Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Still Throwing Pearls to Swine

One of the greatest miscarriages of modern times is how easily available high-tech gadgets are to the average person.

There are simply too many "genetically-altered" individuals running around in this world, most likely pre-lobotomized while still in the womb (the wonders of laser surgery, I reckon) where they're born minus the mental functions that govern intelligence, discretion, perception, and reason.
These people grow up to plague every aspect of society.

To put a cellphone in the hands of chronically brain-damaged plebeians is a practice in social-engineered cultural destruction.
You have all these twits either texting incessantly or constantly shouting into their cellphones any time anywhere with no sense of circumstantial propriety (or boundaries).

You have idiots at the public library with phone-glued-to-ear running their mouths while sitting in a computer terminal even as others in adjacent terminals are trying to view material themselves.

What about GPSs?  Do you really need to use one while traveling on an interstate highway?  In town, yes. Towns and cities can be laid out a little weird in spots.  But major boulevards and highways?
Learn to read a map already.

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