Wednesday, August 2, 2017

                     Ohio Suicide Fare State Fair
These days nothing seems to work or function properly ...
*Air bags in vehicles that shoot out sharp metal fragments when inflated
*Shoes that wear out completely after 6 months of use
*Constant recalls on vehicles and consumer products
*Improperly installed underground cable wire and gas pipes
*Shoddy repair jobs
*Incompetent public servants and a system that doesn't work
*Commercial and public transportation that's inadequate and falls short of serving the needs of passengers
*Poor craftsmanship, bad design, and second-rate materials used to build consumer products
*Public utility companies that overcharge and provide poor service

And it's only been getting worse and worse every time one turns around.
One can add amusement rides to the ever-expanding list now.
What happened at the Ohio State Fair a week ago is a prime example.  An exotic ride literally falls apart at the seams during mid-operation.  Like it was made of LEGOs, Lincoln Logs, or Tinker Toys.

It is called the Fire Ball.  It is one wild ride.  In fact a bit feral.
And, true to it's namesake, this ride is sparking some hot debate about safety procedures, regulations and standards.

To me it's a case of "style over substance" or, as Ralph Nader used to say about the automotive industry, "style over safety".

It's another violation of what one might refer to as "the trust element".
When one buys a food item they expect to not get poisoned.
When one plugs in an appliance one expects to not get electrocuted or set their residence on fire.
When one uses a shampoo or hand soap one expects to not suffer chemical burns.
When one uses a household cleaning product one expects to not find themselves overwhelmed by toxic fumes.

When one goes on an amusement ride one expects to not suddenly get their ass thrown out into the air 20 feet above ground to fall straight down onto hard pavement.

Having a trust element in such a corrupt society such as ours is a bit of a tall order though.


  1. Sadly it's becoming more and more common for rides at amusement parks to fail. Check these out:

    1. They should print a T-shirt that reads "I rode the Fire Ball and lived to tell about it ...and I'm still in one piece".

    2. It's that mindset so many industries and services have of "meeting the minimum quota". Don't do any more than you're clinically required to.
      That's one of the main issues to look at in situations like this one.