Friday, August 16, 2013

Gambling Addictions

So---ever since gambling has become legal in Ohio, it's reported that there's been an increase in the number of those reporting being addicted to gambling.

I, myself, when I used to hitchhike here-and-there, have had occassions to pass through the state of Nevada and would enjoy putting a few quarters in one of the many "one-armed bandits" that were a regular part of not only casinoes, but also restaurants and cafes.

The trick is to designate, say, maybe $10 worth (of quarters) and let that be the limit.  If you get anything back, fine.  If not, you're only out $10.
Maybe you'll be lucky enoug to get back $5 or so---enough to buy a drink or a sandwich with.

Essentially gambling is nothing more than paying another for the right to "pick your pockets", to embezzle from you right to your face.  Hardly anything to be passionate about enough to become obsessed with or addicted to.

Just do it for sport and nothing else.
And, next time you visit the casinoes---just have fun.


  1. I've never felt the desire to gamble and find the whole concept of losing your money in a slot machine a bit pointless.

  2. Gambling is a farce, to be sure.
    But does it make any more false promises than most of the rest of the world?
    Think commercials, for example. Or those for prescription drugs.