
It always makes sense for accountability to rest on the shoulders of those with no authority or say-so over anything.
That's how things get done and how problems get solved.
                            NYC's MTA:  Professional?

I've read recently about incidents involving the city transit drivers in New York City in which pedestrians are being run over in the crosswalks (while crossing legally with the light) by MTA buses making right turns without slowing down.
And, also, about city council members and local lawmakers considering a bill that would exonerate city bus drivers from accountability for injuries and even death to pedestrians and bicyclists as a result of being struck by any MTA buses.

Years ago, in 1977, I befriended an A/CTransit driver (in Oakland/Berkeley) and managed to have a few interesting chats with her.  Among them she mentioned how, as part of the training process, potential drivers were also being trained in "defensive driving".  How they're taught to be alert and on-guard for "anything unexpected and unpredictable" the average motorists were apt to do on a regular basis:  sudden stops mid-intersection, backing up without warning, cutting in front, sudden U-turns without warning, and the like.

Contrast that with the type of erratic and sometimes "offensive driving" practices of the MTA in 2015---coupled with requests for exemption from what is actually a reasonable expectation of responsibility on the part of both the drivers and of MTA with respect to overall public safety.

There's no reason why a TRUE professional driver shouldn't already be of the mindset of "taking the whole environment around them into consideration" and conducting themselves accordingly in the most discreet manner.

When crossing the street, especially legally with the light, one shouldn't expect to have to worry about professional drivers the same way they do about the "average clod" in their personal vehicles.
                                               Curtains For Consumerism

When purchasing curtains recently I discovered, the hard way, one doesn't simply pick up a package of 42" by 63" drapes.  One has to make sure they're also the "light blocking" type as well.
...AFTER purchasing 3 "One Window Panel" ones.
Yes, I DO buy curtains for the purpose of attaining privacy.  It would never have occurred to me before that there are actually such things as transparent see-thru curtains.

It would be nice to live in a culture where it was also a top priority to ensure even the average underling was reasonably educated about practical matters.  Including about all the different "varieties" of presumably common consumer products.  Instead of standing by and watching people make mistakes involving the use of their personal finances.

It's obvious modern-day industries and merchants have no actual appreciation of those who would spend their good money on the items they produce/sell.
If you created, produced, and put on sale a product or device you created yourself and anyone would be interested enough to want to purchase it from you, wouldn't you feel gratitude toward said patron?

Modern-day commercial industry/merchants have no such feelings of gratitude toward any of us collective consumers/customers.  They seem to think we only exist to be fleeced, sold the latest trendy versions of popular "snake oil" products ...that we're just a bunch of fools "anyone could sell dogshit to" if only they can figure out how to make us feel it's a "must-have", or how to make it look "cool" or like the "latest rage".