Monday, October 20, 2014

Life in a conflagrational world

The ebola crisis now includes more than a dozen new cases originating in the U.S.
The medical societies of the U.S. participate in what's known as "reckless ebolation".

Some do-nothing suburb of St. Louis becomes a household name because some hotshot local cop responds overzealously to the roguish antics of a local hotshot scofflaw, shooting him dead in the process.  Cop is white, scofflaw is black.
Time for another "March On Washington" it seems.

Dirtbag terrorist supergroup taking over the middle east.  Western society pretty much sits back and watches.  Can't nuke Syria or Iraq.  We'd kill too many innocent civilians.  And killing too many innocent civilians is the job of the terrorists, so it makes sense to let them do it instead.

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