Saturday, November 26, 2011

Blog sites

If you want to view a few blogs sites which won't dump on you (like mine does), here are a few I can mention which actually enhance cyberspace as opposed to merely cluttering it up:

Ken Kotal's fantasic oldies music site. Informative, digs deep into the history surrounding the popular music of the 1950s thru the 1980s.
Guest commentaters include famous recording stars, song-writers, record producers, and former radio disc jockeys. Plenty of familiar names show up on this site.

The oldest oldies station in the U.S. and still going strong on the internet as well as locally in the Long Island NY area.
My only complaint is that there are way too many commercials and announcements in-between songs. Otherwise, probably the most diversified selection of songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s one will ever run across without having to put their own programs together themselves. These guys have a far better playlist than you'll ever even find on satellite radio.

A professional landscaper offers is alternative veiwpoints on how cities should be designed if the intentions really are that of making one's hometown user-friendly and optimumly functional, both culturally and financially.
And how the traditional vehicle-dependency syndrome actually impairs the potential cities could otherwise have.

My brother's music site. A lot of hard-to-find recordings featured on this site. Most pre-dating the rock-and-roll era, although the 1950s-and-beyond also get featured alongside recordings dating all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century.

Retired Canadian military veteran expresses his strong political opinions.  Mostly on the subject of Canadian and U.S. politics and corporate shenanigans.
Interesting site if you can stomach this guy's somewhat self-righteous demeanor.

The official website of the legendary Detriot-area iconic radio station from the-days-when-AM-radio-ruled-the-airwaves (music-wise, that is).

Definitely a "must-read" site for many reasons.  The best one being it's one written by someone who's actually mentally stable, and who obviously has her life together and her head on her shoulders where it belongs.
Web address:

And, finally, one great site that's also truly a "must-read":

What's my TRUE motivation...

...for even having a blog site anyway?

In what can best be described as self-dubiousness, I don't always believe my intentions are always so honorable.

When one looks at the internet in general, one sees an awful lot of self-importance and self-boasting.
And strong opinionation. And self-righteousness---nobody's ever wrong about whatever it is they're contending. Plenty of that element.

As for me, I think my attitude towards the concept of self-expression is not much different than that towards urinating and deficating.
That is, to me expressing my opinions, attitudes, and perspectives is essentially a form of relief for me. A way to expel a bunch of disturbing and agitating thoughts and feelings I feel are "poisoning" my mind and spirit.
Just get rid of them---dump them all onto cyberspace and let them disturb someone else's minds.

That's it---to me the internet is little more than an electronic dumping ground.
An electronic landfill, so to speak.

I've always notice that once I do a post I hardly ever go back onto this site.
I simply browse around and look at other people's offereings.  Try to see what THEY'RE thinking or have to say about things.
But my own site? Once I'm done adding another post, I'm hardly likely to even as much as glance at what I put out.

Does one think this attitude of mine a bit strange?

Yet Another Musing

One thing wrong with modern-day business and industry are the ways they cut back to keep from spending any more money than they have to.

Like, for example, the way they're constantly laying off one employee after another so as to not have to pay so many people to perform the same number of tasks. Which results in overworked employees who are so foggy-headed they're liable to make more mistakes and commit more oversights---not to mention also start getting more sloppy with even their regular tasks.

I don't subscribe to the "bottom-line mentality" concept---the notion that businesses only exist to make money and nothing more. Businesses and companies exist to earn their money via providing goods and services to others for which they get paid. If one's only goal is to see how much money they can accumulate, then one might as well just take up embezzling, or robbery---or maybe join a gang and just sell drugs and contraband. Or maybe join the mafia and live the dangerous life.

When it comes to simply making money we're not talking about contributing anything to the world anymore. It becomes all about taking and not giving anything back.
Is this really the way modern business and industry should operate?

Of course there's also the American people as well.
Let's face facts---Americans are a bunch of spoiled brats, with their remote-control existences and arrogant highfalutin "civilian monarch" attitudes.
They're too-good-to-farm-the-fields---don't want to get their hands dirty, see---and too lazy to bother with cooking. They're always eating out all the time.
But, with being laid off or having their wages cut back, suddenly they can no longer afford to eat out every night. So now they complain about being too hungry all the time.

When one's a taker but not a giver, they find everything eventually dwindles until it all eventually disappears altogether.
Maybe that's what happened to the economy, for example.