Monday, February 10, 2014

So they're cutting back some more on the food stamp program.  And so you have those infuriated with President Obama for being such a flagrant liar, going off on how many promises he's gone back on.

Frankly, I personally think Obama was actually sincere back in November 2004 when he made all those grandiose promises of "Hope" and "Change".  I believe he was so full of hubris he figured he could use his official position to infuse his idealistic visons into the system and modify the course of events.  That he underestimated the stronghold all the "secret societies" have on all matters of collective decision-making ("If you don't want to end up like Kennedy you'll adhere to OUR plans no matter what!").

In due time we'll get an ultra-conservative in the White House who runs on a platform of "restoring the moral fibers this country was founded on" and other various fundamentalist ideals.  But just 2 or 3 years into his(/her) first term this president's administration not only will enhance or revive social programs and abortion rights, but also laws that state children as young as 9 years of age "don't need their parents' consent to purchase contraceptives" and also make it a misdemeanor for parents to interfere with any decisions their kids make along those lines.

I can just hear the outcries of "TREASON!" among the rightwing factions and how "Satan's truly taken over our world" and about "wolves in sheep's clothing" trying to trick the believers and such.
Should be quite a show.  Even better than the collective dissent we're witnessing now.

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