Thursday, December 19, 2013

Oh Opinionated Man, Where Art Thou?

For whatever reasons, the OPINIONATED MAN blog has recently become a private online country club with "members only" status.

Although I'm sure he had his reasons for "privatizing" his site, I'm definitely going to miss what he had to bring to the (cyber-)table. 

You have to understand:  When I mention a web site or blog site on any of my posts it isn't just any old site I happen to stumble upon in the course of browsing.   They're always the sites which either:  display a clever, witty or flippant style of humor, or:  have what I consider profound viewpoints that you normally don't encounter just anywhere or from just anyone.  In other words, that say things I feel need to be said.  In short, among the sites I'm proud to have visited and viewed---as opposed to those "guilty pleasure" types.

I've only discovered his site about a month ago and already it's gone behind closed doors.  And just as it was getting all-the-more interesting to me.  Plus I still haven't had time to read all of his previous posts either. 

Well, O.P..  There are some of us who'll miss you.

                   Update:  Opinionated Man's blog is back in the public domain I'm happy to say.
                      Although he appears to be "starting his site over from scratch", so to speak.

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  1. Well that is very kind. I am back. I had to make Christmas gifts... I am a part time Santa. ;) Thanks for the kind words and I appreciate the recognition. -OM