Friday, July 7, 2017

                                 Invent-A-Law (revisited)
What is an "Invent-A-Law"?
It's a law written around favoritism, popular prejudices and dogmas, with revenue motives in mind, or with an attitude of "power-and-control" obsessiveness.

Sensible laws focus on the practical:  being against stealing, aggressive assault, vandalism, murder, making threats, and the like.
"Invent-A-Laws" are those that make criminal offenses out of either petty offenses or incidents better left to being resolved by diplomacy or brief penalties.

The U.S. is a country more concerned with creating "criminals" than with solving problems or with just simply punishing those obviously guilty of wrongdoings.

It's a country not capable of taking care of itself or of solving its own issues.
And when one cannot take proper care of themselves, or are beset by problems that are eternally Sisyphean by nature, one gets extremely frustrated, looking to lash out at any convenient target.

By "criminalizing" certain individuals society can then transform said individuals into ready-made "punching bags" and "whipping boys" and simply put the blame for all other sins onto those individuals, make THEM "pay for" all the other hardships its "system" has to endure.

That, essentially, is what our legal system is all about.  The concept our lawmakers cater to.

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