Monday, February 11, 2013

Economists Optimistic

Economist #1:  I think this storm front is finally passing over.  I heard the weather this week should be nice and sunny.

Economist #2:  I think so as well.  I really think spring is just around the corner.

Me:  Yes, guys.  But what about the economy?

Economist #1:   Oh, THAT?  Forget the economy.  It's history! Done for.  Completely kaput!

Economist #2:   You can kiss prosperity goodbye.  For sure!

Those of you who follow this blog have probably pretty much surmised that I have a world view in which societies are pretty much run by and for hypocrites, despots and sandbaggers.
Quite true.
However, I never disavow that there are plenty of decent intelligent people in this world, and I would never deny having been "helped out by others from time to time".
But because it's the lesser people who fuck things up so badly, and because their actions have such profound effects on the social environment, I feel a "duty" (so to speak) to make statements about them, however disparaging or occasionally slanderous or impudent.

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