Friday, December 28, 2012

Throwing Pearls To Swine

                       "It's a crime of divinity the way the Heavens smile on some while being so cruel to others"

Have you noticed the most prosperous and privileged have the most formal education yet the least imagination, perspective, and insight?

Those in charge of the Internet would like to have it join the ranks of all the other media outlets:
full of advertisement, homogenized, blase, "nonthreatening".

No web site or blog site too controversial or exposing or too candid about critical things.
Nothing too analytical.
If it would be in their power to do so they'd shut down such sites, or make accessing the web as difficult as possible for any "heretics" and any other dubious of the "system of things".

The Internet would eventually become sort of a "MacBook club", so to speak, as those who can afford the best gadgets and accessories for such tend to be among those upper-middle-class types who have never been in need or want of anything and have little or no concept of dealing with an existence where "the cards are stacked against you" or where one "has to put themselves out that much more" to get by.
And, as such, put out web sites and blog sites with first-rate layouts and the fanciest designs, but whose content is vapid and superficial...all provincial fluff:  vainglorious testimonies to self-celebrations---all you ever wanted to know about them, their friends, their relatives, where they go to school, what they had to eat the night before.

But---write about anything meaningful, or about things of substance, and you're either boring and too tedious...or either offensive, menacing, or "uncooperative"...or some kind of rabble-rouser of sorts.

Just like with any other kinds of media, whoever's in charge of the Internet wants it's contents to be "clean", "innocent", and "correct-minded".
Sooner or later the bonafide "normal" and "whitewashed" will also own the web the same way they do everything else in this world of ours.

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