Tuesday, February 18, 2014

                                       The number one cause of death:
                                                         Being alive

Yes, the one factor which makes anyone vulnerable to any type of death, be it natural, accidental, homocide, or suicide is the state of being among the living in the first place.

BLAME YOUR PARENTS!!!  After all, they're the ones responsible for bringing you to life.  If they would have decided to remain childless you would not even exist and therefore not be subject to an eventual physical demise, one which may very well turn out to be quite painful or torturous.
Even if your demise is at the hands of a serial killer, had you not existed in the first place you would never have been in the kind of vulnerable position that enabled a maliciously sadistic subversive to "do a number on" you.
So it's still your parents' fault it happened.

And who's at fault for your parents' existence?  Your grandparents.  Maybe you should blame THEM instead.
But who's responsible for the existence of your grandparents?  Your great-grandparents.  So everything that happens to you in life is actually THEIR fault, yes.
But who's responsible for your great-grandparents' existence?  Well, it was.............

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