Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yet Another Musing

One thing wrong with modern-day business and industry are the ways they cut back to keep from spending any more money than they have to.

Like, for example, the way they're constantly laying off one employee after another so as to not have to pay so many people to perform the same number of tasks. Which results in overworked employees who are so foggy-headed they're liable to make more mistakes and commit more oversights---not to mention also start getting more sloppy with even their regular tasks.

I don't subscribe to the "bottom-line mentality" concept---the notion that businesses only exist to make money and nothing more. Businesses and companies exist to earn their money via providing goods and services to others for which they get paid. If one's only goal is to see how much money they can accumulate, then one might as well just take up embezzling, or robbery---or maybe join a gang and just sell drugs and contraband. Or maybe join the mafia and live the dangerous life.

When it comes to simply making money we're not talking about contributing anything to the world anymore. It becomes all about taking and not giving anything back.
Is this really the way modern business and industry should operate?

Of course there's also the American people as well.
Let's face facts---Americans are a bunch of spoiled brats, with their remote-control existences and arrogant highfalutin "civilian monarch" attitudes.
They're too-good-to-farm-the-fields---don't want to get their hands dirty, see---and too lazy to bother with cooking. They're always eating out all the time.
But, with being laid off or having their wages cut back, suddenly they can no longer afford to eat out every night. So now they complain about being too hungry all the time.

When one's a taker but not a giver, they find everything eventually dwindles until it all eventually disappears altogether.
Maybe that's what happened to the economy, for example.

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