Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Babysitting the Babysitters

Recently I had an exam at the dental clinic of a major university.
Now, the dental clinic itself is a subdivision of the university's (overall) medical center complex.  But even by itself the dental clinic comprises numerous subdivisions of its own.  It, too, as a microcosmic entity, has within its own boundaries numerous other microcosmic entities, each with their own set of plans and rules.

I need work done on a couple of teeth, so (following the basic cleaning and checkup) they referred me to one of those microcosmic worlds within their overall world---specifically the "limited care" division.  Upon which they informed me that this department would call me within the (following) week to set up an appointment.

Well, that "following week" has since come and gone and still no word from limited care.
I guess that means I'll have to be proactive and take it upon myself to try to somehow get in touch with them myself.

I hate this sort of thing: the way I'm always forced to be codependent on someone else and then that other party doesn't come through for me, and I'm, like, eternally stranded and hung-up as a result.

I end up feeling like a small child whose babysitter gets drunk or high while on the job and passes out so I'm looking after my baby sister while my parents are still out-on-the-town.

One shouldn't have to "babysit the babysitters".  Those in-charge need to be more dedicated to their duties and responsibilities.

(CALL, you assholes!)

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