Thursday, August 28, 2014

                                I would wish that
I was custom-mentored in all the special knowledge and cultural secrets all others around me seem to be aware of that I've never been let in on

I had support and backing and recognition for any good ideas and plans I would come up with as well as for my aptitudes and abilities

I'd get all the opportunities and free passes so many people take for granted: the opportunity to make decent money, travel abroad, to have intimate relationships, to enjoy a high (or high enough) status

                                  In return I would wish that I would
Have been mature and self-disciplined when growing up

Have been somehow more knowledgable about more things

Have been more excited about life itself and had more motivation

Have been born with a charismatic personality

Have been born physically attractive instead of so ungainly

God should send me back in time with all the above elements intact so that I may get a chance to do my life  THE RIGHT WAY this time around


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