Thursday, December 19, 2013

Truly a "must have" for the TRUE Beatles fan.  The latest ANTHOLOGY package featuring the ultimate "reject" takes.
Hear a very young Paul McCartney sneeze midway through P.S. I LOVE YOU.  Hear all manners of assorted farts, coughs, belches, loud expletives amidst the sounds of freak accidents involving instruments and microphones. 

CRASH!!!  "Oh Fuck!!!" midway through GET BACK, followed by anonymous recording engineer:  "Aww, shit!  We're going to have to do yet ANOTHER take.  We won't be able to edit that out of the vocal track."

Isn't this what the music is REALLY all about?
Or are you thinking:  How come the dumbass record company didn't simply dispose of these outtakes once the agreed-upon masters were finally laid down?  (That's what the heathens among you would probably say.)

But you, the TRUE Beatles fans, understand what milestones these takes represent.  Even the two surviving ex-Beatles put their stamp-of-approval on this project.  Otherwise who knows what bootlegging subversives might have gotten ahold of these and made a killing profit off of them.
And, no, the-heathens-among-you, it doesn't mean that McCartney and Starkey have "sold out" to the modern-day motto "Profits over pride, dignity and integrity".

...What the hell!  Why am I wasting my time trying to explain anything?  Only the TRUE Beatlles fans understand anyway.


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