Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Additional Adages and Myopic Musings

The definition of a "Savant":
Someone who's exceptional in one or two areas...usually at the expense of all their other ones.

Coincidence or Conspiracy?
Just how many times can fate itself seem to "have your number" before you finally realize it must be a series of deliberate attempts to "do you in"?
The only question is:  Are the sources mortal or divine?

If one wishes to do me any "special favors", let it be known that the only things I accept from anyone comes in the form of $5s, $10s, and $20s.
Try to give me anything else, you're just wasting your time.

A lot of people are like small towns. Very provincial.
But yet also very ultraconservative.  They'll hate anyone who has any kind of heretical characteristics: the freaks, the wierdos, the oddballs, the perverts.
Yet, ironically, they never stop to think about how arbitrary they are themselves.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Who's REALLY "In Charge"?

I've mentioned before about how I tend to normally be quite reclusive.

The reason I never feel comfortable when I'm out in public is because societies tend to be socially corrupt.
They're ruled over by blowhards, bullies, hedonistic space-hoggers, and their toenail-painting J.A.P.-esque "trophy cunt" daughters, wives, and girlfriends.

A lot of people readily assume it's the governments, authorities, and police who are in control of things, but actually they're little more than the henchmen for the "overprivileged" and "socially-correct".
Their main function is to kow-tow to all these civilian monarchs and keep them happy.  "Law enforcement" is primarily going after whoever makes these overprivileged types "uncomfortable"---the eccentrics, the oddballs, the wierdoes, the lesser-class, anyone "outside their league" who gets "too curious" or tries to get too "friendly".

I go out in public about as much as anyone else, true
...but you'll never see me walking around wearing headphones, or texting, or using any kind of electronic device.
I depend on "staying alert" as much as possible because I know one thing for sure:  One never knows what someone's going to do next.
I see too many people running around acting too "freely", even as I myself have to make sure to "walk on eggs".
They seem to get away with things most would never tolerate from the likes of me.  And I don't want to get into any conflicts with anyone over anything, because I don't know how the situation would turn out.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Here are a couple more blog sites to check out:



Hope you enjoy these as well.
The second one listed is Native American Blog.  From the perspective of the descendants of this continent's earliest inhabitants.
Very insightful---probably some of the most insightful perspectives one may ever come across on so many important subjects.

Gordon Lightfoot...

...born November 17 1938 in Orillia Ontario
He's 74-years-old tomorrow.

Always a pleasure to listen to his songs
...always a great reminder of what REAL music sounds like.

Speaking of which---when listening to any of his material, never use as "background sound".
His songs are to be actually LISTENED to.  They're not "wallpaper" fare.

Where do I stand?

You may wonder: Is this guy a "liberal" or a "conservative"?

It all depends on the subject...

For example, on the subject of people entering this country illegally I'm a bit consevative.
I simply can't understand why it should be alright for anyone to simply come into this country randomly and get to enjoy benefits and liberties afforded it's own citizens---especially when most other countries would never afford us Americans the same privileges.

However, on the subject of infrastructures, availability of decent public transit to everyone, and the notion that the government should serve everyone not just a "chosen few", I'm quite liberal.

Essentially, I'm what one calls a "God-damn Independent".
Someone who thinks for himself and forms his own personal viewpoint on things.

I'll do whatever's right for the subject-in-question.
It's like:  You don't use a hammer or saw to bake a pizza; or a mixing bowl and roller pin to fix plumbing; or run a delivery service using a vaccuum cleaner.
You do whatever the subject calls for
...and that's how I form my viewpoints and opinions as well

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Additional Adages and Myopic Musings

What is a person worth?
As the adage goes:
One's only as good as their aptitudes, means, and motivation.

I'm not much impressed by those-in-charge
...most of them don't seem much interested in taking care of things or solving any problems.
They seem to only want to control us and steal our money.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hackers (revisited)

...I don't get them.
What's the purpose of "breaking into" someone's computer?  What's to be accomplished by doing something like that?

