Saturday, November 26, 2011

What's my TRUE motivation...

...for even having a blog site anyway?

In what can best be described as self-dubiousness, I don't always believe my intentions are always so honorable.

When one looks at the internet in general, one sees an awful lot of self-importance and self-boasting.
And strong opinionation. And self-righteousness---nobody's ever wrong about whatever it is they're contending. Plenty of that element.

As for me, I think my attitude towards the concept of self-expression is not much different than that towards urinating and deficating.
That is, to me expressing my opinions, attitudes, and perspectives is essentially a form of relief for me. A way to expel a bunch of disturbing and agitating thoughts and feelings I feel are "poisoning" my mind and spirit.
Just get rid of them---dump them all onto cyberspace and let them disturb someone else's minds.

That's it---to me the internet is little more than an electronic dumping ground.
An electronic landfill, so to speak.

I've always notice that once I do a post I hardly ever go back onto this site.
I simply browse around and look at other people's offereings.  Try to see what THEY'RE thinking or have to say about things.
But my own site? Once I'm done adding another post, I'm hardly likely to even as much as glance at what I put out.

Does one think this attitude of mine a bit strange?

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