Tuesday, July 21, 2015

You search for your "dream car".  The crème de la crème.  You finally find it.
Shortly after, you hydroplane full speed ahead into a church parking lot.  Half the choir is either under your wheels or on your hood.  You even meet one member face-to-face through your windshield.
You make your claim with your insurance company who then raises your rates 100% and even threatens to drop you altogether.
What a slap in the face!  It's not bad enough you had to post a $100,000 bond to get out of jail.  Now your insurance company want to "nail you" as well.
                      Second Thoughts

You know, when I went on my bashing diatribe against "high tech" I overlooked the critical part it's been playing in all our unmanned space programs.
For sure, it's being put to the kind of use that's yielding some of the most phenomenal results in important areas of scientific discovery.

However, I still stand by my notion that 90% of its earthly uses involve aiding and abetting revenue interests and the skulduggerisms of government and authority.

Four "Layers" of Government (Or Maybe Even MORE "Layers"?)

Recently the blog site Captain Capitalism (www.captaincapitalism.blogspot.com) touched upon a concept which he tagged "4th layer of government" (July 16th post:  "College as the 4th Layer of Government").

The 3 main layers of government:  national government; state(/provincial) government; local/regional government.
But the power and authority of those three primary layers are scripted, clinical, resolute.  Clearly defined in writing.

Most authority that lies in society are those of the unofficial "4th layer" of "government".
Those individuals, groups, organizations who are not officials, nor authority figures, not in any official positions of leadership of any kind, yet they somehow command special favor from society and from those around them.  Even those who ARE in actual positions of authority naturally suck up to them as well.

The "good Captain", in his recent post, focuses on universities and academia and the powerful position they hold in western societies.
However, I, myself, am more focused on ALL the different types of "4th layer government" factions.
Those with the most money
The exceptionally good-looking
Those who have the most friends or the best social connections
The most charismatic
The most manipulating
The most influential
The ones with the "good reputation"

On a post I published on this site in November 2012 titled WHO'S REALLY IN CHARGE? I unwittingly touched upon this phenomenon.  Although a bit disjointed in the way it's written, it's clear---even then---I sensed that the social status script wasn't always exactly being followed to a tee.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Stop Bullying Now!

It's nice that they now have all these "anti-bullying" campaigns going around, but don't you think they've waited a bit long to get started on them?
...maybe a good six million years too long?
I mean, think of all the people living in ancient Crete, ancient Rome, ancient Egypt, or during biblical times or during the renaissance or the medieval period who could have benefitted from such movements.

If we had an "anti-bullying" campaign going on here in the United States during the early-to-mid 19th century slavery would have been forced to eventually dissolve itself on its own because of the conflict of ideology between rhetoric and the then-current-day realities, most slave owners being obvious bullies by nature and practice.

These days the perfect way to bully would be to mess with someone "under the radar".  Then, when they finally get fed up enough to retaliate against you, you simply play the "victim", making it look like their attack was "unprovoked" ...and your victim winds up being labeled a "perpetrator" as no-one else would be the wiser.
Never underestimate the aptitude for any kind of skulduggery on the part of the average predatory social conspirator.
If your country is at war with two other nations and one of those nations are really kicking your ass, you can not very well be asking the other nation to back you up as they're also adversarial toward you.

That is my problem on the social level, folks.  As a quintessential social outcast I'm at odds with ALL social factions:  the respectable class, the criminal class, the authorities, the professionals, the deviants and subversives, the conservative types, the token "liberals", the minorities, the middle-class, the elitists, the inner-city types, the "low-income" types.

I'm just a very "stand-alone" individualist.  My relationships with others has usually been either an intense "Cain vs. Abel" type of jealousy or one in which most people seem to have declared "war" on me, or assume I declared "war" on them and behave accordingly, very defensively toward me as a rule.

People figure if you're not on their side, if you're not "one of them", you're automatically in cahoots with whoever they're normally in conflict with or feel animosity towards.
And a person like me is never going to be loyal to ANY group or class, so anywhere I go I'm always going to be an "intruder" and a stranger.

Someone like me can never afford to get into any kind of fix or be finding himself in need of any kind of help or support, simply because:  Who's ever going to help me if I'm also one of the "threats" or "menaces"?

My Life's Complaints

Anything I use is either old and worn-out, defective, or poorly designed.  Or deliberately designed to be stonewalling juggernauts, eschewing any kind of normal functionality and easy operation, necessitating the most intense haggling to accomplish even the simplest task, exhausting me to the point where I can't move on to my next phases, robbing me of efficiency, time and accomplishment.

And "high tech" is a bunch of shit.
The only thing it seems to know how to do is "collect data" and "collect information".
So the most monumental accomplishments of the 21st century is the intense improvements of what are essentially electronic "file clerks"?
Seriously: What quality-of-life improvements has high tech afforded us?  What great inventions ever came out of it?

                                                                          Adage For Today
                                                   One time is a coincidence. Twice or more is a conspiracy.

                                                                                      Musing For Today
The reason it's such a bad thing when material items, gadgets and appliances, or body parts have "a mind of their own" is because they usually do so in the manner of the average two-year-old.  They have a sense of separation and independence but without knowledge, wisdom and discretion.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

More CeleBirthdates

                       The Bill Cosby dilemma...
Yes, folks, I'll continue to watch episodes of I SPY every now and then...
And I think his hit records LITTLE OLE MAN and YES YES YES are hilarious...
And that his comedy routines were very insightful and that he has a great perspective on the elements of everyday life...

Okay, so he has a split personality and he's apparently always been leading a double life in certain areas...
What does that prove?  That he could've potentially been of value to the CIA in the field of counterintelligence?
Still, it IS a shame to witness someone so gifted being poisoned by his own concoctions.
                                      Bill Cosby turns 77 tomorrow.