They must figure that, simply because one's connected to the internet, that individual's activities are a bastion of all kinds of electronic financial transactions complete with credit card and debit card numbers and passwords.
Then they eventually come to realize that said individual's online activities are all passive---browsing the web, e-mailing, making entries onto their blog site.

Out of spite, after having having gone through so much trouble to install spyware and such, they "play games" with said user's computer: locking up their keyboard, disabling the "internet explorer" so they cannot go online---or freezing it up so they cannot freely go from one site to another or they remain stuck on their home page...

Sort of along the same line as a burglar who breaks into someone's residence only to find that person "lives modestly".  No fancy "trendy" gadgets or anything else they could sell for "crack money" (or whatever)
...so, out of spite, they crap on the floor, urinate on the electronic devices, spit on (or chow down on) the food items on the shelves or in the refrigerator.

It's like those who "don't respect boundaries" tend to have this underlying notion that there are some kind of "hidden treasures" or "guarded secrets" being withheld from the likes of them and that they have to "take it upon themselves" to find out what those "treasures" and "secrets" are---figuring most people will only give them the runaround or hold out on them if they try to ask permission for access to such legitimately.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Responsibility Is...

...when something needs to be done (or at least should be) and it's obvious no-one else is going to address it
...so unless I take care of it, it won't get done.

In Biblical times responsibility came with being granted authority of some kind---a reward for displaying the intelligence, integrity, and aptitude for being worthy of a certain position or of a high rank.
So being resposible was part of being allowed power-and-control over certain select factions.

In the modern world it's more of a series of mandated expectations and obligations required of everybody-in-general unconditionally.
In fact, the more prestige and authority someone has, the more exonerated they seem to be.
It's those who have the least amount of control over the general course of things who end up being held the most "responsible" for things-in-general.  Quite the opposite of Biblical times.

Also, in the modern world, the concept of responsibility seems to encompass retaliation and punishment: as in "making someone answer for" either a wrongdoing or a serious mistake, especially one resulting in damage, destruction, injury, or death...or, in some cases, even personal insult---psychological damage, so to speak.

Personally, I wouldn't mind passing a lot of my own responsibilities along to someone more able and knowledgable than I.

East Coast Resurrection

How long do I figure it'll take for NYC and the shores of New Jersey to finally be reasonably restored back to some semblance of normalcy?
I'd say at least a good six to nine months.

What about the oncoming winter weather? How do the displaced residents deal with this?
My only response to this question is: When donating to the victims of this disaster, maybe include sleeping bags and comforters among your contributions.

Did the kids in New Jersey get to "trick-or-treat" on Halloween?
No.  Someone actually asked the officials if Halloween "was still on" for the kids in the neighborhood. N.J. governor Christie gave a most straightforward and exasperated response: "...I wouldn't think so...I don't see how that's possible!..."
(Maybe give them a couple hours or so to clear all those pesky tree branches, car parts, foundation chunks, boat parts and such out of the way and then "trick-or-treat's" on.  Of course no guarantee anyone'll be home---or that the homes themselves will still be in their normal spots.  They're liable to be ten blocks further up the street, laying on their sides and everything. But, hey, got to keep our priorities straight---what's more important than our kids having their fun on Halloween?)
Kudos to the N.J. governor for his diplomatic and professional response to such an idiotic question ever-so-inappropriately posed on such a most-inappropriate occasion.
...seriously---the whole Jersey coast looks like it's been nuked ten times over.

The problem with this particular disaster is that these east-coast cities are among the very first built on this continent.  They already existed while we were still British colonies and were already well-established when the Constitution and Declaration of Independence was signed.
So they're about 300-years-old (give-or-take)---which means they were built up incrementally over a period of nearly three centuries.
So, to be "taken down" overnight and then rebuilt is going to be quite an overwhelming task, as what was there wasn't exactly "built overnight".  And it'll take forever to "bring it all back".
It's safe to say that this area will never be the same again, the way it has been for so long.