Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When your toes keep getting stepped on every time you turn around and no-one's doing you any favors, that's when you get "attitude".

I'm not a prolific blogger.  To me blogging is little more than a freelance hobby, done only for the purpose of putting some of my ideas, opinions, and perspectives out into the world.
I'm not ever in it for any kind of profit or to attract hordes of "followers".

I wish to do more viewing than producing---to be more disciple than preacher.
As much bourgeois doggerel as there is on the web, there are also a small percentage of sites which offer keen insights and perspectives on meritable subjects.
The trick is to shy away form sites containing too much jargon or too much trend-obsessiveness as well as sites strictly catering to ephemeral pleasures.

As for me---my perspectives are still pretty much the same as they've always been:  I still feel fettered and encroached upon by the world and it's inhabitants, and that authorities in general tend to suck up to the overprivileged and favored at the expense of the forsaken and unknowns, and that quality-of-life issues are unjustly ignored and disavowed.

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