Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Have a Sick Sense of Humor

...and I'm proud of it.

I admit it.  I'll laugh at jokes about death, disaster, or tragedy.  I'll even laugh at real-life tragedies---including accidents, homocides, rapes, fires and the like.  It's not the tragedies themselves I find amusing, but rather the manner in which a lot of them occur.
A lady causes a wreck on the freeway texting while driving and I'll laugh about it.  Because: How can someone presumably educated and intelligent behave so ignorantly?

A lot of these tragic events are just ridiculous and unnecessary.  The undue recklessness, the overinflated egos, the undisciplined loose cannons, the know-it-all/can-do-all, the quest for one's own pleasures forsaking critical responsibilities.

The babysitter who gets drunk or high and passes out while on the job and a small child has to watch over his baby sister while the parents are still out on-the-town.
I would laugh hysterically upon hearing about it and everyone around me would think I must be demented.  But it's the elements of irony and absurdity that gets to me.

Most of my life, if I got myself in trouble whether out of ignorance or foolishness, others would make fun of me and find my predicament amusing, as if I somehow deserved all the harsh wrath I was getting.  Likewise, when others get in a jam, especially as a result of their own greed or stupidity, I wish to have a good laugh on them.
(Fair is fair.)

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