Wednesday, March 23, 2016

           Who it is who really "matters"

Politicians, capitalists, aristocrats.
                                       Useless sods I tell you

All politicians do is play with other people's lives

All capitalists and the businesses they run do is fleece consumers in exchange for shoddy defective poorly-designed products

The real reason we need the arts is because art, literature and music have always been pretty much the only proof the world has ever had that it IS possible to actually accomplish something worthwhile
My experience has been that society is a kind of "Chinatown".

You constantly witness a lot of favoritism and double standards.  But you're supposed to act like you don't notice anything, even if those antics adversely affect you.
You're supposed to just keep quiet and tend to your own business.  Just let others run everything.  So long as you don't bother anyone society will allow you to remain "inconsequential".

However, if you raise your voice, or make a sound
...or, worse yet, get "greedy for gain" and attempt to "take command of" anything yourself they'll shut you down, label you a "nuisance", a "menace", or even a "threat".
As if allowing you even a modicum of free will guarantees you'll somehow "wreak some kind of terror somewhere".

Either stay out of the way and let others rule or risk being "responsible for" any and all evils.

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...where everyone's in your face, shoving you aside while hogging space.

Then looking at you contemptuously and asking in a snarky manner "Could you move over a little more?"

You're already at the end of the table, up against the wall, in a pinhead-size space without even enough room to stretch out or stand up ...