Friday, July 28, 2017

                                         Service (?) Industries
When did the ATM machines at CHASE do away with the option of handing out receipts with each cash withdrawal?

Not that I don't already calculate on paper how much I'll have in my account after each withdrawal beforehand.  I withdraw $100 each time, so it's a simple mater of basic grade-school arithmetic to keep track of my finances.
But having that receipt afterwards to confirm and coincide with my calculations would be reassuring just the same.

It also means the onus is completely on me to guess blindly where I stand with my checking account.  Anything conspiring or insidious going on behind my back can wind up being missed until it's too late.

I'll never understand modern-day services.  Why is it the customer, client, or patient has to do all the work themselves?  What qualifications do WE have?
Imagine taking a cab or catching a bus, and the driver has you, the passenger, take the wheel for them while they take a seat and relax and rest for the ride?
Doesn't make sense, does it?

               Update:  The ATMs are working normally once again.  Whatever the deal was I hope it's done and over with.

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