Thursday, February 9, 2012

Are my "blogging days" through?

I've always promised myself that if I ever ran across a site put together by someone with a mindset similar to my own who also expresses himself(/herself) eloquently and intelligibly to boot, that I would "resign" as a blogger.

Well---guess what?
I've found such a site:
One that's been up since 2006 by a certain Luke Bush...
web address:

A "must-read" site...
...because:  "Whatever's wrong with Plattsburgh (N.Y.) is also the same thing that's wrong with the rest of this country."

Don't just read his latest posts or recent ones.
Jump around ALL of them.
Almost 6 years worth (or maybe 5-and-a-half years worth).
He "gets it" right as far as I'm concerned.
...and he expresses himself much better than I could ever be able to express myself. he has his own photos to match as well.

Check him out. for me?
I'll be around later...     

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