Monday, August 4, 2014

One might wonder: What makes a person like me tick?
Why is it people like me are always so condemning or mocking of other people and their ways?

First off, people like me, when growing up, constantly had the ethos of social etiquette drummed into them repeatedly.

We had strict parents who were always emphasizing "showing consideration for others", "being sensitive to the feelings of others", and "respecting the rights and property of others".
They taught us that when returning home late at night you keep your voice down when talking and close the door behind you slowly and softly because "people are trying to sleep".
They sternly asserted: "You need to show respect for others".  It was always important to "never offend anyone".

If they took us along to visit a friend or acquaintance and we would commit some faux pas like, for example, snooping through some of their belongings or, maybe, asking them a question that was a bit too touchy or of a personal nature, as soon as our folks got us alone somewhere they'd slap us around or even beat us---as if we had just committed the worst atrocity against humankind imaginable.

Fast-forward to adulthood after years of being taught "fair play", "wait your turn", and the ethos of decency, culture, integrity and responsibility---and enter into the real world:
It's all barbaric, bigoted, illiterate, corruption, a bunch of gangsters and con artists, aggressive "respectable" snobs who have privilege at the expense of others, hypocrisy galore, domineering authorities and business owners accusing us of having some kind of vague malicious intentions, and all manners of prurient mindsets who then try to accuse us of having ulterior motives of our own (or at least implying such), and all manners of the reckless and irresponsible as well.

And we're like: What the hell is THIS shit? Like we were taught all that "golden rule" stuff all in vain.
We do as we should but we get no credit for it.
We have all these people fucking things up left and right but one mistake on our part gets us crucified.

So, our response is to produce essay-style blog sites showing our reactions and responses to this phenomenon of the world in relation to our place in it.

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