Thursday, January 3, 2013

Plunging Into a "Fiscal Cliff" Musing

Why is there "government spending"?
Why not "government investing"?

Where the money and funds go to worthwhile programs and to items of value whose performance and results more than justify their costs?

For example: Initiate a program for restoring the physical infrastructure of this nation.
There are plenty of civil engineers, construction workers, draftsmen, trucking companies, companies that manufacture building materials and others of their ilk living right here in the U.S. who wouldn't mind being given a chance at making a decent wage for performing tasks and duties pertaining to their line of work.

And, even though paid in tax dollars, the "private sector" would still benefit when they spend some of their earnings at restaurants, stores, bars, car dealerships, or on travel expenses and vacations, or concert and/or theatre venues...

Put money and funds toward that which yield beneficial long-term results and enhance the functionality and overall collective social climate.

It seems that society's always "shooting itself in the foot", and then wonders why it "can't seem to go anywhere".

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