Thursday, January 3, 2013

An Ideal Existence

No,it's not having unlimited personal wealth...nor having everything I want the way I want to have them.

For me it would be one in which I can simply go about my "business-as-usual" unfettered...not just in terms of pleasure or leisure, but also being able to take care of obligations, necessities and responsibilities without all manners of undue distractions and interferences existence wherein the laws of "cause-and-effect", logic, and reason rule.
...where "2+2" always equals "4".  None of this inexplicable algebraic "Things are actually more complicated than most people realize"...with "2+2" equaling "7" one moment, then "23" or "15" the next, depending on whatever the "current trends" happen to be at the time.

We all know that kind of crap is little more than a smokescreen intended to cover up sabotage and all sorts of "favoritisms".

When things "don't make any sense" it's a sure bet something's probably been rigged.

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