Monday, June 29, 2015

Bob Dylan for Life Alert

B.D.: Hai-el-el-el-el-elp!!
I've fallen ai-ai-and I cai-ai-ain't git u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-up!
Mei-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-an! Thei-i-is really su-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ucks!
I cai-ai-ai-ain't belie-ei-ei-ei-ei-ei-ei-e-e-e-eve thei-is shei-i-i-i-it!

L.A.:  Hold on, Mr. Zimmerman.  Help is on the way.

By the way...  Richard "Ringo Starr" Starkey turns 75 on July 7th.
What is it comedian Ron White routinely states? 
"You can't fix stupid".

Actually it should read:  You can't fix clueless.
When someone doesn't want to understand, how then can you determine how smart that person actually is?  Refusal to "acknowledge" can make even the brightest appear "stupid".
Gee, why do you suppose France, England and Spain are so up-in-arms over the internationally successful passenger service provider Uber?

It can't be because professional drivers, who go through months of training and courses in "defensive driving" and have to exhibit good instincts and aptitude for judgment calls in addition to having exceptional driving records, might be appalled at the notion of "provincial hack" contract workers being allowed to dominate their field of expertise without being required to meet and adhere to the same high standards they are, now do you?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

                 The Illustrious Dylann Roof

...who exhibits a profound sense of social analysis with such statements as "You rape our women and you're taking over our country.  You must go!" ...and upon committing a mass-murder of a group of Christians whose lifestyles are probably so conservative they'd never have sex outside of marriage and would share what they have with most anyone.

As for a segment of the American population---born and raised in this country---"taking over" what's also their own land, there's ALWAYS been "black subcultural" elements present in American life as far back as I can remember---even if the movie and television industry downplayed and disavowed it for the longest time, finally "recognizing" it from the late-1960s on.

I've never had a problem with "black subcultural" elements being integral to American culture as a whole.
What would the history of Rock and Roll be without the inclusion of doo-wop, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Etta James, Little Richard?
And the "Motown Sound" coexisting alongside the "British Invasion", The Beach Boys, The Four Seasons, The Righteous Brothers?
And ragtime? Dixieland? Jazz? What's "big band" without Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald?
And Billie Holiday? Nat "King" Cole? Miles Davis? Otis Redding? Jimi Hendrix? Aretha Franklin?
I hardly regard the "black subculture" as any kind of "domestic coup d'├ętat".

Mr. Roof may make as many myopically absurd statements outrageous enough to send one's sensibilities "through the roof" as he wants
...but he now stands fit for little more than to "be strung-up from the railing of the nearest second-story balcony".
                                                              Musings For Today

At 60-years-and-81/2-months-old I have to remind myself anytime I see an "older" person that I'm probably older than they are.

If you try to "play it straight", to do things honestly and properly, people figure you for being weak and a "sucker" and that you deserve to be preyed upon and taken advantage of.
However, if you do the same back to them, take advantage of someone for any kind of personal gain, these same people become "helpless little children" who go running to their "protectors" to "save them from (the likes of) you" and you wind up being labeled a "predator".

                                                                            Adages For Today

How is it every time I offend somebody they always end up being another "son/daughter of the President"?

The irony of the phenomenon of "collective rape mentality":  It's always okay for anyone to force things on another so long as it's nothing "sexual".
When it's "sexual elements" that are forced on another that's when it becomes a "moral issue".
                                Identity theft is not what I would call a "crime".

                                                                              A crime is: 
                                                                           Armed robbery
                                                                      Unprovoked murder
                                                                          Violent assault
                 Standing behind some pretty girl in line at "Mickey Ds" and losing your head and groping her

                   Identity theft is more along the line of domestic espionage.  It has all the elements:
                                            Covert observations of targeted individual(s)
                          Attempts to obtain important information about another without their consent
                                                               Hostile intentions
                                                             Subversive activities
                       Engaging in acts of spying while fronting oneself as just another "average Joe/Jane"
                                   Using various methods to cover up one's true activities/intentions

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

                              All In Vain
Sisyphean:  Something you either work your ass off at, go out-of-your-way to do, or put yourself out all the way for ...but yet offers no relief or satisfaction, doesn't solve any problems, or doesn't fix anything.

Life is full of Sisyphean endeavors:  grooming, bathing and nails:  you get your hair cut and trim your fingernails and toenails ...and not even one month later you're once again resembling "the son of Wolfman and Dracula's daughter":  uneven wild hairs protruding from everywhere---your neck, ears, nose, between your eyebrows; and claws growing from the tips of your fingers and toes.  All that's needed now is for you to grow fangs.

Of course society's full of Sisypheanisms:  traffic lights that "take forever" to change.  "Walk" lights that only last 30 seconds while the green signal light stays on another 3 minutes.  This is probably the reason a lot of people jaywalk:  not so much to defy the cops or traffic laws but as a protest against obviously conspiring traffic engineers.

Then there's also government forms one has to fill out for a myriad of reasons: taxes, eligibility for government assistance, complying with regulations.  Then there are those insufferable "job applications" specifically designed to entrap "potential employees" into having to commit various forms of self-incrimination so as to give "prospective employer" reasons for rejecting alleged "potential employee".
All the manners of Catch-22isms in society are, for sure, definite Sisypheanisms.
                                       Gentrify Me (Revisited)

There's a rumor going around that The Ohio State University has plans to convert a large portion of North High Street (major north-south drag in Columbus Ohio) into multi-story luxury apartments and high-end restaurants and bars.

And not just a small segment of this main drag but a good 20 block area or so.
Demolishing grocery stores, convenience stores, laundromats, fast-food places, record stores, drug stores.

Why? And for what purpose?
Certainly not for the benefit of any "average Joe or Jane", as they're eliminating all manners of useful functionality type businesses, such as: laundromats, supermarkets, drug stores.

Gentrification has to be one of the most diabolical "social engineering" conspiracies abounding in this modern-day western society climate.
And The Ohio State University "taking over the city of Columbus"?

                               CITY LIMITS
                                THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY
                             SCHOOL OF SOCIAL ENGINEERING
                                  SOCIAL EXPERIMENTATION

                          One Man Stagehand

In public and around others I'm a "stage actor" and "stagehand" in one.  I'm always "in costume" when I'm out or around someone else.

That's part of "getting by" in this world.  And a necessity, as everyone leads a sort of "double life" wherein they're their true selves in private (or in  only the most trusted company) where it's safe to "cut loose".
But, out in the open they have to self-restrain lest any "undesirable" idiosyncrasies slip out and they be subject to any kind of persecution resulting from displaying traits or voicing opinions and viewpoints deemed heretical to the general consensus.

People are xenophobically fascist by nature and societies are full of dogmas, prejudices and mores.
That's why it's important for me to pre-arrange any meetings I may have with someone else.  To schedule any and all visits---especially those in which they come over to my place.  And it's important that other person not come by more than ten minutes earlier than they promised to arrive.  I want to be ready and prepared for them when they do arrive.  Otherwise I might not be dressed, washed up, and have things cleaned up and in order.

I have to get "in costume", "set the stage", and have time to "rehearse my lines" before I "go onstage" ...and if I'm forced to "go onstage" before I can get "in costume", "set the stage", or have a chance to "rehearse my lines" the situation will be a mess.
Not to mention I have my share of "personal secrets" I'd rather most people not learn about.
That's why God created the concept of "privacy".

I hope all you landlords, cable/satellite television employees, and wayward relatives and acquaintances are taking note.