Monday, October 20, 2014

Oh, wow!!!!  Soon it'll be election day.  And the two theme songs (by Alice Cooper and Arcadia) will be in order.

I'm not embarrassed by the fact that I voted for Obama (twice).  So he wound up to be a dud of a President, but I'm not phased by that fact.  It only reiterates the old notions that I've always had from the start: that the REAL power-and-control stems from behind-the-scenes and that the Presidents are all little more than front-men.

Get a Republican in office and viola:  he/she will probably end up being the President who gives the "green light" on furthering stem cell research and on funding alternative energy measures as well as legalizing marijuana on the federal level.

And conservatives everywhere will be left standing with their mouths open, wondering "What happened?"
And the sense of "betrayal" shall abound amongst them.

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Life in a conflagrational world

The ebola crisis now includes more than a dozen new cases originating in the U.S.
The medical societies of the U.S. participate in what's known as "reckless ebolation".

Some do-nothing suburb of St. Louis becomes a household name because some hotshot local cop responds overzealously to the roguish antics of a local hotshot scofflaw, shooting him dead in the process.  Cop is white, scofflaw is black.
Time for another "March On Washington" it seems.

Dirtbag terrorist supergroup taking over the middle east.  Western society pretty much sits back and watches.  Can't nuke Syria or Iraq.  We'd kill too many innocent civilians.  And killing too many innocent civilians is the job of the terrorists, so it makes sense to let them do it instead.
I just turned 60 a week ago (the 12th).

But don't congratulate me as I'm less-than-impressed by the way I turned out, being that I'm still quite hedonistic, narcissistic, lustful and puerile.

Pretty much the same way I've been since I was a kid, even prior to grade school.  I've aged physically, but mentally I'm still stunted.

All I ever want to do is just listen to my audio discs all the time (all 363 of them).
And I resent contemptuously any kind of invasive elements, such as responsibilities, obligations, and other people's noise.