Tuesday, December 23, 2014

You totaled your car. Luckily no-one was hurt.
So now you call your insurance company to make a claim.  But then they tell you they'll only give you 2/3 of what you paid for your car. What are you supposed to do? Drive around in 2/3 of a car?

Actually, if one is savvy enough of a shopper one could probably come across a used car in good condition of an even better make-and-model and of better quality than the new one they just destroyed at maybe even 1/2 the price.
Still putting them ahead a few hundred bucks.

Why is it essential lately for car insurance companies to be pandering toward obviously reckless (and even inexperienced) drivers anyway?
Why are these companies seemingly intent upon rewarding bad driving habits?

Are they fearful they won't have enough of a customer base to stay in business if they don't "compromise" themselves a little?

Instead of a "new car replacement" methinks that dizzy-headed lady should, perhaps, start getting the hang of riding public transit. Or start taking cabs. Or be willing to start paying some of her friends for special "transit favors".

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