Monday, August 27, 2012

More Annoying Adages


Any woman who ever caught my fancy was either underaged or engaged.
(...or a lesbian...or "through with relationships altogether")

                                 Straighten up and fly right!
...and you'll find you not only get to your destinations a lot sooner, but you also don't have to continually stop to "refuel" so frequently.

Why is life so much like some "psychological problem"?
Things often perform "below par" or inefficiently because they always seem to be "getting hung up on" something or another.

(Okay FACEBOOK---let's see if the above are "worthy" of APP status.  Will folks be downloading these cheesy sayings onto their FACEBOOK pages or no?)

Jesus Gives Congregation a Lesson in Percentages, Ratios, and Fractions

Jesus and his disciples were on a town square preaching and had drawn quite a large crowd---many who had left gold and silver coins and rubies at their feet.

At one point a beggar woman walks up slowly and lays a small coin at their feet, then walks away.
A number in the crowd start deriding her for "making such a small contribution" after having contributed so much themselves

...upon which Jesus stops his sermon mid-sentence and points out that, in fact, this woman has been far more "blessed" than any of the others in the crowd, for being someone who possesses next-to-nothing that "one shilling" she donated represents almost everything she has on earth---whereas all the gold and silver nuggets the others donated represent only a fraction of what-all worldly goods they have.
In short, these wealthier STILL had plenty left over of their own even after their donations, whereas the "beggar lady" gave away just about everything she had.

It makes sense:
80% of $10 is $8...80% of $1000 is $800
...while $800 is a greater amount than $8 in the more practical sense, proportionately the balance is still equal when in relation to what it is one is starting out with.


Remember that?
Back in the 1960s they often referred to it as "6th-grade-level arithmetic".

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Birthdate Wishes

Van Morrison
Born Geoger Ivan on August 31 1945 in Belfast
He'll be 67-years-old a week from Friday

Debbie Gibson
Born August 31 1970 in Long Island
She'll turn 42 a week from Friday

Missed this one:
Born Madonna Louise Ciccone on August 16 1958 in Bay City.
She's 54-years-old now...
...Elvis Presley died on her 19th birthdate.

REALLY missed this one:
Cat Stevens
Born Steven Georgiou on July 21 1947 in London
He's now 65-years-old.
(However did I miss HIS birthdate?)


ANOTHER "Election Year"?

With a presidential election coming up, I thought I'd direct you to a website which, I feel, best describes what the United States of America is REALLY all about: 

Authority Adage

Check out Writog ( Aug 18 2012: ARE THESE IMAGES ILLEGAL?

In a perfect world authority is also characterized as much by stewardship as by it's "disciplining" aspects---the idea of being both an overseer and a keeper-of-the-peace.

In the real world, though, it seems the only type of personality attracted to positions-of-authority are the power-and-control junkies.

"Despotic-style" authority tends to influence the average person into a minset of "intolerance" and "judgmentalism".

...that being we live in a culture of those who display "zero tolerance" toward what we say and do while thinking nothing of imposing their elements on us and expecting us to overlook their mistakes.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's a Noisy World

However, the real problem is that there's too much cacophony and not enough songs, poetry, stories, or needed information.

Television and radio is now for tabloid fluff fare instead of good entertainment and news, sports, and weather.
Telephones and computers are tools advertisers use to hustle potential customers...and for hackers to use to harass users for their own personal amusement.
And motor vehicles are toys and the streets are longer are they about transportation and "getting from point A to point B".

                                        Speaking of GOOD Sounds
Kent Kotal's FORGOTTEN HITS site is up-and-running again and going strong.  Check it out:



In a segment of a popular South Korean drama, one of the characters----a young who had to move to the U.S. in order to have life-saving surgery performed on her, but has now returned home (to Korea)---learns that one of her favorite restaurants is still in business and, sorely missing how delicious she remembers the food being, decides to have lunch there (with her former boyfriend).

...however, upon taking the first few bites of one of her favorite dishes, she puts her fork down and exclaims:  "This isn't right. It's not the same as it was before
...I don't understand people.  They finally 'get it right', then they change the way the food tastes."

Of course this is a dilemma that seems to afflict a LOT of things in the world
....this obsession with "always having to change something", whether it's really necessary or not.
Even if everything is working and functioning just fine and to a tee, they STILL find it necessary to think "I'm tired of the same-old same-old.  Let's change this---and let's change that..."
And, oftentimes, the new methods, procedures, or substitutes are inferior to the old ones...resulting in diminishing quality and functionality.

