Thursday, August 10, 2017

       Contempt for Construction Obstruction
As I've said before, one thing I detest about all this excessive construction all around me is the way they have to tear up every place all at once, the way I have to go a dozen blocks to the left, 4 more to the right, then a dozen to the right---just to walk somewhere a few blocks up.
Then, once one figures out a good detour these assholes start tearing up THOSE streets and sidewalks, practically fencing me in so I can't go anywhere.

That's what I hate about American society.  Once one figures out a good compromise the system has to block that path as well.  It's like any portals you discover they have to destroy as soon as possible.  Society just doesn't want its citizens to have the right to just simply live.

The biggest mistake one can make is assuming everything their society builds and creates is for their use and benefit.   But, just as women dress up and doll themselves up NOT to "attract men" but for each other to "see who can look the most polished", likewise societies are trying to see which ones can have the most advanced technology, or have the most sophisticated highway system, or have the leading edge in medical research, or have the world's best public transportation system, or the most sophisticated and functional international airports, and the like.

Their civilian population are but incidental beneficiaries of such egotistic endeavors.

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