Thursday, February 9, 2012

Presidential election 2012:

I'm not getting too all-excited about all the hoopla surrounding this upcoming Presidential election.

Nor am I much impressed with all the hype about the potential candidates nor with all the trash-talk about how the current President---Obama---has "lied" and "broken his promises".

First off, I think it's understood among more enlightened individuals that those who REALLY control this country---if not the world itself---already had their agendas well-in-place for ages now.
And that the President, Congress, and all the other "officials" are little more than their smokescreen marionettes merely going through the charades of "being-in-command".

Hence, whoever the latest demagog is, and whatever his/her grandiose rhetoric, or whether-or-not the appeal is toward the "most liberal", the "most conservative", or some kind of "middle-ground" agenda, it's a sure bet that whoever gets in office will most likely simply wind up "picking up where Obama left off"
---the same way Obama himself made all of his grandiose promises, then---after taking oath-of-office---he recieved a private "briefing" from several governmental factions.
...and, shortly after, guess who was following through on the "bailout" proposed by his predecessor?
...then who had to weasel and finagle his way out of following through on all those unrealistically idealistic promises of his?

So what makes one think the next person who gets-into-office is going to do things any differently?

Pardon my disinterest and detachmentalism, but I just can't get excited enough about this political stuff to get seriously involved in it.
To it, I'm pretty much like I am to most other things in this society of ours---in it, but not of it.

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