Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The demise of radio

If you've been reading Kent Kotal's site FORGOTTEN HITS ( lately, it's been (in part) on the subject of how much in the past 15 years (or so) radio-in-general (AM and FM bands) has become more and more "unlistenable", redundant and homogenized.

In my view the only REAL "oldies" format would be to combine Joel Whitburn's Top-100 hits of 1954-1989 with as many local surveys of radio stations from the same time period as possible, and create an ultimate playlist comprising ALL the songs on those lists.  Which would be over 20,000 songs plus.
And play them in rotation.
Now THAT would be the ultimate nostalgia radio format of all times.
Afterwards do the same for R&B, country, and adult-contemporary pop as well.

Then it wouldn't matter who they played or which song they played (provided they rotate the playlist) since even the most now-overplayed songs would also come on once-in-a-blue-moon. 

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