Tuesday, August 13, 2013


is not determined by government documents written over 200 years ago that make grandiose promises based on fictitious mind-tickling ideals.

If you want to know how much freedom you really have, then take note of your society's priorities.
Whatever it either holds in highest esteem or considers extremely important in any way, those are what are going to be the most regulated and restricted.

Whatever it's lax or unconcerned about, or considers "secondary", those are the areas where you're likely to have the most liberties.

It's like:  If you were living in 15th-and-16th-century Spain, during the Inquisition, you would know to never express any atheistic ideas out loud, or express any kind of dubiousness about or levity toward "the church" because of the dire consequences of severe and harsh punishment.

But it's the same principal when dealing with any culture past or present.  There are always "sacred cows" one does not dare "butcher" in full view of everyone else.

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