Tuesday, February 17, 2015

                                 C  D

I can understand the "Obsessive" part.
It does involve fixations on certain items, objects, or points.
But the "Compulsive" part doesn't make sense to me.

The disorder involves repeating certain acts over and over.
Like, for instance, repeatedly checking to make sure you put something away in the right place, or double-checking and triple-checking the door to make sure you locked it before going out.
This comes off more as a kind of "self-paranoia" than anything.  Like someone who questions their own sense of reality.

But it's hardly "compulsive".  If anything it's a type of extreme over-discipline.  An eternal striving for "self-perfectionism".


  1. But we still hate that OCD cleaning trait lol.

  2. Even more so: Checking repeatedly to make sure you locked the door, or put something back in the right place.
    Total time wasters, and you can wear out the lock putting the key in-and-out and turning it over-and-over again.

  3. My mother has OCD, along with many other issues. And since my Dad died her obsessive behaviour is even worse. If that's possible.