Also, there's the "priority shift" syndrome as well.
When they decide, suddenly, that one factor is the "most important" and, thus, abandon everything else.  They put all efforts into improving that one area at the expense of everything else (sort of a "rob Peter to pay Paul" scenario)
When she said "They finally get it right, then they change the way the food tastes", it could have meant that the place improved on other factors:  redecorating the interior, improving their service, creating a "kosher" dining atmosphere---and then decided with these elements now attracting more business, they no longer have to focus on the quality of their food anymore---so they slacked off in that area.

And that, obviously, to this young lady, the quality of this place's food was her primary reason for coming there
...but, with that element gone, she has no more reason to come there anymore.

We're Being Robbed...of Common Sense

A protester walks into a bank holding up a sign that reads YOU'RE BEING ROBBED

...of course he's referring to the way the banks are "robbing" their customers nowadays---with user fees, penalties incurred if the account goes below a certain amount
...unlike, say, 30 or 40 years ago, when one would start a savings account and stood to accrue a certain amount of interest (on whatever they put in the bank) every three months (no matter how much or how little the amount).  Back then the banks GAVE their customers "extra money" as opposed to the way they now fleece their customers.

Now, one does not walk into a bank making statements about "being robbed"...any more so than one makes jokes about "bombs" or "guns" at an airport.
To make a long story short, this hapless protester ends up being arrested and charged with "attempted robbery" and "making terrorist threats"---both felonies under federal law.

I tell you, those "official" types have no sense-of-humor about ANYTHING
...and they're pretty bureaucratically persnickety in a most militant fashion when it comes to interpreting laws in the most literal manner
...and with no sense of discretion involving circumstance and "intent" they've been taught to not be able "to tell bean paste from crap"
...the word "facsimile" just isn't in their vocabulary:  whatever it looks like---that's what it is. I guess this protester is going to be a "convicted felon" all on account of a moment of flippancy on his part.

You have to love the way our laws protect us from dangers and never fail to serve our best interests.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Lost Drivers Of Columbus Ohio

The streets of Columbus Ohio can be quite confusing.
Not all of them go east-west.  Quite a number of them go north-south
...can a layout get any more perplexing?

Take North High Street, for example of the city's "main drags", it goes north-south.  Maybe that's why so many people get "lost" on it.

Lately every time I go out anywhere I always manage to see no less than three or four cars turn into a parking lot, driveway, or alley, make a U-turn, then head back out onto N. High going the other direction
...I even see people turn onto side streets, pull into residential driveways, back out, head back to N. High, then head out in the other direction.

I've yet to figure all this out.
Maybe these people are on a "spy mission" of some kind.
(Keep in mind I only go out about two or three times a week).

I never did like Columbus much anyway
...the people here always act so suspicious---not exactly your "everyday people" type.
They're among the most collectively meddling and invasive I've ever witnessed in a place of this size with so large a population.

It's really creepy and Orwellian even the residents themselves are engaging in surveillance activities as well as are the officials.

I don't know how to explain it
...this city just seems to be a bastion of conspiracy and underhandedness.
Dishonest and secretive...not at all on-the-level.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Experts Say...

...that one should always try to get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night.

...that being sleep-deprived can lead to all kinds of health problems and impair vital mental functions.

So why, then, does society subject us to so much "Mickey Mouse" bull-shit we're up half the night from being stressed?

...and then are rudely awakened early in the morning by construction crews or utility workers and their jackhammers?

...or by carpoolers who park and hammer repeatedly on their horns, waking the whole neighborhood just to get the attention of ONE person---because they can't walk their lazy ass up the front walk and simply knock on that person's door?

They say they're "so concerned about" our sleep and health---however, their actions seem to indicate otherwise.

Another Myopic Musing

                                                Definition of RACKET

                         Something that presents itself as legitimate, innocent, or innocuous
                         but which, in fact, has ulterior motives

                         ...either out to steal what's rightfully yours
                         or to control you in a perverse way:
                         throwing obstacles in your path to sabotage your efforts
                         or requiring "Catch 22s" from you before approving your intentions.

                         ...causing even the simplest undertakings to become so complicated you either
                         "throw in the towel" or, upon completing project, are so "burned out" or "shellshocked"
                         you have no stamina left to "take on" anything more.