                                    Cat Stevens
Born Steven Georgiou on July 21 1947 in London of Greek and Swedish ancestry.
Raised Catholic, converted to the Muslim religion in 1979.
Among the peaceful type Muslims who practice their religious beliefs privately as their own personal commitment
...as opposed to radical fanatics who use that religion to front vicious behaviors.
He's an artist not a terrorist (obviously)
After all, he is "the conductor of the PEACE TRAIN".
     High Tech: What's it worth anyway?
                  I mean, what has it done for you or me lately? (Or at all, for that matter?)

We have extreme drought in one region and excessive deluge in another.
Yet where are the fancy intricate contraptions designed to transfer the excess water from the deluge areas to the ones experiencing drought?

The only uses of "high tech" so far seem to be for the purpose of enabling businesses, merchants and advertisers to seduce the general populace into thinking they need to sacrifice part of their finances in exchange for all manners of useless "snake oil" products no-one ever actually needs and that often serve no practical purposes.
 ...or to do continuous surveillance on private citizens under the guise of "public safety" which usually just ends up nailing a few pathetic saps for squatting down or unzipping in alleys or behind buildings because they "couldn't make it home from the bar/coffee house in time to avoid having an accident" ...no doubt adding more names to various "sex offender" registries.

The United States is not a country of bullet trains or of 25-minute subway rides from suburbia to the International Airport.
It's quite "backwater" for a culture that prides itself on being so "top dog".
       Blame It On The Alcohol (Revisited)
It's so convenient when someone has a ''drug" or "alcohol" problem because, then, those-in-charge can simply blame any other problems that person has in life on their "substance abuse".  Be it domestic, financial, employment, or what-have-you.

If that person is low on finances, can't make their rent or pay their bills, suffers social dysfunction or is in abusive relationships the experts simply "trace it all down to" substance abuse problems.

But should someone who doesn't "do drugs", drinks sparingly or occasionally, and who has no interest in gambling have any of those same problems as well, those-in-charge probably become pretty unnerved as they now have no plausible "explanation" for such extreme personal dilemmas.  They stand to be forced into actually examining individual situations and trying to find the REAL causes behind them, which can be quite self-incriminating for them as a lot of social problems are often the result of various acts of skullduggery on the part of a lot of the officious prima donnas who "run everything".

Then again, those-in-charge still have the rhetoric and mantras of "mental health issues" to fall back on.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

                                     Adage For Today
How any one person thinks and behaves at any given moment depends on whose books they've been reading lately.
You pay your auto insurance on time, every month.  Like clockwork.  Even ahead of time sometimes.
Then one night you hydroplane into a crowded bus stop, and just like that: Your insurance company doubles your rates and starts billing you twice a month, demanding "Pay immediately!" each time.
Okay, so maybe you were driving a little too fast for weather conditions at the time
...and, perhaps, you shouldn't have been texting at the time either...
My relationship with others have always left much to be desired.
Not to say there haven't been a small percentage of people who were kind to me and treated me decently.
But most people I've run into during my lifetime either ignore me or treat me like I don't matter.  Or they try to take advantage of me in some way.  Or they get all fearful and paranoid of me, like I'm somehow a "threat" of some sort.

I don't know what there is about me that brings about those type of attitudes and responses in so many so collectively.  I've always suspected there to be some kind of divine skulduggery afoot all these years and that my dilemma has nothing to do with anything I've ever done "wrong".

Friday, July 3, 2015

The 4th of July

When we celebrate the birth of a nation that created a document making grandiose promises of guaranteeing elaborate amounts of freedoms, entitlements and liberties for its gullible general populace
...which was actually part of a methodical plan to persuade and convince this populace to partake in the genocide and displacement of the people who were currently occupying and residing in this "new land" in order to make room for occupation of the "new people" and expansion of the "new nation".

It was "God's will" that this "new nation" with its "revolutionary 'new' form of government" take over this "new" land so as to be able to replace France, Great Britain and Spain as the "new Imperialist world-governing nation".

But they had to make their plans look "morally sanctified" somehow.
They had to make this general populace feel they were part of a "justified cause", convincing them "we are creating 'a land of justice and equality for all men'".  A noble cause worth fighting for and worth the sacrifice and hard work required for both the turmoil of clearing forests and building structures as well as the dangers of warding off the retaliatory responses of the present-day occupants less-than-receptive of foreign invaders looting their ancestral land by force.
Convincing this populace that it's "God's will" that this land "now belongs to them" was quite a feat of manipulation and con-artistry among those revolutionaries whose primary long-term goal was to create "a new government/a new country" which would, eventually, successfully take over the imperialistic strongholds then held by Great Britain, France, and Spain.  More territory, more land = more population = potentially larger military = more military might = greater world domination.

Their plan worked, even if it wasn't immediately evident during the infancy of the U.S.'s history.

Anyway, this is my take on the 4th of July and the history of the U.S..
...take it for what it's worth.
            Red White and Boom!
That's the official name of the 4th of July celebrations they hold in downtown Columbus Ohio each year.

And with all the warnings out about potential ISIS/terrorist attacks on Independence Day celebrations across the U.S. one hopes "Boom" only refers to the planned fireworks displays and not any unauthorized "displays" put on by unwelcome outsiders.
                  How to successfully "arson"
In light of all the "coincidental" church fires transpiring in about 4 or 5 southeastern U.S. states, one thing's clear:
The best way to commit arson and get away with it is to simply do so during a severe thunderstorm.  The authorities then simply blame the blaze on "lightning".